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Pumpkin Leaves Are the Star of This Bengali Family Favorite

Saturday  15:01,   01 october 2022

These tender fritters can be eaten any time.If I were to pick one vegetable to showcase the ingenuity of Bengali cooking, it would be... >>>

6 Ways to Fix Over-Salted Food

Saturday  15:01,   01 october 2022

Salt can be your best friend in the kitchen. It brings forward and enhances flavours, taking a dish from drab to vibrant with just a pinch. But what do you do when you’ve lovingly tended and seasoned a dish and you realize that you’ve added way too... >>>

good and cheap: Simple autumn recipe for Cinderella soup

Saturday  15:00,   01 october 2022

You can prepare a warm ash puttel soup with almost everything you still have in the closet. Our recipe is therefore not only tasty, but also extremely cheap © ISTOCKPHOTO Fast recipe for Cinderella soup iStockphoto This delicious soup is the... >>>

climate change affects mushroom deposits from

Saturday  11:40,   01 october 2022

The effects of climate change can already be felt for mushroom collectors in Lower Saxony. «We now notice the effects of the dry period, which started in 2018. There is clearly too few rainfall. This affects the mushroom volume, »said mushroom... >>>

50 At-Home Lunches Your Whole Family Will Love

Friday  22:31,   30 september 2022

Whether you and your kiddos are in-person or online this fall, these lunch ideas are sure to satisfy the entire family. Plus, you'll love that they come together in just 20 minutes! The post 50 At-Home Lunches Your Whole Family Will Love... >>>

Can Cheese Combat Climate Change?

Friday  22:31,   30 september 2022

The threat of climate change loomed large above Vermont’s 2022 Cheese Summit. I was invited to the event to taste and learn about local cheeses, made by the state’s eclectic roster of producers—and I did so, gladly. But as the weekend wore on, it... >>>

Grandmas filled cauliflower with minced meat and hate back potatoes-the ingenious recipe from Poland!

Friday  21:00,   30 september 2022

All grannies have their kitchen secrets. Many of them were imported from the east a long time ago. It is the same with this recipe. The filled cauliflower has its origin in Poland. As a hearty and healthy autumn meal, he has long since had many... >>>

I Went Decades Without a Microwave. This Cookware Converted Me

Friday  19:41,   30 september 2022

When back surgery meant I couldn’t spend hours in front of the stove, I invested in Anyday microwave bowls.Two weeks before back surgery, I bought some things I thought would ease my recovery. I started with a toilet seat riser. You never think... >>>

Mexico nuns’ culinary innovations live on in storied cuisine

Friday  17:31,   30 september 2022

PUEBLA, Mexico (AP) — Each September, when Mexico celebrates its independence from Spain, people nationwide delight in chiles en nogada, a seasonal dish of mild poblano peppers stuffed with ground pork and fruit, smothered in a sauce of walnut,... >>>

Dining in the dark: Brussels eateries tackle energy crunch

Friday  12:51,   30 september 2022

BRUSSELS (AP) — While European Union nations are still mulling a cap on gas prices, some businesses are more in a hurry for solutions to the continent's energy crisis. In Brussels, the epicenter of the EU, restaurant owners have imagined how a... >>>

Sheet Pan Dinner: Simple and delicious recipe ideas from the sheet metal

Friday  10:00,   30 september 2022

vanilla pudding and healthy? No contradiction! Our perfect breakfast recipe makes it possible © istockphoto Perfect breakfast recipe: creamy vanilla puped harrow flakes iStockphoto little time in the morning, but still desire to bring some variety... >>>

Beef Is Expensive—This Trick Makes Burgers Cheaper

Friday  06:01,   30 september 2022

The answer is probably already in your pantry.Take this burger. The recipe, which serves four, calls for 1¼ lb. (20 oz.) ground beef. While the price depends on a number of factors (fat content, specific grocery stores, whether or not it’s organic,... >>>

16 Gifts To Buy The Gin Lover In Your Life

Thursday  21:02,   29 september 2022

Three words: Color. Changing.... >>>

Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Meet Kimchi Butter

Thursday  21:01,   29 september 2022

It's just a few ingredients to sweet-savory bliss.I’d often come home from school to be greeted by one of my favorite snacks: piping hot Korean sweet potatoes that my mom scooped up on her run to our local Korean grocery store. She roasted them... >>>

creamy or clear: Brussels sprouts from Grandma's recipe book-ingenious soul warmer for autumn!

Thursday  20:50,   29 september 2022

Brussels sprouts is one of the favorite vegetables in Germans. And he has season now. It is not served as often as a soup. He is also suitable as a liquid soul warmer in autumn - and how! We searched Grandma's recipe book and came across two... >>>