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Prayers, advocacy and phone calls: the life of a hospital chaplain during COVID-19

Sunday  21:26,   17 october 2021

As Saskatchewan hospitals are stretched to the limit during this fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, chaplains are still finding ways to bring spiritual care to patients. Jackie Saretsky is a Catholic hospital chaplain in Saskatoon. She says the... >>>

Vaccine allergy? Experts say most past reactions not valid reason for exemptions

Sunday  18:49,   17 october 2021

Dr. Mariam Hanna noticed an uptick in requests for allergy assessments in her Burlington, Ont., clinic after the province began implementing COVID-19 vaccine certificates last month. Whether people have held off on getting vaccinated because of a... >>>

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Really Work for Weight Loss, Blood Pressure, and More?

Sunday  16:03,   17 october 2021

Some say a fermented apple a day will keep the doctor away—here’s the truth.What’s the claim? That ACV regulates glucose, with short- and long-term... >>>

No pain limit at Bavaria? Völler talks about Wirtz

Sunday  14:53,   17 october 2021

Florian Wirtz plays astonishingly good football at a young age - and thus awakens the interest of top clubs. Nevertheless, Rudi Völler sets out in the future of the national player. © Provided by sport1.de No pain limit at Bavaria? Völler talks... >>>

Cologne Trainer Baumgart does not want «Axlefußball»

Sunday  09:05,   17 october 2021

Cologne-Trainer Steffen Baumgart has spoken out with a passionate plea for attractive attack soccer. © Uwe Anspach / dpa wants to offer the viewers attractive football: Cologne-coach Steffen Baumgart. "Anxiety Body Football is often called tactical >>>

Rebel Wilson Says She Understands Why People Are ‘Obsessed’ With Her Weight Loss

Sunday  01:52,   17 october 2021

Rebel Wilson is opening up about her weight loss journey. In an interview with “Stellar”, a magazine put out by Australia’s “Daily Telegraph”, the actress, 41, shares that she understands why fans are obsessed with her losing 30k of weight. View... >>>

New study looks for New Brunswickers who are at risk for developing dementia

Saturday  20:51,   16 october 2021

Researchers who are looking at how physical and mental exercise can help slow Alzheimer’s disease are on the hunt for New Brunswickers willing to take part in a new study. Called Synergic@Home, the program is designed for people aged 60 to 90 who... >>>

How researchers now exploit that miners from the Iron Age drank beer from the 2600 years ago and cheese ate

Saturday  10:25,   16 october 2021

beer and cheese seem to be timeless lubricant: a new study in which researchers with the more than 2600-year-old feces of a salt engineer The Iron Age objected suggests that the workers at the time had blue cheese and drank beer. This in turn... >>>

16 Questions Polite People Never Ask

Saturday  02:56,   16 october 2021

While your intentions may come from the right place, you need to think about how a question will make the other person feel before speaking. Here are the questions that experts say to put on your “just don’t say it” list. The post 16 Questions... >>>

Tuberculosis outbreak “under control” in Black Lake and Fond Du Lac First Nations

Saturday  02:56,   16 october 2021

A tuberculosis (TB) outbreak in Black Lake and Fond Du Lac First Nations has been declared to be under control by the Athabasca Health Authority. The outbreak, when first declared on Oct. 8, had no fewer than seven cases in Black Lake and six in... >>>

FDA Panel Recommends a Booster Shot for All Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Recipients

Saturday  02:56,   16 october 2021

The FDA will consider the recommendation before making a final decision next weekThe FDA will now discuss the recommendation and make a final decision on whether to approve a second dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which was originally... >>>

5 Sneaky Food Additives Preventing You From Losing Weight

Saturday  01:17,   16 october 2021

These are five common additives found in processed foods that could be the thing preventing you from losing... >>>

Vaping Can Expose You to Nearly 2,000 Chemicals, Says New Study

Saturday  00:01,   16 october 2021

Khloe Kardashian has opened up about her past struggles with emotional eating and how she eventually found a fitness regime that works for her, encouraging fans to treat healthy living more like a lifestyle and not a temporary fix, as there's no >>>

Vaping Can Expose You to Nearly 2,000 Chemicals, Says New Study

Saturday  00:01,   16 october 2021

Researchers uncovered nearly 2,000 chemicals in the aerosols produced by an e-cigarette, at least six were identified as "potentially harmful."According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), cigarette smoke contains more than 7,000... >>>

Dangerous foods you might not know about

Saturday  00:01,   16 october 2021

Which foods can be dangerous to eat or harmful to health, from ingredients that shouldn’t be served raw to fish and meat that can harbour bacteria and popular foods that can contain surprising and harmful... >>>