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3 Secrets To Perfectly Cooked Sticky Rice

Tuesday  07:16,   20 march 2018

Use this foolproof technique and this fragrant staple side dish will be perfect, every time.Cooking rice properly is an acquired skill. You may think you have it down, but perfectly cooked rice is something that requires technique — believe me,... >>>

The Shocking Reason Why You Need to Deep Clean Your Instant Pot ASAP

Tuesday  07:11,   20 march 2018

You won't believe what could be growing in your Instant Pot if you don't regularly clean this partThe piece we're talking about here is the condensation collector. What is that, you ask? Well, if you don't know, chances are you're not using... >>>

The 10-Minute Route to Charred, Spiced Salmon (& Zingy Sauce)

Monday  19:16,   19 march 2018

The 10-Minute Route to Charred, Spiced Salmon (& Zingy Sauce)I came up with the recipe for these salmon kebabs with radish raita as a way to bridge late winter and early spring—just as the first tender radishes are appearing at the farmers markets... >>>

These Are The Dishes Even Ina Garten Has No Patience For

Monday  19:14,   19 march 2018

As busy home cooks can’t possibly spend all our time in the kitchen, of course we’re always looking for quick recipes and meal prepping tips, but we're not the only ones. It turns out, even Ina Garten, a TV-famous chef and author of over 10... >>>

Costco Just Introduced Its Own Version of Nutella and It's Way Cheaper

Friday  05:56,   16 march 2018

If you're a fan of Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread but hate shelling out the big bucks every time you feel a craving coming on, you're in luck because Costco's come out with a version that's not only cheaper but might be better for >>>

Krispy Kreme's Coming Out With Green Donuts

Friday  05:55,   16 march 2018

You can only get them for two days.Known as the O'riginal Glazed, this treat is a traditional yeast donut made with green-tinted dough. It's coated in the typical, opaque sugar glaze, so it'll taste just like the classic donut you (and Florida... >>>

Krispy Kreme-Glazed Popcorn Exists

Thursday  18:12,   15 march 2018

We need this in our lives ASAP.Food blog The Junk Food Aisle recently posted a picture of the popcorn, with the disclaimer that it's only available across the pond. The popcorn comes in Krispy Kreme's most famous flavor: Original Glazed. It's been... >>>

This Hack Will Forever Change the Way You Peel Potatoes

Thursday  18:08,   15 march 2018

Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Nicole Perry When I saw a trick for removing potato skins by slipping them off without using the dreaded vegetable peeler, I knew I had to try it immediately to see if it worked. YouTube user Foody Tube's amazing... >>>

Why Coffee In Your Favorite Mug Tastes Better

Thursday  18:07,   15 march 2018

It's not just you, there's science behind itIn his recent book, Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating, Spence argues that drinking coffee from a favorite cup creates a personalized experience whereby drinkers may transfer feelings of... >>>

The Weird Reason Albert Einstein Was a Vegetarian

Thursday  16:15,   15 march 2018

The Weird Reason Albert Einstein Was a VegetarianAlbert Einstein — genius, physicist, wacky-haired philosopher of science — is rumored to have been a vegetarian. Vegans and other plant-based eaterslove to cite the scientist as an example of why... >>>

Your New Favorite Chip Flavor Could be Jellyfish

Thursday  16:14,   15 march 2018

Your New Favorite Chip Flavor Could be JellyfishYou can buy chips in just about any flavor these days, from cheesy garlic bread to borscht, but would you be tempted to try something completely different, like, say, a jellyfish chip? With the help of >>>

Please Stop Cooking Your Avocados

Thursday  16:12,   15 march 2018

Please Stop Cooking Your AvocadosLately, it seems like everywhere I go there's some form of cooked avocado on the menu. Whether it's avocado fries, eggs baked in avocado halves, or slimy avocado slices oozing out of grilled cheese, the madness has... >>>

Why You Should Never, Ever Add Oil to Your Pasta Water

Thursday  09:42,   15 march 2018

Photo: KUNGVERYLUCKY/SHUTTERSTOCK Pro Tip: Never Add Oil to Your Pasta Water Whether you’re craving a quick-and-easy snack or gourmet meal, you can't go wrong with pasta. It doesn’t take an all-star chef to toss some noodles and sauce together,... >>>

This Mystery Ingredient Makes The Best Quickie Mac And Cheese

Thursday  09:40,   15 march 2018

You’re less than 20 minutes away from single-serve, cheesy goodness.Easy mac and cheese recipes aren’t limited to the instructions of the back of a KD box. There’s now an even faster way to achieve noodle Nirvana, thanks to a simple little recipe in >>>

Our 9 Most Pinned Winter Soups and Stews

Thursday  00:52,   15 march 2018

When it's cold out, the only thing we want to eat (and pin) is a big bowl of soup This winter, we've been seeing some pretty Pinterest-perfect soups and stews. Some are hearty stews for the coldest nights, while others could carry you... >>>