Food & Drink The "60 million consumer" alert: the price of this basic product explodes and it is neither the pasta nor sunflower oil

16:15  07 april  2022
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difficult to escape in the rays of supermarkets. Inflation impacts all commodities. If the price of the Flambe pasta, another product, too, is so soaring: meat ...

68. This is the percentage of food categories today affected by inflation, as revealed by a study of the institute Nielseniq *. Flours, oils, eggs ... No radius is spared. To accurately measure these tariff increases, 60 million consumers created an "observatory of inflation". Every month, the magazine site publishes a dashboard of price developments in supermarkets, carried out in partnership with Nielseniq. Tuna box, packet of chips, jam jam, bread, butter ... 31 needed products are sifted. If pasta is the largest increase (+ 12.3% between March 2021 and March 2022), another product has, too, given its price explode: frozen meat. In one year, it displays + 4, 2%. And surprisingly, it is especially the first prize meat (+ 5.6%) and distributor brands (+ 5.8%) which are the most impacted.

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The beef knows a flight "never seen"

among the most inflationary meats: the duck, the guineaway, the calf and the rabbit. For the latter, its price was up 6.3% in early March. The beef, meanwhile, is sunny "never seen", after having already bonded 6% last year. On the pork side, the increase remains moderate ... for now. Consequence of these increases: the French rush on the chicken, whose price has evolved (+ 2.5%).

The price of meat will further increase

at the origin of this outbreak? The increase in the price of energy and animal feed. And it's not about to stop. The war in Ukraine should amplify the phenomenon. This country provides a significant part of sunflower cakes for animal feed. The market is totally paralyzed.

Modest families are most affected by inflation

overall the average basket concoled by 60 million consumers increased 3.27% over the last twelve months. And the specialized magazine in the defense of consumers alert: these are the commodities that are the first sights, like the bean box, flour, olive oil or cereal package. "It is therefore the most modest families who are currently affected by the highest increases."

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* Source Nielseniq Opus February 2022, dated March 1, 2022

  L’alerte de « 60 Millions de consommateurs » : le prix de ce produit de base explose et ce ne sont ni les pâtes ni l’huile de tournesol © FEMINA VERSION

Frozen meat is the second most affected product by inflation after dietary pasta.

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