Food & Drink Light summer recipe: Herbal butter linges with Shrimps

13:20  27 july  2022
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Awesome recipe for pizza dough without fresh yeast: quick, to your heart's content - just delicious!

 Awesome recipe for pizza dough without fresh yeast: quick, to your heart's content - just delicious! Who says that you can't make a homemade pizza spontaneously? You don't need fresh yeast for this ingenious recipe - you can always have all the ingredients you need at home. The dough is as airy and delicious as the Italian. Try it out, take your pizza to your heart's content - you will love you.

Today we do not melt the herb butter on the steak, but in a pan full of delicious linguine with shrimp. This is where our simple summer recipe

Kräuterbutter-Linguine mit Shrimps GETTY IMAGES © Getty Images herbal butter linguine with Shrimps Getty Images

herb butter almost always has in the fridge in summer, after all, it is the best topping for a freshly grilled steak. But today she hikes into a special kind of pastare recipe: we combine the spicy butter with delicious shrimp and bite -proof linguine. The summer pasta can be served with a slightly chopped parsley or two lemon slices on the edge.

ingredients: 250 g linguine spaghetti 250 g Shrimps 3 cloves 1 small packet of herb butter 100 ml white wine 150 ml chicken broth 50 ml cream 1 teaspoon of salt and pepper grated parmesan preparation: prepare the linguine, make sure that these are still bite . Melt the herb butter in the pan and fry the garlic and shrimp in it. Deglaze with white wine and pour in the chicken broth. Add the cream and reduce the sauce. Season with salt, pepper and sugar and add the linguine. Serve everything with fresh parmesan (and a little chopped parsley or lemon slices).

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