Food & Drink Your Snack Aisle Impulse Buys Can Absolutely Be Used for Impressive Cooking Too

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#1 Best Leafy Green for Your Metabolism

  #1 Best Leafy Green for Your Metabolism Certain foods, especially leafy greens, have the right combination of nutrients to help increase your metabolism. Here's the best one!While some people seem blessed with a fast and active metabolism, eating whatever they want without gaining an ounce, not everyone has this natural superpower. If all you have to do is look at a slice of pizza to gain weight, there's good news—you may be able to speed up your metabolism by adding more of the right foods to your diet.

  Your Snack Aisle Impulse Buys Can Absolutely Be Used for Impressive Cooking Too © Photograph by Isa Zapata, Food Styling by Emilie Fosnocht

In Cheap Tricks we’ll help you make the most out of everyday supermarket staples. Today, how to turn snack aisle staples into show-stopping garnishes.

Get to the last step of a recipe and odds are you'll be told to add a drizzle of oil or pinch of chile flakes or squeeze of lemon or sprinkle of salt. Far from decorative garnishes (lone parsley sprig, carved carrot), these are pretty and practical, like a linen jumpsuit. But lately, my favorite garnish is none of those things. It's potato chips.

Or crackers, pretzels, and other salty-crunchy nibbles. Just sprinkle the snack, crushing it along the way, over any dish in need of extra pep. These processed ingredients do all the hard work, nailing the right amount of fat, salt, and crunch per bite. After all, they’ve been chemically engineered to be as delicious as possible, not to mention maintain their crispness for months.

Craving Bread? Try This Instead

  Craving Bread? Try This Instead If you're in need of some carbs, but don't know which ones to choose, crush those bread cravings with these suggested options from our expert dietitian!When you're really in need of a good piece of bread, or something similar, what should you go for? We spoke with Amy Shapiro, MS, RD about her top recommendations for a bread swap.

Here’s a handful of success stories:

Potato Chips on Salad

Potato chips and green salad—be that tender lettuce with Dijon vinaigrette or iceberg under creamy dressing—are my new favorite duo. As with many discoveries (electricity, Penicillin), it first happened upon the woeful realization that I’d run out of Maldon. Pick a chip that gives slightly, like Lay’s or Ruffles, versus kettle-cooked. When crushed, the crumbs mimic delicate diamonds of flaky salt. And don’t stop with lettuce. Try salt-and-vinegar chips on brothy beans, or sour-cream-and-onion chips on fresh corn.

Tortilla Chips on Chili-Slash-Stew

Sturdy chips thrive in a hearty bowl of chili and other spiced, stew-y situations. Try yellow corn over a simple turkey chili or blue corn over this chicken chorizo number. Even Fritos over black bean soup. As is the case with potato chips, give yourself permission to go beyond the original flavor—Hint of Lime Tostitos are excellent, as are original and Cool Ranch Doritos.

Buying the Frozen Version of This Grocery Staple Could Cost You

  Buying the Frozen Version of This Grocery Staple Could Cost You A new report looking into grocery store inflation finds that frozen meat could be more expensive than fresh right now.In a recent report from Numerator, frozen meat at the grocery store has gone up 28% in price since this time last year, while fresh meat like pork and beef only went up 5%. With demand following a rollercoaster pattern since the start of the pandemic, manufacturing plant closures, and a massive bird flu epidemic in the U.S. this year, it's no surprise that meat has taken this big of a hit. But combined with the fact that frozen foods, in general, are also facing higher prices, it will take more to stock your freezer right now.

Pretzels on Fish

Whether pan-fried, slow-roasted, or grilled, whether flaky white fish, buttery salmon, or firmer swordfish, these delicate filets could use some crunch. Pretzels, of course, come in many shapes and sizes, from sourdough nuggets to thin twists. But after a good crush (depending on how firm they are, you may need to smash them under a smooth-bottom bowl), any style is welcome on fish. Think of it like a breadcrumb or nut crust you don’t need to measure and can’t mess up.

Corn Nuts on Vegetables

Corn nuts, or their larger cousin, Quicos, long to be sprinkled over tender vegetables. You can toss on smaller corn nuts whole, but Quicos can stand to be gently crushed. The salty, firm-textured kernels play nicely with roasted broccoli or sweet potatoes, as well as grilled carrots or summer squash.

Cheez-Its on Pasta

If you’re not putting toasted breadcrumbs on pasta, you’re missing out. Same rule applies to crunchies like Cheez-Its. Skip tomato-heavy sauces, which tend to overshadow the flavor of the crackers. The more minimal the sauce, the better to show off the Cheez-Its—think garlicky pantry pasta, or something creamy with bright green veg.

This Is the Healthiest Fast-food Restaurant .
The words "healthy" and "fast-food" are not usually in the same sentence, but a dietitian says this is the healthiest fast-food restaurant.Although it might be best to steer clear of certain fast-food restaurants, there are others that can really help you on whichever health journey you're taking. According to Amy Shapiro MS, RD, and member of our Medical Expert Board, the healthiest fast-food restaurant you can visit is Chipotle Mexican Grill.

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