Food & Drink I Never Thought I Needed This Under-$10 Kitchen Tool—Until I Got One

20:15  10 august  2018
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  Why Spatulas Are The Greatest Kitchen Tools It's official. I'm in love.BUY NOWAteco 1385 Offset Spatula, $4.

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For all my maximalist tendencies—exaggerations, an abundance of trinkets, bright red shoes—I’m rather reserved in the kitchen. I tend to run a pretty tight ship. I clean as I go and prefer to keep all my utensils to a minimum. I have one large knife for chopping, a serrated knife for rougher stuff, and a then a tiny one for paring. I use just one cutting board and between my Dutch oven and a nonstick skillet, I’m covered.

When it comes to superfluous kitchen appliances, I shirk away faster than a wet hand touching an electric outlet. I don’t want to see that. But recently, my parents sent me a Microplane zester in a care package. (Because, yes, I have the type of parents who fill packages with tins of olive oil and spare kitchen tools.)

This Is The One Tool You Need For Perfectly Baked Cookies, Cakes And Breads

  This Is The One Tool You Need For Perfectly Baked Cookies, Cakes And Breads An oven thermometer is a game-changer.When I first moved into my apartment, I decided to christen my new oven by baking my favourite chocolate chip cookies. I’d made this recipe almost weekly at my old place, so I was pretty much an expert by this point. So when they came out of the new oven as undercooked dough balls, I was confused. I tried the recipe again, with the exact same result. I turned to the Internet for advice.

I like to think I can get by with what I already have, which is why I never believed I needed a kitchen scale—and why I wrapped your birthday present in a paper grocery bag. Until I wanted to bake some bread. There are so many precise factors in bread-making.

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A Trick for Zesting Citrus© Provided by Food52 A Trick for Zesting Citrus A Trick for Zesting Citrus by Kenzi Wilbur a close up of a knife: The Sharpest Tools© Provided by Food52 The Sharpest Tools The Sharpest Tools by Brette Warshaw

I turned it over in my hands, feeling the long coarse surface. Honestly, it looked cool, but did I need it? Was it worth a spot in my kitchen? I shrugged my shoulders. It was here and I wasn’t going to throw it out. I figured I might as well put it to use.

I started with its most conventional use: shaving off the waxy outer layer of punchy citrus. The arrival of the Microplane in my life coincided with my foray into amateur baking, which coincided with my need for copious amounts of lemon zest—what a coup! Plus, once I discovered this old Food52 trick (using the back of the grater as a teeny storage compartment), all bets were off. I was zesting for my life! I found myself reaching for my Microplane more often….

Get Your Kitchen Company-Ready in 10 Minutes

  Get Your Kitchen Company-Ready in 10 Minutes I like company. I don’t even mind unexpected, last-minute, “hey, I’m in your neighborhood” company. In fact, if I am home, I am almost always ready to receive guests, but my kitchen is another story. But even if there is a pile of dishes in the sink and a weird smell hovering in the air, I can get it in decent shape in about 10 minutes. Here’s how I do it. Similar to the S.O.S.D. method—that’s “surfaces, oven, sweep (floors), and dishes”—I focus on just a few things: smells, surfaces, and the sink.

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Your kitchen will never be the same without these tools . This neat kitchen tool completely eliminates the need to take out a strainer. Your lunch isn't packed until you've added these items. by Emily Kirsch at Spoon HQ.

Then I started using it for cheese. That’s when everything went to the next level. The Microplane takes a serious and solid hunk of parmesan and renders it light, fluffy, airy. Perfect for tossing by the palmful over heaps of sauce-soaked spaghetti. I felt like Edward Scissorhands producing from a block of ice flurries of snowflakes. Every piece of hard craggy cheese that now enters my kitchen becomes almost immediately acquainted with my Microplane. They’re fast friends.

A little grated cheese never hurt


Since then, I’ve been seeking out other ways max out my zester. So I reached out to my trusty colleagues. Obviously, they had nothing but good ideas (they’re very smart!). Some suggested grating chocolate over desserts. Others recommended the Microplane for turning both cloves of garlic and knobs of ginger into pastes (bye bye, garlic press!).

My Most Cherished Kitchen Tool Is the One I Use Least

  My Most Cherished Kitchen Tool Is the One I Use Least My favorite cooking tool in the entire world is also, arguably, the most useless. I call it the Bombay cheese toast maker because that's the only thing it can make: a single-serving Indianized grilled cheese, which I aggressively dip in cilantro chutney. (Sometimes I'll also put the chutney in between the slices of bread, like Food52 contrib Annada Rathi does in her Mumbai Vegetable Sandwich, because I can't get enough of the stuff.) The tool is essentially a portable panini press, except tiny and not electric. At one end is a square cast iron pocket in which you place the prepared sandwich, and the rest of it is a long handle that opens and closes like an alligator's mouth. The closest comparison I can find to my Bombay cheese toast maker is a jaffle iron (see below), except mine is not meant to be used over a campfire; it's too short, and the plastic handles would melt. Only a stovetop fire will do. Cast Iron Campfire Pie Iron Round Jaffle Iron The cast iron is ridged, so that the sandwich emerges from its fire bath juuuuuust barely cut into four neat triangles. Give a triangle a little tug and it releases itself from the rest of the sandwich, cheese oozing out as though it is crying from separation anxiety (delicious, though!). The Bombay cheese toast maker seals in the edges of the sandwich, which means there will be minimal dripping. Could I make other, possibly non-cheesy sandwiches in this tool? Sure.

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by VeggieNinja93 Jan 10 2015. Love Imgur? Join our team!

Of course, baking maven Alice Medrich had nothing but good things to say about a dusting of freshly grated cinnamon on a dessert and how a Microplane is the best tool for such a task. And then Luz Ramirez, our marketing manager, dropped this nifty trick on us just this week: After you zest the lemon, slice it in half and squeeze it over the microplane—sort of like a sieve!—to catch those seeds. Check it out in action here (fast forward to 2:40).

The Microplane, it seems, is more of a jack-of-all-trades tool than I could've anticipated. Mine clocks in just under $10 and comes without a handle, but if you favor a sturdier grip, there are always more formidable options, like this one for a few bucks more. For now, however, mine does the job—and then some. I think I'll just have to keep it around.

Are you a Microplane fan? Tell us what you grate in the comments below.

a bunch of items that are on a table© Provided by Food52

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