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17:13  10 january  2018
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2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS Getting an Inline Six

  2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS Getting an Inline Six The 2019 CLS450 will offer 367-hp and AMG is working on its own version too, the CLS53.First, we'll get the 2019 CLS450, which offers 367 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque from its 3.0-liter six, and later, there'll be a more powerful AMG model, the CLS53. Car and Driver doesn't have specs on the CLS53, but we've heard that it should make around 430 hp.

For a machine which is in most respects an offshore speedboat, the 2018 Mercedes - AMG GT C does not particularly like rain. There’s no question a 911 GTS (the trim that corresponds closest to the GT C ) would be just as quick and perhaps more competent.

This is a review of the New Mercedes - AMG GT C Roadster 2018 facelift. 510 HP and 700Nm of Torque. Full with newest technology of infotainment system as well as the engine.

2018 Mercedes-AMG GT C-01-BM.jpg© autoTRADER.ca (Brendan McAleer) 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT C

For a machine which is in most respects an offshore speedboat, the 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT C does not particularly like rain. Perhaps it’s the single-digit temperatures. Perhaps things might be better if the car was shod with winter tires, but on the standard high-performance Continentals in wet, cold conditions, the GT C is about as squirrelly as the dumpster behind a nut-packaging plant. Other AMG products have embraced all-wheel drive. This one has not.


2018 mercedes-benz amg-gt
mercedes-benz amg-gt

It’s a scream. Particularly for your passenger.

Say Hello To The New Mercedes CLA In First Spy Shots

  Say Hello To The New Mercedes CLA In First Spy Shots Rumor has it the next CLA will take after the AMG GT concept in terms of design. The current CLA is the most affordable way right now to get behind the wheel of a shiny new Mercedes sedan. That will change later this year when the U.S.-bound A-Class Sedan will make its official debut. By slotting a new sedan at the bottom of the food chain, it will allow the company with the three-pointed star to move the stylish CLA more upmarket.

The all-new 2018 Mercedes -Benz AMG GT and GT C Roadsters arrives in Fall 2017. The AMG GT roadster comes in two versions: There's a standard GT , rated at 469 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque; it charges from zero to 60 mph in a claimed 3.9 seconds and tops out at a governed 188 mph; above

There is a viciousness lurking within the 2017 Mercedes - AMG GT C , a ferocity to the way it accelerates that sets it apart from its lesser, suffix-free GT


First, a brief word on where the GT C slots into the Mercedes-AMG family tree. At the bottom, you have the standard GT two-seater, which is available in the US market as a hardtop or roadster. Above that, there are the GT S and hardcore GT-R models, both coupe only. Tucking in below the GT-R, the GT C was originally only available as a convertible, but now comes in hardtop or soft.

The old AMG SLS never had this surfeit of choice, but then again the SLS had different targets in mind. It was more a grand tourer, whereas the GT (confusingly) is more of a sports car. Or, as I prefer to think of it, the Mercedes-AMG has aimed a torpedo straight across Stuttgart at the hostile SS Porsche. And as far as the GT C roadster is concerned: Ach! You sunk mein battleship!

Mercedes SL To Lose Hardtop, Gain Rear Seats In 2021

  Mercedes SL To Lose Hardtop, Gain Rear Seats In 2021 An SL73 plug-in hybrid is expected to churn in excess of 800 horsepower. The current-generation Mercedes SL (R231) hasn’t been getting the media attention it deserves as we barely get to hear about it despite being one of the most historically important nameplates in the lineup. Around since 2013, the droptop is among the oldest products on sale today from the company, but don’t fret as an all-new car is being developed.

The increased power of Mercedes - AMG GT C Roadster has introduced a new level of performance below the Mercedes - AMG GT R. The gets its athletic rear shoulder and the top-level technical features from this top-of-the-line sports car.

Mercedes -Benz has a hit with the new GT and now they have introduced a convertible called GTC. This new Mercedes has a stunning look with a long hood, short

First, there’s the bodywork, largely lifted from the Nürburgring-special GT-R. Rear hips that make Shakira look like an HB pencil swell out over 305 mm tires out back, with staggered 265 mm fronts providing plenty of grip under braking. The bulging, slotted front grille is anchored by a three-pointed star large enough to land a helicopter on.

