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Tired Of Going To Starbucks? Good News: It Will Come To You In 2019

Saturday  20:30,   15 december 2018

If you use the promise of a caffeine jolt to motivate you to get up in the morning, starting in 2019 you will be able to order your morning Starbucks from bed and have it delivered to your door. Starbucks has been testing a partnership with Uber... >>>

5 Dishes That'll Win the Most Popular Award at Any Gathering

Saturday  16:30,   15 december 2018

No disrespect to small talk, but my favorite part of any holiday gathering is—by far—the food situation. Whether it's a potluck or more of a composed meal, I'm eying everything from hearty apps through to the dessert spread the moment I enter the... >>>

What Is Ginger Beer, Anyway?

Saturday  01:30,   15 december 2018

For a refreshment so popular, it's interesting to note how many misconceptions exist about ginger beer. The drink, which originated in the mid-1700s in England, was first known as a fermented alcoholic beverage made from sugar, ginger, water, and a... >>>

The Make-Ahead Side Our Test Kitchen Chef Swears By

Friday  22:30,   14 december 2018

Planning a holiday menu is complicated. That’s why we created an Automagic Holiday Menu Maker to help you pick and choose everything from snacks and drinks to main dishes and sides. And that’s why, on this week’s Dear Test Kitchen, our Test Kitchen... >>>

This Cookie Scoop Will Fool Your Friends Into Thinking the Rest of Your Life Is Perfect Too

Friday  21:55,   14 december 2018

There’s a reason mine are the first to go at the... >>>

Ditch the Mug & Make This Hot Cocoa Cake Instead

Friday  20:41,   14 december 2018

When I was a kid, I loved nothing more than a mug of hot cocoa on a cold day. After stomping the snow off my boots and shedding my puffy, woolen layers, I’d head to the kitchen to whip up a cocoa creation. After countless cups of just-add-water... >>>

Google's 10 Most Searched Foods in 2018

Friday  19:30,   14 december 2018

“You are what you eat,” the saying goes. Well, until Google showed up. Now it’s definitely more, “You are what you search.” And every December, we get a peek into our collective souls when Google releases its year-in-review data, the Year in Search. >>>

An Easier Take on German Stollen That Knows How Busy You Are Right Now

Friday  18:31,   14 december 2018

Classic German stollen is intensely rich and sweet, drenched in butter and confectioners’ sugar to last for weeks. Each heavenly slice will stick to your ribs, and it is labor-intensive to say the least. Thankfully, there is a much easier and... >>>

A Sneak Peek at Our New Five Two Mixing Bowls

Friday  17:56,   14 december 2018

Just as we were gearing up to flex our serious holiday unwrapping skills, the prototypes for our brand-new Five Two mixing bowls arrived. And we couldn't be more eager to share them! Thanks to more than 4,000 of you, we had plenty of guidance for... >>>

We Can't Stop Watching This Dramatic Holiday Table Being Set

Friday  16:31,   14 december 2018

Welcome to Table Ta-Da!, where our art director, Alexis Anthony, shares tips and tricks (along with a little fairy dust) to help you create a wow-worthy table, whether you're serving two people or 20. Cue the oohs and ahhs Dust off your party dress... >>>

It Should Be Illegal to Serve Drinks Without These Spiced Nuts

Friday  13:41,   14 december 2018

Don't invite me over for cocktails in December unless there's a bowl of spiced nuts on the table,... >>>

Apologies to My Husband But Cauliflower Bolognese Is My Boyfriend Now

Friday  11:55,   14 december 2018

I love this sauce so much I've taken to calling it my "Cauli... >>>

Your Body Needs Vitamin D This Winter. Here’s What to Eat to Get It.

Friday  11:55,   14 december 2018

Not everyone can book that warm weather getaway. This is the next best... >>>

These Braisey Chicken Legs in Coconut Milk Are Almost Too Easy to Make

Friday  11:55,   14 december 2018

There's no searing or chopping. You barely need a... >>>

Why This Classic British Treat Should Be on Your Holiday Table This Year

Thursday  20:40,   13 december 2018

Mince pies have a misleading name. (There, I said it.) For those unfamiliar with the classic British Christmas dessert, they're little fabled tartlets the size of peanut butter cups, commonly filled with raisins, sultanas, cranberries, and other... >>>