Reviews titanium dioxide powder wrongly classified as carcinogenic

19:40  23 november  2022
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Richard Berry accused of incest: the investigation is classified without follow-up

 Richard Berry accused of incest: the investigation is classified without follow-up © Jérôme Fouquet / Archives Ouest-France Richard Berry had denied what he called "filthy accusations" The accusations of incest deposited in January 2021 by Coline Berry-Rojtman against his father, actor Richard Berry, for "rapes and sexual assault on a minor" was classified without follow-up for prescription Wednesday August 31.

The EU was not allowed to classify the widespread white maker titanium dioxide in powder form. This was decided by the EU Court in Luxembourg and declared a corresponding regulation of the EU Commission for void. Objection to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) can still be lodged against the judgment. (Law matters T-279/20, T-288/20 and T-283/20)

Ein Mann streicht eine Türzarge mit weißer Farbe. Die EU hat den Weißmacher Titandioxid in Pulverform nach Ansicht des EU-Gerichts zu Unrecht als krebserregend eingestuft. © Britta Pedersen/dpa central image/dpa/archive image A man strokes a door frame with a white color. According to the EU Court, the EU has wrongly classified the white maker titanium dioxide in powder form as carcinogenic.

titanium dioxide is, for example, in wall paint, toothpaste and sunscreen. Often the fabric has no functional meaning, but only ensures that pastes or pills look white. The color pigment has been suspected of being carcinogenic for several years.

Richard Berry accused of incest: the investigation undoubtedly classified

 Richard Berry accused of incest: the investigation undoubtedly classified in February 2021, the eldest daughter of Richard Berry accused her father of having abused her while she was a minor. The case has just been classified without follow -up, revealed the Paris prosecutor's office. Coline Berry called on. Confirming information from BFMTV , the Paris prosecutor's office indicated that the investigation targeting Richard Berry d'Incéte has been classified without follow -up for prescriptions.

has been banned in food since the beginning of the year, titanium dioxide has been banned since the beginning of the year because negative effects on human genetic material and possible cancer risks have not been excluded. The new judgment does not change that either. It dealt with the powder form of the material - the EU Commission decided in 2019 that the coloring means is carcinogenic when it is inhaled as a powder.

was exactly about powder mixtures with a content of at least one percent titanium dioxide in particle shape or integrated in particles with an aerodynamic diameter of a maximum of ten micrometers. This did not prohibit titanium dioxide, but had to be provided with a warning. In contrast, various manufacturers and dealers had sued.

C8: William Leymergie sanctioned, live incident for Caroline Ithurbide in William at noon

 C8: William Leymergie sanctioned, live incident for Caroline Ithurbide in William at noon provided by all TV this Monday, September 5, 2022, after more than three months of absence, William Leymergie was back in order a sixth season of William at noon on C8. For this first, the host received Arnaud de Blauwe , editor -in -chief of Que Choisir magazine. He evoked endocrine disruptors and carcinogenic substances in school supplies.

The EU Court now agreed. The EU Commission and the responsible European chemical agency had made an obvious mistake in assessing the reliability of the study, on which the classification was based, the judges criticized.

Not all relevant points of view takes into account

such a classification must be based on reliable and recognized examinations. According to the court, this was not the case here: In the underlying study, the degree of lung overload with titanium dioxide particles was not determined correctly, since not all relevant aspects had been incorporated into the calculation. For example, special properties of the particles were not sufficiently taken into account. Therefore, the chemical agency had drawn false conclusions that the EU Commission had taken over.

In addition, a substance may only be classified as carcinogenic if it actually has the “intrinsic property” to generate cancer. Titandioxide should therefore be carcinogenic. Here, on the other hand, there is only the risk of cancer, according to the court, only in connection with certain lung titanium dioxide particles if they are available in a certain state of aggregation, a certain form, a certain size and a certain amount. Accordingly, this is not sufficient for the classification as carcinogenic.

carcinogenic fabric discovered: Manufacturer calls Magarine back .
© gettyimages A margarine recall bursts into the run-up to Christmas. Because a carcinogenic fabric was discovered in the margarine, the manufacturer urgently advises against consumption. You need to know that as a recall. NergIZ Großmarkt GmbH provides information about a recall about "Product Warning.eu" . In a batch of the "Vita Margarine Pure Vegetable Ghee" in the 1kg dose, the fabric glycidol was detected in tests.

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