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Even painted a humdrum Diamond White Metallic, as here, the GT C has huge curb presence. With its long nose and short tail, it’s got classic sports car dimensions. If I’m totally honest, and want to mix my space opera metaphors, it looks a bit like a Stormtrooper’s, um, Schwartz.

On the inside, which is comically small for a 4.55-metre-long car, the GT C is a blend of comfort and carbon fibre. The central tunnel is festooned with buttons and the front quartet of air vents resembles some alien breathing apparatus.

But where Porsche cockpits can be spartan, the GT C is sumptuous. The sport seats feature elongated diamond quilting, but still grip like an outfielder’s baseball glove. The switchgear and venting feel substantial. The AMG logo embossed on the leather isn’t an optional extra, as it would be on a 911.

2018 Mercedes Sprinter Debuts With 1,700 Configurations For Any Job

  2018 Mercedes Sprinter Debuts With 1,700 Configurations For Any Job Mercedes-Benz's van is now available in a front-wheel drive model that increases the max load it can haul. The third-gen Mercedes-Benz Sprinter goes to work in Europe in June, but Mercedes Vans' fresh reveal about the latest evolution of its popular workhorse provides the first real details about when users can expect from the new commercial van. Interested buyers in Germany can place an order for one now, and they carry a base price of 19,990 euros before value-added tax ($24,530 at current exchange rates). The electrified eSprinter will join the lineup in 2019.

Just like the 3-Series is the benchmark for compact luxury sedans, the Porsche 911 is the car to beat in the performance coupe segment and Mercedes has

Overall, the Mercedes - AMG GT C presents itself as a dream car and the most intense way to drive a sports car, delivering an even more immediate feel of the fascinating DNA that defines the Mercedes - AMG GT .

Which is not to say there isn’t some wonkiness to be found. First off, the COMAND infotainment system continues to be fiddly, with a learning curve that pulls drivers’ eyes from the road far too much. Audi is probably leading the segment here. Secondly, the placement of the required COMAND controls requires that the GT C’s shifter be a ludicrously stubby affair, with a Park button half the size of a Scrabble tile.

Further, when judged on practical considerations, the GT C isn’t much more useful than the torpedo it resembles. Besides being a two-seater only, the trunk is a pathetic 350 L. A 911 GTS would offer more than three times the carrying capacity, and you can fold the rear seats for a little extra if needed.

Having said that, the chances of either a GT C or a 911 being someone’s primary transportation are relatively low: there’s likely to be a GLE or a Cayenne in the family fleet. Particularly as a convertible, this is the kind of car you buy for the hell of the drive, and here, the GT C delivers.

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Much like Porsche, Mercedes has carefully matched power output to price tag for their GT line of cars. However, it’s somehow more forgivable, as everything feels overpowered. The standard GT makes 456 hp, while the GT C brings the heat with 550 hp and 502 lb-ft of torque.

Mercedes-AMG A35 May Debut This Year With More Power Than Expected

  Mercedes-AMG A35 May Debut This Year With More Power Than Expected The milder version of Mercedes A-Class hot hatch could pack even more than the previously expected 300 hp. The new Mercedes-Benz A-Class will launch later this year with three new engines, but the real highlight of the range will take a little longer to premiere when the German brand will unveil the high-performance AMG variants of its compact model. According to Australia's Motor, even the less potent A35 AMG variant will allegedly pack around 335 horsepower (250 kilowatts) and 332 pound-feet (450 Newton-meters). Earlier rumors had indicated this powertrain would have closer to 300 hp (224 kW).

In this video I'll go for a test drive & completely review the NEW 2018 Mercedes -BenZ AMG GT S! I'll go over the performance, exterior, interior, cargo

First there was the GT S, then came the base GT , . Video Title 2018 Mercedes AMG GT C Quick Spin REVIEW . 2018 Maserati Levante S ("Two Dads " Review) | BRRRRM Australia - Продолжительность: 10:19 BRRRRM Australia 10 740 просмотров.

If the GLS is the German Suburban, then consider this the German Corvette. Fitted with a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, the GT C is capable of 0–100km/h times in the mid-three-second range. Or at least, it’s capable of that kind of chiropractic acceleration on dry tarmac. In the wet, the rear tires claw for grip as the traction control light flashes angrily.

