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LA Eats and Meal Prep Fails

Thursday  11:42,   18 october 2018

A meal prep attempt and other thoughts from Healthyish editor Amanda Shapiro talks about what she's seeing, eating, watching, and reading in the wellness world and beyond. Pro tip: If you sign up for the newsletter, you'll get the scoop before... >>>

Teach Your Kids to Make Their Own Lunch: Part Two

Thursday  02:30,   18 october 2018

From grocery shopping to prep work, here's how you and your kids can nail the... >>>

I'll Be Home For Christmas, and I'm Bringing This Eggnog-Flavored Vodka With Me

Thursday  02:30,   18 october 2018

You might be spending this holiday season decking the halls, but I'll be busy drinking the halls with a little help from Three Olives' newly-introduced eggnog-flavored vodka. Yes, just months after launching rosé vodka, the company is back at it... >>>

Tested and Approved: The Best Food Thermos

Thursday  00:41,   18 october 2018

We toted 7 food thermoses around to find the best one for keeping your lunch... >>>

A 5-Minute Party Starter Even Speedier Than Artichoke Dip

Wednesday  21:45,   17 october 2018

What can you do with just five minutes? Actually, way more than you think! Introducing Food52 in 5: your cheat sheet for speedy, delicious recipes, fun mini projects, and more. When I’m on the hunt for a party snack, I look for a couple of things:... >>>

How to Deep Fry a Turkey in Six Steps

Wednesday  20:42,   17 october 2018

Our step-by-step instructions guarantee a juicy, flavor-packed bird in less than two... >>>

Ajo Blanco Is the Sauce You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

Wednesday  20:22,   17 october 2018

Meet the creamy, ultra-garlicky white sauce that you’ll want to put on just about... >>>

In Kentucky, Where the Future Really is Female

Wednesday  19:56,   17 october 2018

A new program created in response to #MeToo aims to foster the next generation of culinary... >>>

It's High Time to Praise Pork Butt

Wednesday  19:42,   17 october 2018

I was raised Jewish, which meant for most of my life I thought the only meat that anyone ever braised was brisket. My family’s go-to recipe requires, I don’t know, 87 ingredients and yields such a surplus of gravy that if the meat is ever dry—as... >>>

Make Furniture Scratches Disappear with This Nutty Hack

Wednesday  16:30,   17 october 2018

I’ve mentioned I have a cat, Boudin. What I have not mentioned are his 18 little toes and claws. Trimming Boudin’s nails is a Herculean feat, where my fat tabby contorts his body in ways that defy physics. And so, my wood floor, one of the very... >>>

Is Soaking Dried Beans Overnight Really Necessary?

Wednesday  14:55,   17 october 2018

That's a long time to wait if you need your bean fix now. But you've got... >>>

NYC's Misi Is All About Pasta, But I'm In Love With This Vegetable Dish

Wednesday  12:10,   17 october 2018

Missy Robbin's new pasta spot is the hardest reservation in town, but you can make the stunning roasted tomatoes at... >>>

One-Bowl, Very Genius Chocolate Chip Cookies from 2018’s Buzziest Cookbook

Wednesday  11:46,   17 october 2018

Every week in Genius Recipes—often with your help!—Food52 Creative Director and lifelong Genius-hunter Kristen Miglore is unearthing recipes that will change the way you cook. As a people, we have spent a lot of time pursuing the perfect chocolate... >>>

This Sweet Potato Cobbler Is the Thanksgiving Dessert You Didn't Know You Were Waiting For

Wednesday  02:30,   17 october 2018

In North Carolina they call it a sonker. You can just call it a... >>>

This Easy Black Bean Soup Makes Its Own Delicious Broth (and Gets Topped with FRITOS!!!)

Wednesday  01:20,   17 october 2018

No boxed stock necessary! Dried beans have all the flavor you need to make this cozy, easy black bean soup. (Also:... >>>