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Things to Never Do After Age 60, According to Brain Expert

Sunday  16:26,   17 april 2022

We have a tendency to think we can do things the same way we did when we were younger, and this can lead to... >>>

Never Put These 15 Worst Foods in Your Slow Cooker

Sunday  16:26,   17 april 2022

Stop ruining your slow cooker meals! Avoid using these ingredients to ensure your meal is a healthy—and... >>>

The 8 Best Oatmeal Recipes to Lower Inflammation

Sunday  16:26,   17 april 2022

Pile on the yummiest, healthiest ingredients to make your oatmeal bowl even... >>>

One Major Side Effect of Eating Mushrooms

Sunday  16:26,   17 april 2022

Mushrooms come with a lot of nutrients and potential benefits. However, there's one major side effect when eating them.Just when you thought mushrooms couldn't get any better, and not much more could come out of these toadstools, they come... >>>

Carlos Sainz must admit: What Leclerc makes is first cream

Sunday  13:25,   17 april 2022

© Motorsport Images Carlos Sainz Can not leave Charles Leclec in the World Cup fight While Charles Leclerc seems to go to the World Cup, his teammate Carlos Sainz must see that He did not miss the connection to his Ferrari teammates. After his... >>>

acne beyond puberty: What to do according to Bazaar expert. Timm Golüke against impure skin can do

Sunday  12:25,   17 april 2022

Impein skin is long just a teenage problem. Bazaar expert Timm Golüke explains in his beauty column when they belong in specialist hands. © Getty Images Acne Skin Care Getty Images There is a topic that stubbornly pulls through my hands-on... >>>

Meet April Stormi: Choosing name easy after infant's parents battled blizzard to get to hospital

Sunday  02:25,   17 april 2022

A couple from Fisher River, Man. undertook an arduous journey through a blizzard, stopping at three hospitals before arriving at HSC Women’s Hospital in Winnipeg where they welcomed their new daughter, Alexzandrea April Stormi Sinclair.A couple from >>>

fries, kebabs and burgers become clearly expensive

Saturday  22:15,   16 april 2022

Whether fries, kebab or burger - even on snack bushes, life is more expensive. Five euros for a kebab are now no rarity even in Berlin, snack chains increase their prices. © Fabian Sommer A sales panel in Berlin. food or drinks to take away, eating >>>

The #1 Best Eating Habit to Prevent Diabetes, New Study Suggests

Saturday  21:05,   16 april 2022

New evidence suggests that it could be worth rethinking your whole diet if you are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.Now, new evidence suggests that it could be worth rethinking your whole diet. Specifically, a new study finds that eating a... >>>

Amid Aroma poisoning: How dangerous is ingesting degreaser?

Saturday  21:05,   16 april 2022

A 50-year-old man was rushed to the hospital after drinking cold turmeric tea into which someone accidentally put a degreasing solution. A 50-year-old man was rushed to the ER after he allegedly drank a degreaser cleaning agent that somehow was... >>>

'Magic mushrooms' for therapy? Vets help sway conservatives

Saturday  19:10,   16 april 2022

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Matthew Butler spent 27 years in the Army, but it took a day in jail to convince him his post-traumatic stress disorder was out of control. The recently retired Green Beret had already tried antidepressants, therapy and a... >>>

This Vitamin May Protect Your Brain From Aging, New Study Suggests

Saturday  19:06,   16 april 2022

Scientists have found that vitamin K2 may protect the brain against a decrease in cognitive function seen in dementia and Alzheimer's."Vitamin K is typically not a vitamin that is supplemented frequently in our society," Lon Ben-Asher, MS, RD,... >>>

Things That Can Make You Appear Less Attractive, Says Science

Saturday  19:06,   16 april 2022

Attraction is a science. Researchers have found that certain lifestyle habits can make you look less... >>>

Actor Josh Peck Talked to Powerlifter Mark Bell About How He Lost 100 Pounds

Saturday  19:06,   16 april 2022

He shared some of the "small, incremental changes" that led to big results."I just made small changes on a regular basis," he said, recalling how the first time he went into a gym, he was unable to do a regular pushup or even a kneeling pushup, and... >>>

First Signs of BA.2 Infection, According to Physicians

Saturday  17:16,   16 april 2022

People are still getting infected daily and cautionary measures should continue to be taken to avoid catching the... >>>