In a coupe, the inappropriate footwear would be mightily frustrating. Happily, this GT C comes with a retractable roof, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Leave the GT-R variant for the track rats, and consider the GT C to be the tastiest morsel in the Mercedes range.

Equipped with both heated seats and Mercedes’ Airscarf heated ducts, the GT C is suddenly as all-weather as convertibles come. The small cockpit experiences little buffeting as compared to its rear-engined, rear-seat-equipped 911 rival, and the sheer amount of warmth you can crank out for driver and passenger is phenomenal. If you’ve got a GT C, I never want to see your roof up unless you’re either stuck in stop-and-go traffic during a typhoon, or are a vampire out in the noonday sun.

There are other benefits too, born of performance but suited to everyday practicality. The GT C’s rear steering, intended to make it more nimble in technical sections, lends itself well to low-speed U-turns and the like. Despite the long nose, this big machine whips around like a Mazda MX-5.

New Maybach Headlights can Project Images on the Road

  New Maybach Headlights can Project Images on the Road Cool feature or unnecessary gimmick?Last month, Mercedes showed off the latest version of the Maybach-branded S-Class. It's more of a mild update than a true midcycle refresh, but with a new grille, more paint and leather options, and a few other tweaks, it should keep the chauffeured crowd happy. Today, however, Mercedes announced a new feature that will soon be available on Maybachs: image-projecting headlights.

2018 Mercedes - AMG GT C Edition 50 Close-Up Look! Taking delivery of a brand new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT C Edition 50 in Cashmere White - UK (AMG GTC) - Продолжительность: 3:10 Mister Prestige 7 320 просмотров.

At the same time, the Mercedes - AMG GT and AMG GT S are being visually and technically upgraded while receiving even more power. 2018 Mercedes -Benz AMG GT S. Now on all AMG GT models: AIRPANEL active air management system from the AMG GT R.

And, given the slightest bit of dry tarmac or warming weather, the GT C is an absolute beast. Off-the-line acceleration is nothing compared to the Merc’s ability to sprint from mid-range to highway speeds. The 4.0L V8 sounds like the hammers of hell when you drop into the throttle, and spits and crackles like an ill-tempered volcano when you lift your right foot. I’m aware that both the thrust and the theatrics involve a great deal of engineering, but my hindbrain couldn’t care less.

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Nor does my hindbrain much care that the helm of the GT C is less like the scalpel of a 911 and more like the leather grip of a machete. It’s not a blunt instrument – it’s far too vicious for that – but it’s certainly less composed. The nose lifts more under acceleration, and powering on early gets the taillights shaking.

Happily, I’ve had the opportunity to drive a GT C in perfect, desert-dry conditions, and can report that it’s a scream. Particularly for your passenger. The happier news is that it’s just as entertaining when you can’t approach one-fifth of the limits of the car, or when road conditions are such that shenanigans need to stay corked up.

The GT C feels just that little bit more special than the obvious choice of a Neunelfer. It’s lightly deranged underhood, where the 911 feels ruthless but efficient. It moves around more under throttle and braking. Being a newer model, there’s also a little more exclusivity.

There’s no question a 911 GTS (the trim that corresponds closest to the GT C) would be just as quick and perhaps more competent. Opt for the all-wheel-drive version of the Porsche, and it’d be as undemanding as a Golf R.

So equipped, you’d have to put some miles on the thing to dig out a personality. It’s not a bad problem to have, just that the 911 might not feel special until you’d tucked a road trip or two under its wheels.

The GT C, on the other hand, felt immediately special the first dry night I was able to sneak in. It growled and crackled through the night, snorting up boost and howling its V8 song along concrete underpasses. The cockpit was as snug as a woodstove-heated cabin, the sky broken by sullen and unseen clouds threatening rain.

The weather was iffy. The tires were wrong. The car was just right.

The 2019 Mercedes-AMG C63 Gets a New Quicker-Shifting Transmission .
Power from the twin-turbo V-8 stays the sameWhen Mercedes showed off the refreshed C300 earlier this year, we knew it was only a matter of time before the AMG versions also got an update. The C43 showed up first, gaining an additional 23 hp and an improved aero kit. Now, with the New York auto show in full swing, it's the C63's turn.

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