Reviews Mermaid Glow: The WET look in autumn 2022 is the make-up trend par excellence

11:20  29 october  2022
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shoe trend in the summer of 2022: Espadrilles Ballerinas ensure vacation mood to-go

 shoe trend in the summer of 2022: Espadrilles Ballerinas ensure vacation mood to-go remixes from two well-known songs that are made for a new hit are currently a big trend on social networks such as Tikok and Instagram. But the remix principle not only works with music, but also with the fashion favorites in the wardrobe. The best example is currently Espadrilles Ballerinas, which combine the best of two fashion classics into a new shoe trend and promise in the summer of 2022 to become a favorite look between everyday life and beach vacation.

The Wet-Look is back. After Victoria Beckham just showed the Slicked Ground Groß look for the summer of 2023 as an hairstyle trend and thus heralded the revival of wet-looking, backrested hair, another Beauty trend 2022 is now diving on: The make-up trend 2022 around the Mermaid Glow . You can find out what it is all about with the Wet look for the face and how you can easily make the Beauty trend .

meerjungfrau_glow-beauty-trend-2022 Imaxtree © imaxtree Mermaid_Glow-Beauty-Trend-2022 IMAXTREE Beauty trend 2022: This Wet Look is the make-up trend par excellence that is known with the mermaid Glow as a beauty trend in 2022

Mermaids as fabrices for their beauty and have sparked a real hype about their glittering tail fin. Adult women meet for Mermaid parties, swim with their artificial glitter fins and pose for social media. The large Mermaid hype has long since broken out. That is why it is not surprising that the make-up look , which imitates the Glow of the Badenixen, has also become a large beauty trend in autumn 2022 . Because who doesn't want to take the mermaid's summer Glow into the autumn 2022 ?

Dua Lipa celebrates her birthday in a mini-naked dress-and it is the trend look for the 2022

 Dua Lipa celebrates her birthday in a mini-naked dress-and it is the trend look for the 2022 dua Lipa party celebrates her birthday in one of the trend look for the 2022 © Getty Images party season Dua Lipa is a good style model without ifs and but when it comes to both casual and glamorous looks. The singer is currently enchanting us away and on stage with her combinations and presenting us an absolute trend look for the 2022 party season to celebrate her 27th birthday. You here.

This sees the Beauty trend 2022 around the Mermaid Glow from

similar to the Frisuren trend 2022 about WET-HIR, the mermaid Glow is also about creating a moist-looking look, the so-called wet look. The Mermaid Glow has the skin fresh. Likewise, you have just appeared out of the water as bathing mixes.

autumn trend 2022: This is how you make the mermaid Glow for everyday life

the Mermaid Glow is not only easy, unlike the name, the make-up trend 2022 is very natural and does not require many products. The Wet-Skin trend is ready in just a few steps.

If you have the time: Start with a sheet mask to supply the skin with a real amount of moisture . After all, the Mermaid Glow is about that.

2. Now apply a moisturizer as usual and then a primer with moisturizing ingredients such as hyalurone that paddle the skin.

3. Next, use a Liquid Foundation that smoothes the complexion and makes it even.

4. The highlight for the mermaid: liquid or creamy highlighter above the cheekbones, on the temples, on the back of the nose and below the last third of the eyebrows.

5. Fix everything with a setting spray at the end. And Voilà- the mermaid wet look is ready.

fashion trend 2022: In these metallic pants you feel dazzling .
the closer the days on Christmas and New Year's Eve, the more glamor, glitter, gold and silver we see in the autumn and winter outfits. Almost as if we got a race with the Christmas lights, who now has more shine. © Imaxtree Metallic-Hosen-Mode-Trend-2022 IMAXTREE Perhaps more Lametta used to be, but definitely in autumn and winter 2022 there are a few shiny fashion trends in which they literally look dazzling.

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