Food & Drink Long-time authorized pesticides in potentially dangerous Europe?

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Des pesticides autorisés de longue date en Europe potentiellement dangereux ? © Pixabay Long-time authorized pesticides in potentially dangerous Europe? An NGO denounces the authorization given to a dozen pesticides by the food safety authority.

They are called maleic hydrazide, buprofezine, mesotrione or flazzulfuron. So many pesticides used in France which are authorized by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and used, particularly in France, reports the world. According to the NGO Pan Europe, the risks on the health of consumers are very real. For the first of them, maleic hydrazide, its carcinogenic character has been recognized by the European Union. But according to the NGO, the product has been approved again by EFSA for a period of fifteen years in 2017. In France, ANSES (National Agency for Health Food, Environmental Safety and work) even allowed five preparations that contain it. Our confreres recall that the herbicide is used in particular for the cultivation of onions, potatoes or carrots and that its use only increases over the years, doubling in particular between 2009 and 2016.

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Gold from certain Analyzes, residues were found in food. But for EFSA, it does not exceed the genotoxic threshold that would allow it to classify it as carcinogen. This idea is denounced by researchers for whom that kind of products can act "'without threshold". What is problematic, reminds the world, when we know that the European directives exclude all human contact with pesticides.

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Through the implementation of these 12 pesticides, Pan Europe regrets "the influence of industrialists" on the inability of EFSA to rely on scientific reports. Indeed, at the beginning of the year, the endocrine society, strong of 18,000 researchers, had enjoined the European agency to review its mode of operation while certain substances could be more harmful than it seems, even at small dose.

EFSA will also meet links with experts from the International Life Science Institute. This institute was created by several industrial giants like Monsanto or Syngenta. Finally, with regard to bueprofezine or mesotrione, the observation is the same: for the first, suspected of being carcinogenic for man, the ANSES authorized it on the market. Same for the second re-authorized in 2017 for fifteen years. These herbicides are used in preparations found in many products such as rapeseed, corn, flax or poppy.

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