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Cut - resistant gloves might look a little weird, but we'll take that over a weeknight trip to the ER anytime. A mandoline can make food prep easier That's why, if you 're using a mandoline , you should wear a cutting glove . Often used in food service, cut - resistant gloves are usually made from

How to Use a Mandoline . Mandolines slice fruits and vegetables into beautiful, even slices. Tips. For extra protection, wear a cut resistant glove (often cheapest in sporting good stores). These are not 100% cut proof, so the hand guard is still recommended.[5] If you do plan to use it instead of a

A mandoline can make food prep easier, more beautiful, and very stylish. But boy is it easy to lose a finger while using it. After we ran a review of OXO's mandoline, many of our readers responded with horror stories about slicing off part of their fingers while hurriedly swiping a vegetable across the tool's sharp, long blade. A quick Google search on the topic led me down a gory path of bloody, mangled fingers, and more terrifying tales of innocent cooking projects that ended in trips to the emergency room.

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Mandoline slicers are excellent appliances, but if you are still weary about using them, purchasing cut - resistant gloves may give you the confidence you need to operate these awesome cutting tools. Avoid cuts and other possible injuries by using a pair of

These are the perfect gloves for use in the kitchen during food preparation and processing, dicing, chopping, cutting vegetables, potatoes, meat and when I have only used this glove a couple of times, but I feel much safer using my mandoline when its on. After cutting myself once--not when I

Although mandoline-slicer technology has improved since the tool first made its way to home kitchens, the safety features are still lacking. My colleague Anya had high praise for OXO's mandoline—but she took issue with the food holder that prevents your fingers from coming in contact with the blade. Hand guards for this tool can be cumbersome, clunky, and difficult to attach to the food, thereby tempting cooks to go without them and risk safety.

That's why, if you're using a mandoline, you should wear a cutting glove. Often used in food service, cut-resistant gloves are usually made from Spectra-fiber—a material used in bullet proof vests—so you know they're legit. (In fact, while reviewing a few of the options available, Cook's Illustrated stuffed the glove fingers with hot dogs and ran a knife over them—the hot dogs emerged unscathed. You need these things.)

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Prevent cutting fingers on that very sharp mandolin next time you use it by wearing a cut - resistant glove ! https Prevent cutting fingers on that very sharp mandolin next time you use it by wearing a Kaffyad Cut Resistant Gloves - Rated #1 Kitchen & Work gloves on the market - Duration: 1:08.

See what happens when cut proof and cut resistant gloves are put to a real test, facing an array of cutting tools. Will these gloves really save Will these gloves really save you from an axe wielding assassin? I reveal everything you need to know about cut resistant gloves in this short video.

When buying a good cut-resistant glove, look for one with a tight weave, suggests the folks at Cook's Illustrated. You want something woven tightly enough that the fibers won't loosen and fall apart, but with enough stretch that you can easily move your fingers enough to switch out your mandoline blades and grip the protective guard or the food you're slicing. The Microplane Kitchen Cut-Protection Glove is a good option that comes in a package of one and will conform to either hand, but it's also possible to buy cut-resistant gloves in a set, like these from the manufacturer NoCry.

And there's no reason you couldn't also wear cut-resistant gloves when you're using knives—particularly for more intricate knife work or when cutting something awkward like a knobby piece of ginger—or when cleaning food out of the blade of your food processor. I personally wear a cutting glove every time I use my mandoline, and sometimes when I'm feeling cautious using a knife. The gloves may feel like an over-the-top precaution—and yes, they are a little scratchy and uncomfortable. But according to a study in theJournal of Emergency Medicine, an estimated 8,250,914 knife-related injuries were treated in the U.S. from 1990 to 2008 (that averages out to 434,259 a year and 1,190 per day). Clearly, it's better to be safe than sorry.

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I won't use the mandolin again without these gloves ! Santa put these in my stocking for Christmas "I tested these gloves by using fish scaler because my husband goes fishing a lot and we need to Bonus: The gloves work with your phone's touchscreen, so if you 're wearing them while you cook but

Looking to buy a good cut resistant gloves ? Here's a short summary of the best kevlar cut proof gloves The other major complaint was that they are not ideal for mandolines or graters, as The G&F glove is excellent if you need a versatile glove with a little extra grip along with cut resistance .

The one side effect of this otherwise healthy habit? I can report a feeling of invincibility that sometimes comes over you when you're using a cutting glove. But don't be fooled—you shouldn't skip the food guard on your mandoline or recklessly dig your knife into your finger to test your powers. And, most important of all: cut-resistant gloves are NOT heat-proof. I repeat: cut-resistant gloves are NOT heat-proof. Don't think you can just grab your skillet freely with these on. They are not oven mitts.

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