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Older adults who do this have the brain function of people a decade younger

Friday  18:55,   17 may 2019

Crossword puzzles are just one of the readily available tools for keeping yourself cognitively fit as you... >>>

Colorectal cancer is killing more 20- to 30-year-olds. We have some clues about why.

Friday  18:45,   17 may 2019

The burden of the disease is shifting to younger generations — and puzzling researchers. It’s one of the mysteries that has puzzled cancer epidemiologists: Why are younger and younger people becoming sick with colorectal cancer? The latest national... >>>

Docs say there’s one surefire sign it’s definitely time to go to therapy

Friday  16:41,   17 may 2019

Here’s the thing: Mental health experts say that if you think you might need therapy, you probably do. “If you have an inclination to see a therapist, it's a good idea to give it a try,” says psychologist Paul Coleman, PsyD. And psychiatrist Cecilia >>>

My Heart Palpitations Turned Out to Be Lung Cancer

Friday  16:01,   17 may 2019

Every five minutes an American woman is diagnosed with lung cancer. After her diagnosis, Colette Smith is on a mission to educate other women. The post My Heart Palpitations Turned Out to Be Lung Cancer appeared first on Reader's Digest. Read more >>>

10 photos that celebrate and honour ‘imperfect’ post-baby bodies

Friday  15:35,   17 may 2019

These bodies gave life, and that's nothing to be ashamed... >>>

Busy Philipps Got Emotional Over Abortion Rights—And Maybe We All Should: Opinion

Friday  15:20,   17 may 2019

Trying to convince people to care about abortion rights by disclosing your own abortion is emotional labour—but we can’t deny that it’s... >>>

Why doctors now warn against routinely treating mild thyroid issues

Friday  12:00,   17 may 2019

Giving daily levothyroxine pills to people with a mild abnormality called subclinical hypothyroidism offers no benefit, a review of 21 clinical trials... >>>

‘I hated myself’: Maisie Williams says fame harmed her mental health

Friday  11:46,   17 may 2019

The 'Game of Thrones' star opened up about the pressures of fame and how social media criticism affected her... >>>

My 6-Year-Old Son Had a Massive Stroke Right Before My Eyes

Friday  09:25,   17 may 2019

This terrifying story is for anyone who thought strokes were something that only happens in elderly people. The post My 6-Year-Old Son Had a Massive Stroke Right Before My Eyes appeared first on Reader's Digest. Read more >>>

4 Common Fitness Obstacles—and How to Overcome Them

Friday  07:10,   17 may 2019

There’s always an excuse to not exercise. Here, Krista Stryker, founder of 12-Minute Athlete, takes down the biggest fitness obstacles. Obstacle #1: You don’t have fitness equipment Advice: ’You don’t need any equipment. You could do all body weight >>>

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags, According to a Dermatologist

Thursday  20:52,   16 may 2019

They seem harmless, but there's a very good reason you shouldn't ignore them. The post How to Get Rid of Skin Tags, According to a Dermatologist appeared first on Reader's... >>>

7 Shocking Side Effects Of Eating Tomatoes

Thursday  20:52,   16 may 2019

Eating tomatoes in excess causes acid reflux, allergic reactions and many other... >>>

This 47-Year-Old Woman Lost 60 Lbs. Without a Crazy Diet or Fancy Gym Membership

Thursday  20:52,   16 may 2019

“I promised I would give it four months and see what happened-no obsessing, no scale.” Step one for Jill was balancing her diet-out went the junk, and in came fresh, whole foods. “I made sure that all of my meals contained lean protein, complex... >>>

11 Celebrities on Why They Don't Care About Cellulite

Thursday  16:20,   16 may 2019

Once upon a time, the tabloids had photos of celebrities in swimsuits — bumps and scars and all, because they're human — trying to live their life and getting body-shamed for it. But times have... >>>

This Is the Healthiest Alcoholic Drink You Can Order at the Bar

Thursday  15:41,   16 may 2019

An expert explains which concoctions will do the least damage to your fitness routine — and which ones to avoid at all... >>>