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Walking Can Help Burn Belly Fat, but Only If You Follow This Trainer's Advice

Friday  21:20,   16 november 2018

Walking can help burn belly fat, it's not quite that simple, according to Steven Goelzer. "Burning fat depends way more on hormones than the type of workout you're doing," he... >>>

James Corden joined Mark Wahlberg's 4 a.m. workout and it was buffin' hilarious

Friday  17:07,   16 november 2018

Corden was not into the workout, but it sure was fun watching him exercise in the wee hours of the... >>>

Here’s what’s *actually* going to happen to you if you accidentally eat a bite of moldy bread

Friday  14:55,   16 november 2018

It happens. Here's how to survive this common food... >>>

Amy Schumer Just Posted A Photo Revealing She’s In The Hospital For Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Friday  14:41,   16 november 2018

Uh, but what is that... >>>

The Moment Alex Trebek Realized He Needed to Be Tested for Alzheimer's

Friday  11:55,   16 november 2018

The longtime "Jeopardy!" host decided to get tested for Alzheimer’s disease after he struggled to recall facts as easily as he had in the past. He found out that the memory issues were “natural,” adding, “I’m 78. It’s not like this happened at 50.”... >>>

This Fat-Loss Pyramid Shows the 3 Simple Things You Need to Do to Get Lean

Thursday  21:56,   15 november 2018

With so much advice and so many different diets out there, it can be confusing to figure out the easiest and most effective method for losing fat. Fitness trainer and fat-loss coach Ivica Fridrih (@ivicafridrih on Instagram) said in a recent post... >>>

The Best At-Home Cold & Cough Remedies According to Doctors

Thursday  21:37,   15 november 2018

The Best At-Home Cold & Cough Remedies According to... >>>

Jenna Dewan Launches New Danskin Line and Now Daughter Everly Wants Her to Design 'Glitter Tights'

Thursday  19:55,   15 november 2018

Jenna Dewan Launches Danskin Line and Daughter Everly Now Wants Mom to Design 'Glitter... >>>

7 Things Nutritionists Do When a Sugar Craving Strikes

Thursday  15:26,   15 november 2018

Take their genius advice for a spin the next time you crave something... >>>

Case Closed: This Is the Healthiest Coffee You Can Drink

Thursday  12:13,   15 november 2018

Give your health an extra boost by drinking coffee this one... >>>

The Real Difference Between Aspirin and Ibuprofen—and When to Take Them

Thursday  09:15,   15 november 2018

You might think aspirin and ibuprofen are interchangeable when it comes to pain relief, but they're... >>>

Woman goes to Mexico for plastic surgery, returns to U.S. on life support

Thursday  09:15,   15 november 2018

A Dallas woman is on life support with brain damage after she traveled to a clinic in Mexico for surgery. A 2017 study estimated nearly 1.5 million Americans were expected to travel outside the U.S. for medical... >>>

How a low-carb diet helps keep pounds off after weight loss

Wednesday  21:56,   14 november 2018

This eating plan increases the number of calories a person burns and seems to reduce hunger, a new study... >>>

Carrie Underwood’s Jump-Rope Ladder Workout Will Light Your Legs On Fire

Wednesday  21:20,   14 november 2018

Celebs are all about the jump rope right... >>>

Get Flu Shots Early In The Season, Canadian Officials Advise

Wednesday  17:42,   14 november 2018

Public health officials say it's time to get the flu shot — not only to help prevent contracting potentially deadly viruses but to also avoid spreading the nasty respiratory bug to others. Officials with the Public Health Agency of Canada advise... >>>