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This Is the Only Green Pepper I Can Fully Get Behind

Friday  23:40,   22 october 2021

Poblanos are earthy, fruity, and 100% more interesting than green bell peppers.I love poblano peppers! To me, they taste like everything a green bell pepper aspires towards, as different as a ruby-ripe heirloom tomato is from the wan simulacra... >>>

13 Sustainable Gifts for the Extra Green Cook in Your Life

Friday  23:40,   22 october 2021

Have a climate-conscious Christmas and an eco-friendly New Year.Save your leftovers from an untimely end with this handy vacuum-sealing system. This starter set comes with an adorable mini-vacuum pump, reusable zip bags, and dishwasher-safe storage... >>>

How to Make Gravy (Depending on How Much Time and Energy You Have)

Friday  22:21,   22 october 2021

Whether you've got 20 minutes or two days.But we urge you: Consider the gravy! Gravy is your dry-bird insurance plan (knock on wood) and there's bound to be a guest or two who'll be disappointed if it's not on the table. So take the time to pick >>>

Best Espresso Machines: Rancilio Silvia, Breville, and More

Friday  22:16,   22 october 2021

It’s possible you will never have to go to a coffee shop again.Even considering this, a home espresso machine might be worth owning if americanos, cortados, and lattes are your absolute ideal everyday brew. And after all, an espresso machine isn’t... >>>

Presto, Crispo: The Secret Ingredient That Makes Fried Snacks Crispier

Friday  22:16,   22 october 2021

Evercrisp, a batter booster made for home and professional kitchens alike, claims to make fried foods crispier—and keep them that way. We put it to the test on our homemade onion rings.As Epi contributor Eleanor Morgan recently recounted, some... >>>

Mastering My Family's Filipino Spring Rolls Was a Rite of Passage

Friday  22:16,   22 october 2021

Good food is worth a thousand words—sometimes more. In My Family Recipe, a writer shares the story of a single dish that's meaningful to them and their loved ones. This week, in honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, food stylist and... >>>

How to Stock Your Kitchen for Cozy Fall Cooking

Friday  22:16,   22 october 2021

We’ve teamed up with Albertsons Companies to share highly useful tips and tricks for stocking up your kitchen ahead of the fall season (cozy soups and stews, here you come). At the top of our list: Simplify your grocery-shopping routine with help... >>>

10 Wine Subscription Boxes They’ll Crack Open Immediately

Friday  22:16,   22 october 2021

I'm a casual drinker and will be the first to admit that I know zilch about what's in my glass most of the time. I have enough trouble picking out a bottle of wine to bring to a dinner party, let alone finding something that feels special... >>>

The Future of Brunch Is in Asia

Friday  19:26,   22 october 2021

It may have started out as a Western copycat, but it’s becoming its own cuisine.“We put unique things on the walls and used the best lights. We even launched a brunch plate,” she says. On the walls: a neon sign, vegetation hanging from the lights,... >>>

What Is Prince Regent Cake, As Seen on ‘The Great British Bake Off’?

Friday  19:26,   22 october 2021

The fun of watching The Great British Bake Off is yes the competition, yes the British humor, but mainly the chance to learn about an entirely new baked good popular across the pond. In this week’s technical challenge on the popular Netflix show,... >>>

A No-Bake Oreo Dessert Everyone Will Love

Friday  19:25,   22 october 2021

Oreo Dessert is the yardstick for all other desserts in my family. “Oh, this triple-tier chocolate cake covered in perfect buttercream is good and allbut it’s no Oreo Dessert." Or: “I ate the most amazing dessert at the most amazing restaurant last... >>>

Zoe Adjonyoh's Ghanian Dinner Party Is All About the Music (& Jollof Fried Chicken)

Friday  17:52,   22 october 2021

When you’re "half" Irish, "half" Ghanaian and British, and also a new American immigrant, what does a dinner party look like? No, not a hot mess. Food is many things, and one of the most important things it is for me is a reference to the core of... >>>

Antoni Porowski's Ideal Party Is a Casual, Cozy, Polish-Inspired Feast

Friday  17:51,   22 october 2021

If you know Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye or from his bestselling 2019 book Antoni In the Kitchen, you know that he’s a man who loves to entertain. In his new cookbook, Antoni: Let’s Do Dinner, Porowski turns his attention to all things having to... >>>

An Over-the-Top Vietnamese Menu From "The Red Boast Fish Sauce Cookbook"

Friday  17:51,   22 october 2021

While Rodgers and Hammerstein’s favorite feast might include crisp apple strudel and schnitzel with noodles, nothing says holiday to us quite like savory braised pork belly and honeycomb cakes. The dishes on this menu make for a great feast, one... >>>

Cheesy Chorizo and Potato Bites Are the Ultimate Crowd Pleaser

Friday  16:27,   22 october 2021

Crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside perfection.Prep Time: 20... >>>