Family My fiancée doesn't want my daughter at our wedding: Ask Ellie

23:06  05 february  2018
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  I think my younger boyfriend is 'stashing' me: Ellie I was married for ten years to a great guy (we had 15 years total together). We have two beautiful children. Recently, I decided I wasn’t happy and met someone else much younger than me. He’s 24, I’m 31. He’s never had a long relationship (I’m his longest at eight months). He’s accepted that I have children, I don’t expect him to play “Dad.” Their father is in the picture and we communicate well when it comes to the kids.I fell in love with this guy and he says he loves me too, but I haven’t met his family. He’s only met the children, my nephew and my mom. Every time I ask him to meet my whole family, he always has to work.

I’m an older man with a grown daughter who was not a very big part of my life (due to her mother’s infidelity and refusal to allow visitation — after multiple court battles and one contempt charge).

I’ve met someone and we are planning to get married.

But recently my fiancée informed me that she did not want my grown daughter to be at the wedding (nor any of my friends, either).

My fiancée has been most insistent that I try to have a relationship with my daughter, but that the relationship would not include her (i.e. the fiancée).

I have been maintaining contact with my daughter but we are several hundred miles apart, so it is not a “drop-in” type of relationship.

My wife and I stopped having sex and I’m frustrated: Ellie

  My wife and I stopped having sex and I’m frustrated: Ellie I love my wife and always enjoy sex, but it is my biggest problem in our marriage. She’s 65 and I’m 75, working 20 to 35 hours a week. Even when my wife was in her 30s, we had sex once a month. She’s still sexually appealing to me. Later in our life, sex completely disappeared.When I confronted her or talked about it, she said that sex isn’t important to her, but I can find a sex therapist and make all the arrangements and she’ll come along. I’ve consoled myself with porn, which of course isn’t the same. I’m frustrated. I thought it was our problem, not mine.

I am hurt and upset but don’t know what to do other than to acquiesce since it really is the “bride’s day.”

Groom’s Dilemma

It may be “the bride’s day” but it is the groom’s life — yours — that she’s trying to control.

This is a red flag.

Without your describing any more explanatory reasons for her demand that neither your daughter NOR your friends attend, leaves the impression that your fiancée doesn’t want any attention on who you are and whom you have been.

Worse, she has no interest in meeting or getting to know your only daughter . . . as if that occasional contact would also take attention away from total focus on your marital relationship.

I urge you to think through carefully what marriage to this woman would mean for you.

So far, I see too many restrictions being imposed on you, plus every decision hers, with you as an accessory to her life.

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Postpone the wedding and consider going to couples’ counselling with her (if she’ll go).

It may provide a better chance at hearing any logical reasons behind her arbitrary (and mean) commands.

We have a friend who won’t eat our food. If I prepare a meat dish, he’ll announce that he only eats fish.

If we order in, he’ll have heard from others that the restaurant is filthy. Nothing makes him happy. Every dinner party or celebration is ruined.

On New Year’s Eve, he arrived but wouldn’t speak to anyone because he’d had a disagreement with his spouse.

If he’s in an acceptable mood, he’ll discuss his office problems for the whole night.

We like to chat about light things and not get into heavy topics. How do we handle this situation?

Frustrated Host

You obviously feel some obligation to keep inviting this man and his wife, but if there’s any “out,” you could at least lessen the pain by cutting down on the frequency of invitations.

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  My sister's depressed, but she doesn't want my help: Ask Ellie My younger sister has been very depressed about her boyfriend’s poor treatment of her, which ended recently with his leaving her apartment where he’d lived for four years.She’s 34 and has two kids, 13 and 11, from a previous relationship. Her boyfriend’s 26.He was a new immigrant here when they met through family. She was immediately taken with him, though he had nothing, and moved him in without rent or food money from him.But he was ambitious, went to school, got a job and got promoted. She’s got an OK job, but she’s always been needy and too giving in her relationships.She’s the dependent type, like our mother who cried for years after our father left. I’m the opposite.

If that’s impossible, then discuss the menu and his food preferences first, as in, “If I make a roast beef which everyone else wants, will you eat it?”

Reader needs to think carefully about marrying a woman who is placing too many restrictions on his life, says Ellie.© Richard Lautens Reader needs to think carefully about marrying a woman who is placing too many restrictions on his life, says Ellie.

If the answer’s “No,” you can choose between asking what he wants or suggesting he bring what he’d prefer. (I’ve personally done and seen other hosts do both, to accommodate people known to have sensitive food requirements).

Also, when ordering in, alert him ahead and tell him to choose what he wants, or, if necessary, to order his own from elsewhere.

Mostly, this man appears to be an attention-seeker, not only with contrariness about food but also through negative paths — troubles at work, spousal argument, etc.

Try to ignore the comments and mood.

Break into his “story,” and change the topic to something of common interest to the rest of your guests.


Beware “Bride’s Day” controls that set the pattern throughout the marriage.

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