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Pumpkin Season: These pumpkin dietary trends are now available at DM

Sunday  16:15,   17 october 2021

our Food Highlight in Autumn? Very clear pumpkin, in all variations. Whether from the oven, in the curry or as a delicious twist in the coffee, we can not get enough of the delicious fruit vegetables. Especially dishes with the delicious Pumpkin... >>>

Food waste: "Every year, 30% of the world's production ends in our garbage cans", is a member of Parliament

Saturday  23:20,   16 october 2021

"We have to do more" on food waste, supported Guillaume Garot, MP, MAyenne, This Saturday on Franceinfo. © Provided by FranceInfo "Every year, 30% of the world food production ends in our garbage cans," said Saturday, October 16th on Franceinfo... >>>

These Pork Floss Rolls Are a Savory Bun Lover’s Dream

Saturday  02:36,   16 october 2021

Think salty, porky cinnamon rolls. These buns from Kristina Cho’s new book, Mooncakes and Milk Bread, are completely... >>>

Mac and Triple Cheese Topped with Grilled Chicken is the Comfort Food You Need

Friday  16:52,   15 october 2021

Velvety smooth and oh-so satisfying.Prep Time: 15... >>>

Your Next Party Deserves This Flaky, Cheesy Samosa Tart

Friday  01:05,   15 october 2021

One of the world’s greatest handheld pastries goes large format.Mumbai Modern, a new cookbook by Amisha Dodhia Gurbani, which comes out November 2, is full of fun twists on Indian home cooking, utilizing bright flavors and comforting ingredients in... >>>

Frozen Puff Pastry Is an Appetizer Waiting to Happen

Friday  01:05,   15 october 2021

You’re one frozen box away from a party.If you’ve ever seen a single episode of The Great British Baking Show, you know that homemade puff pastry is notoriously tricky. The process is technical and time-consuming, with plenty of opportunities baked... >>>

Trisha Yearwood's recipe for fried apple fritters

Thursday  22:15,   14 october 2021

My dad, Jack, used to reminisce about small fried apple fritters that his mother, Elizabeth, would make for him when he was a kid. Of course, like many passed-down family recipes, this one wasn’t written down anywhere, so Mama went to work, trying... >>>

The mozzarella becomes the favorite cheese of the French by far exceeding the Camembert!

Thursday  17:55,   14 october 2021

Camembert's sales have been declining in France for a few years in favor of those of Mozzarella who are in full boom. This is the first time, in 2021, that the Italian cheese exceeds French cheese. © iStock Mozzarella becomes the favorite cheese of >>>

30 Spooky, Odd, and Adorable Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Thursday  17:09,   14 october 2021

Pumpkin carving is arguably one of the best parts of fall right up there with swapping your summer clothes for fuzzy sweaters. Much like dyeing Easter eggs, it’s an activity that involves a whole family or group of friends, and everyone gets to put... >>>

Want to Join These Dinner Clubs? Slide Into the Chefs’ DMs

Thursday  17:06,   14 october 2021

No longer bound by traditional brick-and-mortars, chefs are using social media to rethink their dream dinner experiences.Strangers have been showing up at Imana’s house for dinner for almost a year now. On Friday and Saturday nights, her panoramic... >>>

Wine Calculator: How Many Bottles of Wine Does Your Dinner Party Need?

Thursday  17:06,   14 october 2021

We've done the math—there's a chart and everything.How much wine is "enough" wine for your dinner party? Here's a handy drink calculator for you—actually, it's solely a wine calculator. Most people would say that the dinner is the most... >>>

The Dinner Party Is Dead. Long Live the Dinner Party.

Thursday  17:06,   14 october 2021

We've tried the cheap impressions of Martha Stewart excellence. Are we finally ready to relax?Nora Ephron, the writer and filmmaker, said that a round table works best for a dinner party. At a long rectangular table, she wrote, some guests could >>>

How to Turn a Snack Board Into a Dinner Feast

Thursday  17:06,   14 october 2021

Tips for creating a snack board that's fun, filling, and stress-free from Katherine Lewin, owner of the dinner-party essentials store Big Night.I usually don’t like rules. But whenever my friends and I decide to hang out in one another's living... >>>

How My Korean, Vegan Dinner Parties Became 3 Million Strong

Thursday  17:06,   14 october 2021

Joanne Lee Molinaro, a.k.a. the Korean Vegan, loves hosting dinner parties. Now she’s throwing them on TikTok.A neon-green silicone glove—the kind Omma would don to wash the dishes or make kimchi (though hers would be mauve or some other... >>>

Potato Fennel Pan

Thursday  14:20,   14 october 2021

pan dishes are simply awesome if you want to prepare something "decent" in a short time with a few ingredients. Apples give the court a fruity note, so it also makes it stuff, potatoes are added. © Provided by my beautiful garden potato fennel pan... >>>