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'I Was Not Warned': Patients Push FDA to Ban Cancer-Linked Breast Implants

Tuesday  20:42,   26 march 2019

Dozens of women who say their health has been harmed by breast implants called on the Food and Drug Administration on Monday to introduce better consumer protections. These patients argued that certain implants, especially those linked to cancer,... >>>

What to do if your baby falls off the bed

Tuesday  19:40,   26 march 2019

If your baby falls off the bed, couch or change table, here’s what you should be looking out for and next steps, including a visit to your doctor or... >>>

What is a vacuum delivery?

Tuesday  17:00,   26 march 2019

Everything you need to know about vacuum-assisted... >>>

If You Do This, You’re Eating Your Yogurt All Wrong

Tuesday  16:46,   26 march 2019

The liquid on top of yogurt is actually whey... >>>

A Trainer Explains Why Weightlifting Is the Most Important Type of Exercise For Losing Belly Fat

Tuesday  16:46,   26 march 2019

Here's great news: crunches aren't the most effective way to burn... >>>

What your go-to sleeping position says about you, according to the pros

Tuesday  16:35,   26 march 2019

Your sleep position can be just as important as how much you sleep, and it can tell you some pretty significant things about your health and habits. Whether you snooze on your side or are a hard-core on-the-back relaxer, here's what different sleep... >>>

These Food Swaps Will Cure Your Belly Bloating Practically Overnight

Tuesday  11:16,   26 march 2019

Better-fitting pants are on the... >>>

Overeating on Keto? Yes, It Happens - 2 RDs Explain Why and How to Stop

Tuesday  11:16,   26 march 2019

If you've ever heard anything about keto, or even tried it yourself, you probably know that one of the big benefits it touts is that feeling of fullness. That's thanks to the fact that it's such a fat-heavy diet, and fats are extremely filling,... >>>

How I decided to stop doing fertility treatments

Monday  19:36,   25 march 2019

Each cycle was an emotional roller coaster that ultimately ended in disappointment. Instead of accepting failure, I decided to move... >>>

4 signs it may be time to cut out lactose

Monday  17:32,   25 march 2019

If you're experiencing stomach pain and digestive issues, it can be difficult to know why. These are some signs lactose may be to... >>>

Carrie Underwood’s Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

Monday  15:55,   25 march 2019

Carry Underwood shares her weight loss secrets on Instagram. Carrie Underwood is known for her toned and healthy body. She posts her weight loss secrets on Instagram and shares how she maintains her figure despite having two kids, Isaiah and Jacob.... >>>

8 Bumps On Your Skin That You Should NEVER Try To Pop

Monday  15:46,   25 march 2019

No matter what you’ve seen on YouTube. When you check your makeup in the mirror, only to spot a giant you-have-no-idea-what lump staring back at you, it’s absolutely tempting to go HAM on your face. But experts agree that when it comes to most skin... >>>

Alzheimer’s Symptoms: 7 Warning Signs Of Progressive Brain Disorder

Monday  15:41,   25 march 2019

It is important to know the condition’s early signs or symptoms to get the right programs and services that can help support people with Alzheimer's disease and their families. This makes it important to know the condition’s early signs or symptoms... >>>

This anxiety-inducing fitness test purports to tell you how long you’ll live. We investigated.

Monday  15:41,   25 march 2019

The sit-rise challenge, developed to predict longevity, is a good of strength and balance. But getting a low score doesn’t mean death is... >>>

Why You Should Stop Closing Your Blinds During the Day

Monday  15:10,   25 march 2019

The health benefits of letting sunshine into your home probably outweigh any privacy... >>>