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19:55  26 april  2021
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  How to Tell if an Egg is Bad (Plus Tips to Keep Eggs Fresh) Bad eggs are no good.

Many consumers want more transparency in food - which is why Bundesagraph Minister Julia Klöckner receives much encouragement for a corresponding push for more food labeling.

Woher stammen Eier in Lebensmitteln? CDU-Agrarministerin Julia Klöckner will Verbrauchern diese Frage künftig beantworten - und hofft auf Herstellerseite auf einen Anreiz für bessere Tierhaltung. © Julian Stratenschulte / DPA Where do eggs come from in food? CDU-Agricultural Minister Julia Klöckner wants to answer consumers this question in the future - and hopes for a manufacturer of an incentive for better animal husbandry.

On Monday, she satisfied at EU level that packaging of foods with eggs - such as mayonnaise, noodles or biscuits - must stand by which legs are the eggs. That's good: In rare unity, environmental and animal rights, farmers association and politician praised the push of the CDU politician.

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from the German-speaking area is the criticism so far, so far, the initiative should have come much earlier.

Many EU countries also agree with the proposal - among other things, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands and Italy. France also approved the project in principle - but also demanded rules for imported foods in a meeting of the EU agricultural ministers. It needs a harmonized push.

"Many consumers want transparent information», Klöckner justified the initiative before their office colleagues. The marking would give an incentive for better animal husbandry. There have already been some discussions about the topic with the competent EU Commissioner Stella Kyriakides. Accordingly, Germany asks to examine a corresponding legislative initiative.

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critical votes came from eastern EU member countries. So it was said from Hungary, you do not support compulsory labeling, Bulgaria positioned itself similar. The ball is now at the EU Commission: it must decide if it complies with the request of Germany and abuses a legislative initiative.

Video: Bundestag decides right on fast Internet (Sat.1)

A survey of the opinion research company Civey on behalf of the Forum Modern Agriculture (FML) came to the conclusion that 83 percent of people in Germany believe that one Sustainable agriculture must be accompanied by an exciting animal husbandry. Two thirds can be found "modern" when peasants pay attention to the animal welfare.

The Spokesman of the Trade Association Food (BVLH) said the German Press Agency that the large companies of food retail trade in Germany already used in their own brands exclusively egg products, organic, field, or ground farming. "That's also marked."

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associations and organizations were positive at the suggestion of Klöckner. "The German Farmers Association has long been calling for a binding postural and origin labeling," said the association. You support the project. However, this should not only limit this to eggs, but also other goods expand - especially on meat and sausage.

A Food Expert of the Environmental Organization WWF, Tanja Dräger de Teran, said: "An EU-wide labeling requirement for some food is overdue." This can be terminated by the blind flight on the shopping shelf. Currently, millions of people were unknowingly bought eggs of cage and flooring, which were in processed foods.

of the Green MEP and Organic Farmers Martin Hausling criticizes the time of the initiative of Klöckner. "That she notices shortly before the end of her term, that there is a regulatory gap, is amazing," he said. She could have already taken this on when Germany had chairedly in the middle of 2020 the chairmanship of the Council of Ministers.

Hausling said it is imported a lot of liquid in the EU that comes from cages. This could be made more difficult if the initiative succeeds.

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