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Weekly Meal Plan: So Many Meatballs, Glazed Chicken Thighs, and Easy Fried Rice

Sunday  01:55,   17 february 2019

A big batch of sheet-pan meatballs and a couple of easy, Asian-inspired dinners get you through the... >>>

10 Things Organized People Have in Their Kitchens, According to Marie Kondo

Saturday  19:26,   16 february 2019

The most effective organization technique I've tried (and stuck to) is The KonMari Method. After gobbling up Marie Kondo's first title, The Life-Changing Magic of Tiding Up, I blazed through her next release, Spark Joy, in a matter of days. It... >>>

A Lunar New Year Menu That Goes Beyond Dumplings

Saturday  00:40,   16 february 2019

China's Spring Festival is a two-week feast, but no two Lunar New Year menus are alike. Mine involves a whole fish, rice pudding, and, sure—a midnight dumpling or... >>>

A Palestinian Pomegranate Cake to Celebrate Life

Friday  21:20,   15 february 2019

Yasmin Khan—longtime Food52 contributor, food and travel writer, and author of the beautiful new book, Zaitoun: Recipes from the Palestinian Kitchen—is no stranger to telling stories. (If we had any doubts about this, she quashes them by tailing her >>>

Make *Way* Better Roast Chicken, Thanks to One Pantry Ingredient

Friday  20:26,   15 february 2019

If I were drafting an all-star team of pantry and larder staples, there are a few jars, bottles, and boxes I'd earmark for first-round picks. Like, I'd toss a jersey over to my Huy-Fong Chili Garlic Sauce right out of the gate. I'd pat my Hungarian... >>>

The Easiest Way to Improve Any Pasta Dish, According to Ina Garten

Friday  19:25,   15 february 2019

I binge-read Ina Garten’s latest cookbook, Cook Like a Pro, learned a game-changing trick—and it just happened to be easiest of... >>>

How to Make and Drink the Perfect Cup of Yerba Mate

Friday  13:46,   15 february 2019

We asked the owners of Porteñas, New York's first yerba mate bar, how to do mate like a... >>>

Winter Is Terrible But At Least There's Butternut Squash Parmesan

Friday  13:45,   15 february 2019

The cold is getting me down, but this hot, melty baked squash is lifting me... >>>

These Quick-Pickled Cucumbers Finally Sold Me on Pickles

Friday  13:45,   15 february 2019

I was just never a pickle person. But these spicy, slightly sweet quick-pickled cucumbers changed all... >>>

The Best Blender for Every Budget

Friday  03:05,   15 february 2019

We crushed ice and made smoothies packed with kale, dates, and almonds to find the best blenders on the... >>>

Cultured Guru Sauerkraut Makes Me Truly Excited to Drown My Gut in Probiotics

Thursday  22:30,   14 february 2019

The microbiologist-made brand crunches like fresh cabbage and packs in the probiotic microbes... >>>

These Jammy White Chocolate Blondies Have a Surprise Ingredient That Takes Them Over the Top

Thursday  21:37,   14 february 2019

If you’ve ever been to Lilia in Brooklyn, NY, you know that a forkful of Missy Robbins’ cacio e pepe is like being struck by cupid’s arrow, only it’s better because instead of falling in love with a person you’re falling in love with a big a pile of >>>

Frozen Spinach vs. Fresh: When Should You Use Each?

Thursday  20:10,   14 february 2019

There’s always some sort of leafy green in my freezer—usually spinach. I love the convenience, especially when I get home from work and realize that my fridge has zero fresh vegetables. I’ll swap in thawed spinach and pretend it’s fresh, and... >>>

Taste Test: The Best Chocolate Sandwich Cookie You Can Buy at the Store

Thursday  20:05,   14 february 2019

We tried 10 different brands to see if any would top... >>>

For My Husband & Me, Valentine’s Day Means Getting Our Taxes Done (& Then BBQ)

Thursday  19:31,   14 february 2019

Whether it’s a first date or 47th anniversary, it’s hard to separate romance from food. In With Love & Red Sauce, we’re exploring the ways these two interact—from newlyweds learning to compromise over dinner to celebrating your longest relationship... >>>