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19:30  03 november  2022
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RATP strike: traffic forecasts for Thursday, November 10

 RATP strike: traffic forecasts for Thursday, November 10 © Bertrand Guay / AFP The RATP strike will strongly disturb traffic in the Paris metro (here in January 2020). Thursday black in Paris due to a strike by RATP employees. Metros and RERs will be scarce. Parisians and Ile -de -France residents are invited to favor telework. “The RATP invites all travelers who have the opportunity to favor telework or postpone their trips.

Les temps d’attente s’allongent pour les usagers du métro parisien. Photo d’illustration © DNOVAC / Pixabay metro. Photo of Illustration

in Paris, metro users have more and more long -term waiting times and overloaded trains since the start of the school year in September 2022. These difficulties would be linked to a shortage of drivers at RATP. While a strike is scheduled for November 10, a vast recruitment plan will be set up in 2023, promises the company.

The difficulties accumulate in the Paris metro, when Jean Castex is preparing to take control of RATP . The latest figures from Île-de-France Mobilités (IDFM) cited by France Bleu Paris report a regularity between 84 % and 92 % on lines 3, 4, 6, 8 and especially 11, 12 and 13 In September 2022. Similarly, according to Le Parisien , 7 % of the offer could not be ensured, on average, in October, with oars suppressions that would exceed 10 % during this school holidays . This situation seems to be linked to a shortage of drivers.

Logistics: Looking for a truck driver! This study reveals the explosiveness of the problem

 Logistics: Looking for a truck driver! This study reveals the explosiveness of the problem © provided by Wirtschaftswoche Colleagues: In Germany, too few people make their truck driver's license - the industry is running out of the industry. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = logistician are desperately looking for drivers. Scientists suspect that the lack of personnel in the driver's cab is larger than in care. One consequence: wages for the truckers could finally rise.

A problem at RATP

in total, it would indeed miss between 100 and 150 metro drivers to ensure the lighter offer, requested by IDFM. Bastien Berthier, FO-RATP delegate who officiates on line 5, points to the Parisian of the "services not covered" , an "interval between longer oars" and "degraded working conditions" for staff . For its part, the direction of the RATP recognizes a shortage affecting "slightly the exploitation" .

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bus drivers but for Île-de-France Mobilités, the responsibility of the RATP is total. The authority in charge of Ile -de -France mobility believes that the current difficulties in the metro are directly linked "to organizational problems at the RATP" .

craft expects with a persistent shortage of skilled workers

 craft expects with a persistent shortage of skilled workers specialists are desperately sought in the German craft. And despite the weakening economy and dark prospects for the overall economy, hardly anything is likely to change. © Sebastian Gollnow/dpa A construction worker goes over a construction site. "The specialists in the craft are at such a high level that a lot would have to happen before you could think about a balanced market," Lydia Malin from the Institute of German Business (IW) in Cologne told the German Press Agency .

"The personnel problem that was thought to be confined to buses now overflows on the metro, and it is worrying" estimated Laurent Probst, the director general of IDFM, with France Bleu Paris.

Recruitment strike and recruitment plan

The shortage of metro drivers seems to be directly from the one that touches the buses. Indeed, the transition from bus to metro via internal recruitment generally represented 60 % of arrivals, according to Bastien Berthier. The RATP would therefore be forced to turn to the outside via a very selective process which would no longer attract enough candidates due to schedules and remuneration deemed insufficient.

To try to develop the situation, which also weighs on employees, all unions called for strike on November 10 . For its part, the RATP multiplies recruitment initiatives. A € 200 cooptation bonus has been set up and a large recruitment plan is scheduled for 2023.

money shortage in the Kremlin? Proposal from Wagner-Boss could Putin push to Heikler 2000 measure .
money shortage in the Kremlin? Proposal from Wagner-Boss could push Putin to Heikler 2000 measure War is not only cruel, but also expensive. Russia now also notices that. Wagner boss Prigoschin therefore now increases the pressure on Putin. Moscow-The Ukraine War has been raging for ten months now. The losses are high. Not only do thousands of people die, material and equipment are also destroyed. The media project Kyiv Independent publishes a list of Russian war losses every day.

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