Reviews 2018 smart EQ fortwo cabrio: City Savings

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Laval, First City in Canada to Offer an EV Purchase Rebate

  Laval, First City in Canada to Offer an EV Purchase Rebate The city of Laval, Quebec, proclaims itself as the first to offer its citizens a rebate towards the purchase of an electric motor vehicle. The announcement was made today at the Montreal Electric Vehicle Show, which runs from April 20 to 22. Starting today, residents of Laval will benefit from …Starting today, residents of Laval will benefit from a financial aid of $2,000 when they purchase an EV, and $400 towards the purchase of an electric-assist bicycle.

6/10 The Smart EQ fortwo can whizz around others within the city in a calm, quiet manner. It's a U-turn dream when manoeuvring around. 7/10 The 2018 EQ fortwo cabrio is the first taste of an all-electrified smart brand and perhaps a sense of what's to come at Mercedes-Benz.

Опубликовано: 4 янв. 2018 г. Smart made a bold decision and went all electric. We got our first drive in the cabriolet version. 2017 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive - Perfect City Car - Продолжительность: 6:07 Car Smart fortwo Cabrio FULL REVIEW test driven all-new convertible passion/prime/Brabus

MONCTON, New Brunswick – Smart has always been a niche subset of the Mercedes-Benz brand with its unique take on city travel offerings. However recently, it has separated itself even more so by becoming the only brand, at least for now in North America (and throughout Europe by 2020), that's made its entire lineup all-electric.

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The Smart ForTwo Cabrio ED (electric drive) feels like the city car it should have always been. That's what Jon Quirk reckons, anyway. Here are the five

A comprehensive guide to the 2018 Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio , including reviews, specs, pricing By far the smallest vehicle on sale in the United States, the Smart Fortwo Cabrio is a truly unique It also saves the car's exact parking location. As one would expect, the Fortwo excels in the city , where

The first embodiment of the all-electric plan was the rebranding of its fortwo vehicle—first displayed at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show—now known as the smart EQ fortwo. The “EQ” in its name stands for electric intelligence and that nomenclature will be used throughout the Mercedes-Benz lineup—soon to have an electrified vehicle in each segment offering.

The smart EQ comes in coupe and cabriolet form, and for the first time in Canada, we were able to test out the new cabrio version ahead of the 2018 Automobile Journalists Association of Canada's (AJAC) EcoRun event in New Brunswick. It wasn't one of the 19 vehicles driving from Moncton to Fredericton on a two-day fuel-economy showcase, but rather a special 20th entry that spoke to the current and future environmental plans of the smart brand.

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  2019 Mercedes-AMG E53 sedan brings straight-six power to the traditional sedan The final piece of the inline-6-powered, midsize Mercedes-AMG lineup has been added: the 2019 Mercedes-AMG E53 sedan that will use the same 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six as the CLS53, and E53 coupe and cabrio. Producing the same 429 horsepower and 384 pound-feet of torque, it features the same 48-volt ultra-mild hybrid assist combined with a starter-generator and a small electrically-driven compressor in the intake tract to help reduce turbo lag.Power is fed to all four wheels via a nine-speed automatic transmission, the only one offered with this powertrain.

The smart EQ fortwo prime cabrio is unlike any other electric car. Stylish and chic, it features unique amenities like the smart Lighting Package, black leather seats, and 15-inch wheels, all of which combine to make it the premier electric car on the road.

2018 smart EQ fortwo cabrio : City Savings . MONCTON, New Brunswick – Smart has always been a niche subset of the Mercedes-Benz brand 2018 Smart ForTwo Cabrio ED: the perfectly packaged city car - Motor1 UK - Продолжительность: 3:11 Motor1 UK 3 187 просмотров. smart fortwo

So far for 2018, the fortwo is on the right track in Canada considering its pure electric switch. As of May 2018, 139 units have been sold, only 10 units shy of its 2017 totals, so it would be interesting to see how well its 92-km range fared during a quick loop around the city streets of downtown Moncton.

Changing the City Car Mindset

By the looks of some bystanders during my drive, they may still equate the city car with thoughts of Mr. Bean driving in his original MINI, but the 2018 EQ has truly evolved over the years.

