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09:38  14 february  2018
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  Meat Feeling very conflicted about this, TBH.The first time we came across a meat cake was in the promo poster for the new show At Home With Amy Sedaris where Sedaris carries a four-tier cake wrapped in various lunch meats and decorated with cold-cut 'roses.

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If there’s one food on the plant that we all can get behind, it’s gotta be chocolate, right? After all, the average American scarfs down nine-and-a-half pounds of the sweet stuff each year! What’s even more shocking is that there’s a rare bunch out there that would actually turn down the treat — every single time.

This is What 100-Year-Old Christmas Chocolate Looks Like

  This is What 100-Year-Old Christmas Chocolate Looks Like Over a hundred years ago a British girl was given a box of chocolates. Today, it remains uneaten. And for the bargain price of $100, you could be the lucky one to finally eat them. The story is a strange one: A century ago, a young Eileen Margaret Elmes was gifted a box of chocolates for Christmas. The set contained chocolate figurines that corresponded to the characters from Little Red Riding Hood. There’s a tiny chocolate girl in a red cape, a chocolate grandma prostrate in what seems like a comfy miniature bed, a chocolate huntsman, and then a fourth chocolate character whose identity I can’t quite confirm. The box came from Pascall’s Chocolate Novelties. This Fruitcake Is Over 100 Years Old by Mayukh Sen Elmes loved her box of chocolates so much that she kept them, uneaten, for the entirety of her life, and then some: The chocolates actually outlived their owner, who died in 2007 at the age of 99. Since then, her niece (who prefers to remain anonymous) has been the sole keeper of the chocolates. Until now, that is. This week, the century-old box of chocolates will go up for auction at Hansons Auctioneers in Etwall, England. The official auction date is set for December 19. Auctioneers estimate that the antique sweet could sell for something between £70-£100, or approximately $93-$133. The chocolates themselves appear to still be intact, as do the clothes that adorn them, though they're covered in a white chalky film that belies their age. Would I eat them? Most definitely not. Would I buy them at auction? Perhaps… if I was chocolate obsessed and had a spare hundred lying around. Best of luck to whoever walks away with this vintage treat. How long have you kept chocolate? Let us know your horror stories in the comment section.

Yup, chocolate haters exist, and we were determined to discover the science behind why certain folks feel inherently bitter about the sweet. According to Daily Mail, the same chemical found in Hershey’s chocolate is also found in Parmesan, spoiled butter, and — get this — vomit.

Dark chocolate © Provided by Eat This, Not That! Dark chocolate

Butyric acid is reportedly responsible for lending the confection its distinct acidic taste, which is formed when chocolate manufacturers use a process called lipolysis to break down milk’s fatty acids.

Unlike European brands of chocolate, it is said that American companies try to replicate Hershey’s best-selling flavor by adding the acid to their own bars. Some also suspect that the emulsifier PGPR found in American chocolate bars contributes to the puke-like taste and scent some people pick up on. Although, according to Daily Mail, Hershey’s proclaimed that its milk chocolate contains less than one percent of PGPR.

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Hershey’s has yet to confirm these suspicions, and until then, we’re sticking to unwrapping these Best Dark Chocolate Bars for Weight Loss.

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