Food & Drink Warning: coconut oil is not good for your hair

14:00  22 march  2018
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Darum ist Kokosöl schlecht für die Haare © istockphoto That is why coconut oil is bad for your hair

Coconut oil is actually an all-rounder. But be careful: for these reasons you should not use the beauty miracle for your hair

Whether for cooking or for personal hygiene: coconut oil can be used in various areas. If you thought it was great for your hair, you are actually wrong. We clarify:

coconut oil for dry hair

Dry hair itself is thirsty for moisture, but oil and water are not very compatible. For this reason, brittle hair should never be treated with hair oils. The coconut oil not only removes liquid from the hair, it also prevents it from penetrating. The result: brittle and dried hair.

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This is what coconut oil does with our hair

If your hair is already damaged anyway, for example by constant dyeing, it needs amino acids (contained in the hair mask, Ammino Keratin from Selective). These strengthen the hair structure and support growth. Hair oils, especially coconut oil, tend to penetrate every fiber of the hair. It may look like this oil will help for a short time, but in the long run it will damage dry hair.

What you should use instead 0 To combat dry and brittle hair, you should prefer to use PH-neutral products. Regular use of moisturizing masks is also an excellent alternative to oils. In the long run, your hair will be stronger and healthier. By the way:

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