From afar one cannot see it, but when inspecting the vehicle at close range, it becomes apparent that it's all in the details. A fun tone is set by a dual-colour paint design; my tester was predominantly Midnight Blue Metallic with touches of black, but there's a wide range of alternative colour variants such as black/orange, white/green or black/black, to name a few. When inspecting its full body, the smart brand starts to flex its muscles with some truly nice touches that include a meshed radiator grille, door mirror caps in Tridion colour, LED headlamps and 15-inch 5-twin-spoke bicolour alloy wheels.

A Second Mercedes-Benz Electric Car is Confirmed

  A Second Mercedes-Benz Electric Car is Confirmed Mercedes-Benz’s new EQ sub-brand for electric vehicles, which is set to debut with a zero-emission SUV called EQC in 2019, will produce a second model starting in 2020, namely a compact car based on last year’s Concept EQA from the Frankfurt Auto Show. The news was confirmed by Daimler, which …The news was confirmed by Daimler, which announced an investment of around 500 million euros ($750 million) in the product and in the Hambach, France plant. This is where the German automaker already builds the all-electric smart EQ fortwo coupe and smart EQ fortwo cabrio.

The 2018 Smart Fortwo is a 2-seat electric commuter car big on style and maneuverability, but short For 2018 , Smart joins Tesla in offering only electric-powered cars. The Fortwo Coupe and Cabrio lose their 3-phase synchronous electric motor 80 horsepower 118 lb-ft of torque EPA city /highway fuel

Smart says that the Fortwo can go 70 to 80 miles before it needs to be recharged. It must spend three hours connected to a 240-volt outlet for a full © Manufacturer 2018 Smart Electric Drive Cabriolet . Is Electric-Only a Smart Move? While it’s evident that this tiny convertible is a great city car, what’s less

The exterior may surprise, but the interior adds more flair and connectivity totally suited for its expected younger customer. Obviously, this city car is suited for two people, families need not apply, but for the young couple or solo traveller, the smart has everything you need including a retractable roof that can be activated with two presses of a button, even while in motion.

The cockpit is both comfortable and open with minimal amounts of clutter on the dash. The only two things other than the seven-inch infotainment unit was a 3.5-inch instrument cluster along with a circular meter to the far left that showcases the battery power being currently used while driving and how much juice is left before a charge.

For a car that's small in nature, something has to be a bit dinky and that award falls to the climate control unit and gear shift lever. They both look outdated and in need of some TLC. Unfortunately, with all the nice modern touches that surround it, they stand out far more than that area should.

An added bonus is standard heated seats for both the driver and passenger, along with leather touches for the heated steering wheel and shift lever. It would have been nice to have the seven-inch touchscreen come as standard, but that's an add-on for $1,395. Further extras include ambient lighting, a centre armrest, smartphone cradle and forward collision warning.

Maserati Claims A Bonkers 0-60 MPH Time Of Under 2 Seconds For First Electric Car

  Maserati Claims A Bonkers 0-60 MPH Time Of Under 2 Seconds For First Electric Car Are you piping hot mad? Fiat Chrylser’s departing chief Sergio Marchionne said last summer that Maserati would lead the automaker’s way into the electric vehicle future, surely pissing off traditionalist fans of the brand. Now we have an idea of what that might look like: 0-60 sprint in under 2 seconds, and a top speed of 186 mph. If they pull it off, that will be pretty amazing. Maserati Is Getting Electrified So Just Go Ahead And Be MadThe announcement was made in Italy today at FCA’s five-year plan presentations to investors, so as with all of these, take it with a grain of salt. Five years is a long time.

With the smart fortwo cabrio you can discover the many sides of the city – but especially the sunny side. The new smart fortwo cabrio is open to all facets of life in the city . The protagonists in our two TV adverts show what it's like when its drivers are equally open.

First Drives 2018 smart EQ fortwo cabrio : City Savings . In Frankfurt, they pulled out all the stops to unveil the smart cabriolet —maybe because it was sharing centre stage with some new Mercedes-Benz models.

