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ADHD may double likelihood of heart disease- study

Monday  07:22,   19 september 2022

By analyzing more than five million Swedish adults, new research shows those with ADHD were more likely to develop at least one diagnosis of cardiovascular disease. >>>

30 foods personal trainers would never eat

Monday  07:22,   19 september 2022

Personal trainers can have pretty strict diets, including lists of foods that never get eaten. While each personal trainer has their own diet plan, many personal trainers would agree to never eat these 30 foods. Of course, all food is okay in... >>>

“I ask you how you do it”: Cindy Reymond (large families) stuck in her shopping management, she asks for advice

Monday  02:50,   19 september 2022

© CindyFamily.off “I ask you how you do it”: Cindy Reymond (large families) stuck in Her shopping management, she asks for advice this Thursday, September 15, Cindy Reymond (large families) asked her subscribers on Instagram to ask them for advice... >>>

BRAUN: Vaccine-preventable illnesses return as inoculation declines

Monday  02:41,   19 september 2022

New York recently declared a state of emergency over evidence that polio is spreading in communities. CNBC reports Gov. Kathy Hochul will ramp up polio vaccinations now that New York City and four counties — Rockland, Orange, Sullivan, and Nassau —... >>>

soon away from Prime Video: The best film from the "Inception" maker-with a twist that will clever the language

Sunday  22:51,   18 september 2022

+++ opinion +++ © Warner Bros. / Amazon Prime Video Soon away from Prime Video: The best film from the "Inception" maker-with a twist that will clever the language with "Inception" Christopher Nolan has not only staged one of the most popular films >>>

Memory problems during the pandemic? It's just your brain trying to distinguish one day from the next

Sunday  21:52,   18 september 2022

Without a doubt, we are living through a historically significant period. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted the global economy, imposed extreme strain on health-care systems and precipitated a sudden and dramatic change in our... >>>

Get back on track for fall with these tips

Sunday  21:51,   18 september 2022

September marks back-to-school for students, and a time to start fresh for many adults; there’s a distinct “New Year’s” vibe to the month. So set yourself some lofty, life-changing goals for fall. Here are some suggestions, from getting your health... >>>

Signs You Have "Toxic Fat" Strangling Your Organs

Sunday  19:23,   18 september 2022

“Fat doesn’t just store calories—it’s a living tissue capable of producing and releasing hormones that affect your other... >>>

9 Best High-Protein Snacks for Rapid Weight Loss

Sunday  19:23,   18 september 2022

Getting enough protein throughout your day is crucial for weight loss. Here are some healthy, high-protein snack options to... >>>

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook to blame for depression among students?

Sunday  19:23,   18 september 2022

An academic study revealed new evidence of Facebook’s negative impact on the mental health of college students. This was proven in a comparison of the mental health of American students in universities and colleges that had access to Facebook and... >>>

4 Ways to Stop Bloating Before It Starts

Sunday  16:52,   18 september 2022

Say goodbye to that ballooned feeling in your... >>>

7 Things You Need to Know About Peripheral Artery Disease

Sunday  16:52,   18 september 2022

If left untreated, PAD can cause stroke, changes in skin color and loss of circulation to the legs can cause gangrene and the loss of a... >>>

The 6 Best Snacks for Bone Health

Sunday  16:51,   18 september 2022

If you're on the hunt for some healthy snacks that promote bone health, read on for recommendations from a... >>>

Signs of a "Silent Stroke"

Sunday  16:51,   18 september 2022

Silent strokes that don’t have overt symptoms are more common than people think, affecting at least one third of people over... >>>

COVID-19 masks: Study says doesn't get easier to recognize masked faces

Sunday  16:51,   18 september 2022

Face masks make it difficult to recognize faces, even after prolonged exposure, according to Israeli/Canadian study >>>