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  A Make-Ahead Menu for a Laid-Back Dinner Party We’ve teamed up with our friends at Line 39 to share a step-by-step guide for weekend entertaining, featuring top-notch bottles. From citrusy Sauvignon Blanc to plum-forward Merlot, each Line 39 wine is crafted in California with care. Some people’s summer hobbies include surfing, fishing, tanning—I partake in none of these activities. My preferred summer hobby is sitting outside on a warm night with lots of food to graze on. Often these nights happen at the end of full days, when the sun has made me a little sleepy, friends are over, and bottles of wine (something light and refreshing, like Line 39 Sauvignon Blanc) crowd the table.

with the rising temperatures often also disappears. Summer tastes so good, namely tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, peppers and many sweet fruits.

Diese leichten Gerichte sind jetzt ideal und liegen nicht schwer im Magen © Halfpoint / Getty Images These light dishes are now ideal and are not difficult in the stomach

Your organism has a lot to do in heat to cool your body down. This is real hard work, so that in all other processes, such as your digestion, the "energy saving mode" is connected. Hearty dishes with heavy sauces, many carbohydrates or greasy meat that are heavy in the stomach would be an unnecessary load.

But even if you are not hungry in the heat, you shouldn't completely do without food. Finally, you need a certain amount of energy (keyword: basic turnover) to keep vital body functions going. However, do not like to do without the three classic main courts, since the portions here are usually very large. Alternatively, you can enjoy several small and light meals throughout the day, like the recipes from our cookbook:

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rely on fresh and easy -to -digest foods such as:

salads, for example rocketa, lamel lettuce, a salad mixture of all Art fruit as a healthy snack -fat JoghurTreis Quinoa and Hirsebulgur and Couscous Hair flakes

We have collected the best summer recipes for you that are quickly prepared and are not difficult to lie in the stomach. After all, you can't use a bloated stomach, because it clouds the view of your six -pack. What helps with bloated belly? This one!

The right nutrition at heat

in the heat is an adapted diet incredibly important. Therefore, you should note:

video: Outdoor dishes for summer (Kabel1)

1. Drink sufficient: Because your body needs more liquid in summer, means around three liters a day. Here you will find 7 tips to drink more water every day.

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2. Eat water -rich fruit and vegetables: cucumber, tomatoes or watermelon have a particularly high water content and at the same time have refreshing.

3. Use more salt: sweating your body loses salt so that you can salt in summer.

4th attempt Zoodles instead of noodles: vegetable paghetti from zucchini (zoodles) have been the trend and an integral part of the low-carb cuisine for years. Never tried? Then it is time: replace the normal spaghetti with zoodles, you don't even have to cook them, but only swirl in the sauce.


5. Eat cooling food: Some food cools from the inside, such as yogurt, curd cheese, but also mint or sage have this effect.

6. Pay attention to enough vitamins: Your body needs it all the more in summer. Sick fruits and nibbles prefer vegetable sticks, because raw fruit and vegetables are the best vitamin sources.

You have to try these light summer recipes

If it is hot outside, the stove can stay cold. Summer salads, low-carb recipes or fast wraps are light and refreshing. Plus: There are never as much variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables as in summer. You should definitely take advantage of that.

Many summer recipes are very easy to change by exchanging vegetables, adding a few herbs or ensuring a little sweetness with fruit. Of course there are also warm summer recipes that are easy to digest thanks to a lot of vegetables and just as easy to prepare. Would you like a little inspiration?

you want more?

Then just download our cookbook with delicious, light summer recipes:

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