A Comfortable Jaunt Around the City

Considering it wasn't able to go along the EcoRun route, I knew range would be an issue for the EQ. However, to my surprise, when pushing the Eco button near the gear shifter, its 92-km range immediately took an uptick to 114.

In order to preserve this range, I put the top down and went about my ways without the need for air conditioning. Its 118 lb.-ft. of torque through its three-phase synchronous (single) motor and 17.2-kWh lithium-ion battery showed off an instantaneous boost, essential when booting around busy Main St. with all its street lights and pedestrian crossings.

In an age of horsepower numbers, the smart EQ only delivers 80 funnelled through a single-speed transmission, but if it gave you 100 or even 110, would that really balance the scales towards the purchase? If you're interested in buying a city car, you understand that a tight turning radius, being able to weave through traffic and alleyways, and finding minute parallel parking spots is where it wins out. It's only on the highways (which I only went on briefly) when one really gets horsepower envy.

For this sunny day drive, I managed to let the wind flow through whatever hair I have left while passing larger SUVs along the way in total silence. It was comfortable with plenty of visibility despite the odd looks received along the way. For city driving, it all seemed right, especially when you factor in a gas bill of zero dollars and a combined fuel economy equivalent rating of 2.3 Le/100 km.

2018 EcoRun surpasses all expectations

  2018 EcoRun surpasses all expectations AJAC EcoRun continues to be showcase for fuel-efficient vehicles, drivingThis year, 19 AJAC journalists drove 19 different vehicles through the gorgeous New Brunswick landscape, covering 570 kilometres of urban and secondary roads, as well as multilane highways, while attempting to be as frugal as possible with the fuel.

WOW 2018 Smart Electric Fortwo Drive Cabriolet - Duration: 5:19. 2017 Smart Fortwo BRABUS Ultimate 125 Cabrio In detail review walkaround Interior Exterior - Duration: 2:11. MotorCarTube 14,307 views.

As the smart EQ fortwo cabrio is the only open-top electric car in the world. Energy for the city . The smart EQ fortwo cabrio comes with a powerful 4.6 kW on-board charger as standard. smart EQ controlExpected to be available from Q3/ 2018 . brings electrifying mobility to your smartphone.

The EQ can charge up in only three hours on a Level 2 station, when others take four to eight, so there's another positive for a consumer always on-the-go.


Like most EVs, the 2018 smart EQ fortwo cabrio doesn't come cheap at a starting price of $32,050 (coupe starts at $29,050) before freight and delivery charges, but those do come with some incentives in the provinces of British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. Just keep in mind that some of these enhancements like the touchscreen and LEDs that truly elevate the EQ comes as add-ons. They aren't too costly as it only upped this final tester price to $34,890.

The smart fortwo wasn't for everyone before it became electric, and now, it's even more niche with a range close to 100 km. If you're a city dweller, it serves a purpose and making it fully electric seems like a prosperous path for the small brand in an ever-changing age of mobility.

Test Drive: 2018 Smart EQ Fortwo Cabriolet .
Perhaps I got a little infatuated with the Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio in just one short week, but as I drove it around on miscellaneous errands, I kept returning to the idea that this might be the perfect second vehicle for many families. It’s tiny! Which makes it adorable! Yes, it deserves italics! Now, every family needs a family vehicle to drag the kids to piano lessons, soccer practices, and on big family vacation road trips, and for many, that is all they need or can afford. That is why crossovers and crew-cab pickups have become the latest vehicles of choice and Dodge continues to sell over 40,000 Grand Caravans every year despite its paleolithic platform. But many families often want a second car for one spouse to commute or do a grocery run or go out for a night with the girls or a game of shinny. Unless you’re a goalie with equipment that takes up half a city block, the Smart Fortwo can serve pretty much any common need for quick occasional transportation. Now, if you are unencumbered by family and are thinking of the Smart Fortwo as your only car, well, good luck with that. You might as well skip the ownership trap and go directly to car sharing, or give up road trips or taking more than one friend at a time. In our household, the Smart was that ideal second car, and we loved it for what it does offer, not its obvious shortcomings. Much tiny! So adorableness! Wow! Well, actually, one of the reasons we loved it so much was its greatest shortcoming – its size.

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