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This mom got shamed for her solution to throwing a kids’ party on a budget

Monday  23:06,   05 february 2018

It's time for the birthday party madness to end: A UK mom got called out for this budgeting solution when she threw a birthday party for her twins.Most of them had no problem with this request. But one did, and she decided to anonymously air her >>>

How to ask your boss for a more flexible work schedule

Monday  23:06,   05 february 2018

Being a working parent is all about that elusive balance, but if you can create a more flexible work schedule, it's actually possible to achieve.For a working parent, there are few things more stressful than arriving late to pick-up: Not only... >>>

My fiancée doesn't want my daughter at our wedding: Ask Ellie

Monday  23:06,   05 february 2018

I’m an older man with a grown daughter who was not a very big part of my life (due to her mother’s infidelity and refusal to allow visitation — after multiple court battles and one contempt charge). I’ve met someone and we are planning to get... >>>

5 perfect name suggestions for baby West

Monday  21:38,   29 january 2018

Kim Kardashian revealed she and Kayne are struggling to find the perfect name for her third kid. Here are five monikers for the famous couple to... >>>

Pink is just like every mom, begging her husband to do this one thing

Tuesday  23:59,   16 january 2018

Pink gave her husband a New Year's resolution that is SO relatable—we hope our husbands follow suit. Hear that, hunny?© Used with permission of / © Rogers Media Inc.... >>>

This family’s Photoshop fail is straight out of a horror movie, and the internet can’t stop laughing

Tuesday  23:58,   16 january 2018

The first family photos you take together hold a special place in your heart. For the Zarings, a blended family living in…Typically, Photoshop jobs fall into one of two categories: hilarious or terrifying. Donald Trump’s water bottle fiasco turned... >>>

I never wanted my daughter to play with dolls, until this happened

Thursday  00:01,   11 january 2018

A mother who thought she didn't like the idea of dolls realizes the valuable lessons they can provide.“Feminism?” I said, surprised at her: She had three girls and was always posting intriguing questions on social media, like, “When should my... >>>

Why mommy drinks: The scary truth about #WineMom

Wednesday  22:36,   03 january 2018

We joke about using wine to cope with all the whine. But what if the thing that makes everything better poses serious health risks? Is it still funny?This is a story about moms who drink. A generous pour as we prep dinner, sipping as we slide... >>>

My life as a "secret child": What it's like to discover you're born from an affair.

Wednesday  22:35,   03 january 2018

“And your dad?” A question I have been asked countless times, by countless people. It seems natural for most people to ask about someone’s father. It’s on every medical form you fill out, it’s a ‘get to know you’ question for many and for most... >>>

7 parenting trends we hope will finally die in 2018

Thursday  00:30,   28 december 2017

From ridiculously elaborate cake-smash photos to handmade leprechaun traps (they're a thing!), here are the parenting trends that I'm so totally over.Some trends—like putting cookies out for Santa—stand the test of time, becoming beloved... >>>

Thank-you notes are the worst and we should totally ban them

Thursday  00:30,   28 december 2017

The point is to teach kids the importance of expressing gratitude, and I don’t think obligatory thank-you notes teach them that.Which, yes. I had brought with me on... >>>

This dad-to-be staged his own 'maternity' photo shoot. And the pictures are too brilliant.

Thursday  00:30,   28 december 2017

When one couple in the US discovered they were expecting, there was no ultrasound polaroid held between them in a social media announcement. They did something completely different and, understandably, it’s gone... >>>

Why spanking now could lead to relationship violence later in life

Friday  00:06,   15 december 2017

A new study has found that kids who are spanked more are more likely to exhibit relationship violence when they're older.The study, which was released this week in the journal Pediatrics and conducted by researchers at the University of Texas... >>>

One woman is horrified by how her friend is getting her children to sleep.

Friday  00:06,   15 december 2017

For most people, the idea of giving alcohol to a baby or child is horrifying. But it seems there are still a few parents out there who are open to the idea. Questions pop up occasionally in online forums: “Will brandy help my colicky baby?” or “Is... >>>

I just started home-schooling my kid and this is what I’ve learned

Friday  23:50,   08 december 2017

My kid and I are new to home-schooling, so we're both learning as we go.A post shared by Désirée Fawn... >>>