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Disneyland Is Opening Its First Brewery

Thursday  19:12,   08 february 2018

See what happens when you wish upon a star?There's only one downside to Disneyland, and that's the obvious lack of alcohol. Screaming kids, long lines, and aggressive moms with strollers would be far more tolerable after a drink than they are after, >>>

Is It Dangerous to Eat Really Hot Peppers?

Thursday  19:09,   08 february 2018

Is It Dangerous to Eat Really Hot Peppers?Stars like Kelly Clarkson and Shaquille O’Neal have been spotted swallowing spicy stuff for the challenge, which aims to raise awareness and funds for the neurodegenerative disease. But while we watched them >>>

PepsiCo Claims Reports of 'Lady Doritos' Are 'Inaccurate'

Thursday  17:20,   08 february 2018

“Lady Doritos,” an idea so behind its time it was almost default-visionary as a meme for the Internet to yell at, was never going to happen, PepsiCo now claims. For context: The January 31 episode of the “Freakonomics Radio” podcast featured an... >>>

These vegetarian cabbage rolls are perfect for a relaxed and hearty meal

Thursday  09:47,   08 february 2018

Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free tomes make up the bulk of cookbooks that arrive at the Star nowadays. While more options are always great for home cooks, I find many of the authors have restricted themselves to MacGyver-ing comfort food dishes by... >>>

Is Doritos Actually Making A Chip For Women? The Real Scoop On #LadyDoritos

Wednesday  22:06,   07 february 2018

Answers to your most pressing questions about Doritos’ supposed chips for women.On Sunday night this spot for a new Doritos flavour called Spit Fire made the list of best Super Bowl commercials, but by Monday morning, people were spitting fire for a >>>

You Can Now Find Tide Pod Doughnuts At A Canadian Bakery

Wednesday  20:02,   07 february 2018

A far less toxic way to get in on the Tide Pod... >>>

Kathleen Wynne joins chorus of women saying no to lady Doritos

Wednesday  19:22,   07 february 2018

Doritos for her: less crunchy, more quiet and small enough to fit in a purse.The very idea for a women’s version of Doritos might just be more disliked than the reality of an obnoxiously loud chip, and even Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne joined a... >>>

McDonald's has finally revealed why it doesn't give out mayonnaise

Wednesday  17:31,   07 february 2018

Whenever you head into a McDonald's, you always have to think about what condiments you are going to get with your meal. Ketchup is a definite and maybe barbecue too - otherwise, your chicken nuggets and fries would be as bland as... >>>

A Creamy, Spicy Pasta Dish to Warm Your Soul

Wednesday  09:37,   07 february 2018

A Creamy, Spicy Pasta Dish to Warm Your SoulThe story of how this recipe came about almost reads like a rom-com plot (emphasis on almost). One day, my then-boyfriend was over for dinner, and I combined all the leftover ingredients in the fridge to... >>>

12 Butter Substitutes to Save You a Trip to the Store

Tuesday  17:06,   06 february 2018

12 Butter Substitutes to Save You a Trip to the StoreIf you can, we recommend experimenting with butter substitutions before you absolutely have to — just so you have an idea of what the results will really be — but in a pinch, these get the job... >>>

The Ingredient Swap That Will Take Your Tomato Sauce To The Next Level

Tuesday  09:21,   06 february 2018

Important info for anyone who uses canned tomatoes in their homemade sauce.It’s time to swap out those crushed canned... >>>

Here’s the Secret Second Use Built into Your Soda Tab

Monday  15:23,   05 february 2018

Before you twist the tab off that can and toss it, discover this easy life-changing soda can hack that will sweeten every sip.However, sipping the sweet stuff straight out of the can is often a nastier proposition than you might imagine. According... >>>

This Slow Cooker Is A Super Bowl Party Must-Have

Sunday  07:20,   04 february 2018

It's the real MVP of game day. Trust.That's why, after years of obsessive Super Bowl party-throwing, we've come across one colossal timesaver: the triple slow... >>>

Broccoli and Cauliflower Casserole with Cracked Wheat Topping

Sunday  07:20,   04 february 2018

Broccoli and Cauliflower Casserole with Cracked Wheat Topping This milky vegetable casserole from Crete is sprinkled with a cracked wheat topping for a little crunch.serves 4-62 hours, 20 minutes For the topping:1⁄3 cup (2 oz.) cracked wheat... >>>

Spaghetti Meatball Ring Is The Best Party Food

Saturday  09:36,   03 february 2018

It's like a pull-apart spaghetti sandwich!This is not your mom's spaghetti. And we're certainly not trying to replace that. (We heart you, Mom.) We just love meatballs and red sauce and pasta so much, that we can't leave it alone. We're... >>>