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06:51  29 september  2022
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The Best Kitchen Reference Books for Cooking Nerds

  The Best Kitchen Reference Books for Cooking Nerds Break your shelves, not the internet.Reference books, on the other hand, provide thoroughly researched, edited, and properly cited information, without requiring readers to rely on their own digital fluency skills to know what's what. A good reference book not only provides quality information, but is well organized and easy to navigate. Plus, in paging through a physical reference book, you're likely not just to find the information you’re looking for, but to find answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask. Which is why so many of the nerds on our staff (myself included) are true believers in leafing through weighty volumes.

The best kitchen timer is not your smartphone. When you have crispy rice on the stovetop, glazed salmon under the broiler, and recipes for both open on your phone, it’s a nuisance to toggle between browser and your alarm clock app—not to mention risky. Thirty seconds can be the difference between shatteringly crisp, golden brown sourdough crackers and burnt shingles destined for the trash can.

A digital kitchen timer with a user-friendly interface takes the guesswork out of cooking whether you’re a home cook or a pro chef. Take Bon Appétit’s test kitchen, for example. On any given day, you’ll find our food editors hustling between prep stations, walk-ins, and ovens, the cheerful beeps of their kitchen timers setting the pace. Below, you’ll find the ones they swear by.

The Best Portable Induction Cooktop for Stove-Free Cooking

  The Best Portable Induction Cooktop for Stove-Free Cooking Curious about induction cooking? We tested top-rated portable cooktops and found the best one for boiling, browning, and frying.Compared to gas and electric stovetops, induction cooktops are sleek, safe, consistent, and efficient. Induction works by way of electromagnetic energy transfer (more on that later), which heats the pot or pan instead of the burner, and requires about 10 percent less energy than electric and up to half the energy of gas. The best induction cookers can reach target temperature strikingly fast and they allow for the kind of precision and temperature control that standard electric or gas burners can’t touch.

The Best Inexpensive Kitchen Timer

There’s a reason that the CDN TM8 Timer is a mainstay of the Test Kitchen as well as a top pick for baristas everywhere: It’s pocket-sized, user-friendly, and it’s less than $20—cheaper than many of its competitors.

  Put Down Your Phone and Get a Kitchen Timer © Provided by bon Appétit

CDN Digital Kitchen Timer

$17.00, Amazon

Its key features include a precise stopwatch, easy-to-read display, strong magnetic back, loud alarm sound (with a beep clear enough for a bustling kitchen), and a kickstand for more stationary endeavors.

“This is the best inexpensive kitchen timer,” says food director Chris Morocco. “The buttons are large and easy to press, the count up and count down features are incredibly helpful, and it’s cheap.”

What’s more, the CDN TM8 cooking timer is water-resistant, and you can keep track of multiple cooking projects or brew times at once. The memory function will record the cook time of a recipe—particularly helpful for batch baking. You can clip it to an apron, or you can pop out its retractable stand for propping up on your countertop. And, it has a unique alarm sound that counts down to zero and then rings for a minute; once it sounds its alarm, the kitchen timer will begin counting up, so that you know how much time has elapsed.

You Deserve a Kitchen Torch Even If You Don't “Need” One

  You Deserve a Kitchen Torch Even If You Don't “Need” One Because fire is cool—and so are you.Let’s be real, though: There are plenty of kitchen tools you don’t need but covet anyway. And in my humble opinion, the best kitchen torch is a whole lot more awesome than, say, a purpose-built squash seed-scraper, or a WiFi-enabled spoon rest. Because playing with fire is fun. And so are you. This is me giving you permission to buy one of the most fun kitchen gadgets out there just for the hell of it, even if all you ever do is dig it out of the cabinet every once in a while and click it on a few times when no one is looking.

The Best Professional Kitchen Timer

If you’re looking for a commercial-grade investment piece with adjustable volume and a large display, senior cooking editor Emma Laperruque has the countdown timer for you. The FMP 4 Channel Commercial Kitchen Timer is oversized (her uncle mistook it for a baby monitor) with equally oversized buttons for easy clicking, an LCD screen with big digits, and alarm volume control, so you can modulate the sound up and down to your liking. While the CDN TM8 requires AAA batteries, this one employs an included 9 volt battery.

  Put Down Your Phone and Get a Kitchen Timer © Provided by bon Appétit

FMP 4 Channel Commercial Kitchen Timer

$50.00, Amazon

“It’s the same model you may have seen on Top Chef, as contestants sweat over the stove, hollering how their braise isn't tender and they're running out of time,” says Laperruque. “This is also the same model I used working in a bakery. When your fingers are covered in pie dough, oversized buttons come in handy.” Equally helpful, she says, is the fact that you can time four projects at the same time. Laperruque will often set one timer for a full bake, and another for the midway point when she’ll want to rotate the pan.

9 Drugstore Cleansers That Are Great for Your Skin

  9 Drugstore Cleansers That Are Great for Your Skin Ask any dermatologist and they'll tell you cleansing is an essential step in your skin care routine—but there's no need to splurge on a product to do the job right. Here are nine budget-friendly cleansers perfect for your skin's specific needs. The post 9 Drugstore Cleansers That Are Great for Your Skin appeared first on Best Health.

The Most Durable Kitchen Timer

We love ThermoWorks for its superior oven thermometer and meat thermometer. Rounding out the trifecta, we also happen to love its handy kitchen timer.

  Put Down Your Phone and Get a Kitchen Timer © Provided by bon Appétit


$25.00, ThermoWorks

The ThermoWorks TimeStick is made to last, says Morocco. In his experience, it’s more durable than the CDN TM8 (though it’s worth noting that CDN does boast a 5-year warranty). It has a magnetic back, a loud alarm that counts up after it goes off, and a lanyard attachment for both function and fashion. Its design is slim for one-handed ease of use, and it comes in a fun variety of colors, so you can match your Le Creuset or KitchenAid. The front panel of the timer (which includes a “splash-proof” keypad) is rubberized, too, making this pocket-sized gadget all the more durable in the face of sticky fingers.

If you need to time multiple kitchen tasks at once, ThermoWorks also makes the TimeStick Trio which has the same functionality but, you guessed it, three backlit timer displays.

  Put Down Your Phone and Get a Kitchen Timer © Provided by bon Appétit

TimeStick Trio

$35.00, ThermoWorks

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