Reviews also leaves Max Oppel "Sat.1 breakfast television"

15:20  06 december  2022
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after colleague Amira Tröger

also leaves Max Oppel "Sat.1 breakfast television"   Auch Max Oppel verlässt © T - Online

Surprising farewell at "Sat.1 breakfast television": Moderator Max Oppel returns to the format The back. It is not the first resignation this year.

on "Sat.1 breakfast television" there are personnel changes: Max Oppel clears his post in the morning format. The 48-year-old was responsible for the current news for almost five years.

"full of emotions"

The production addresses the farewell of the colleague in an Instagram post on Monday: "An insanely colorful week full of emotions: Our dear news spokesman Max Oppel now stands up after almost five years," says one post , which shows the outgoing moderator with some "breakfast television" colleagues.

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The moderator remains true to his job in the media. He will continue to work on the "Compressor" radio format in Deutschlandfunk Kultur, and will also be seen at the news program "The Tag" at the Deutsche Welle. It has not yet been known whether Oppel has new plans for the future.

Oppel is not the first employee to leave "Sat.1 breakfast television" this year. Annika Lau already changed the broadcaster in early 2022, went to the competitor RTL. In October, Amira Tröger also announced that they wanted to reorient themselves professionally. She stood in front of the camera for the morning magazine for around four years.

After her resignation, the moderator did not draw it directly to the next job. Instead, she decided to go on a big trip first. It has been in Asia since the beginning of November. According to her Instagram account, the journalist "explores" Indonesia, and has been diligently shared with her followers since the beginning of the vacation.

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