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Cold Hands Year-Round Might Be a Sign of This Serious Condition

Thursday  22:11,   09 april 2020

Having cold hands all the time can be caused by your age, body type—or it could be something more serious. The post Here’s Why You Always Have Cold Hands appeared first on Reader's Digest.Common benign reasons you might experience this... >>>

24 Plant-Based Dinner Recipes to Make in Quarantine and Beyond

Thursday  18:21,   09 april 2020

These plant-based dishes consist primarily of vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, nuts, and legumes. They're packed with nutrients and vitamins, and they're great for keeping you feeling good while stuck at home. The post 24 Plant-Based... >>>

Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Sunlight | Reader's Digest Canada

Thursday  17:02,   09 april 2020

Sunlight can impact everything from your mood to your weight, which is why it's so important to get safe exposure. The post 6 Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Sunlight appeared first on Reader's... >>>

How to make a face mask in 45 seconds: why you should wear one and where to get yours

Thursday  17:02,   09 april 2020

How to make a face mask in 45 seconds: why you should wear one and where to get... >>>

How NOT to Wear a Mask

Thursday  16:51,   09 april 2020

Here are the dos and don’ts of wearing a mask. © Provided by The New York Times ❌ DON’T: Wear the mask below your nose.❌ DON’T: Leave your chin exposed.❌ DON’T: Wear your mask loosely with gaps on the sides.❌ DON’T: Wear your mask so it covers just... >>>

Return to Skincare: Giving Your Skin the TLC it Truly Deserves

Thursday  16:17,   09 april 2020

You may be stuck inside with no end in sight, but think of the upside – now is the perfect time to glow up before summer. Naturally, you’re giving your skin the much needed break it needs just by not wearing makeup every day. Without the layers of... >>>

grooming routine: Do your feet get enough care as a sports partner?

Thursday  14:55,   09 april 2020

© oneinchpunch - stock.adobe.com Gehwol Advertorial Sport Almost a quarter of the population in Germany goes jogging more or less regularly ¹ . Four to six times the body weight is on the feet. But other sports such as hiking, climbing, dancing or... >>>

Pink Gets Real About Her 3-Year-Old Son’s “Roller Coaster” Coronavirus Symptoms

Thursday  14:16,   09 april 2020

Pink and her 3-year-old son Jameson endured scary symptoms after testing positive for COVID-19. They are now recovering and have tested negative.The last few weeks have been “a roller coaster” for Pink. The singer-songwriter recently revealed that... >>>

Jillian Michaels Says Ditch These Foods and Do This Workout to Say Goodbye to Belly Fat

Thursday  13:53,   09 april 2020

Belly fat isn't just an annoyance; it has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease and... >>>

Stress Really Can Undermine Your Immune System, but This Expert Advice Can Help

Thursday  13:37,   09 april 2020

Stress is a normal part of life, and it can even be helpful if it means you finally buckle down and finish that paper you've been putting off.Dr. Klock explained that the immune cells in the body are programmed to detect threats like bacteria... >>>

What You Can Do to Virus-Proof Your Food

Thursday  13:36,   09 april 2020

Secondary transmission of coronavirus via groceries and food packaging is quickly becoming something we're all worrying about.You already know that staying away from people is the number one protective strategy from contracting the coronavirus.... >>>

Coronavirus unlikely to significantly diminish with warm weather, National Academies of Sciences panel finds

Wednesday  22:40,   08 april 2020

A rapid analysis of the coronavirus's spread during warm weather conditions provides little reason for... >>>

Should You Be Wearing Sunscreen Indoors?

Wednesday  22:30,   08 april 2020

We went straight to the pros for answersAnd yet, most of us (hopefully) by now understand the importance of wearing sunscreen every day. But does that rule change when we’re indoors every day? Since we’ll all be staying home for a while practicing... >>>

10 Stomach Pains You Should Never Ignore

Wednesday  22:11,   08 april 2020

Is that stomach pain down to something you ate, or could it be more serious? Check our symptom sorter to find out if the pain in your gut is more than just common cramps. The post 10 Stomach Pains You Should Never Ignore appeared first on... >>>

Hay fever shock: This year it is particularly bad for pollen allergy sufferers

Wednesday  19:55,   08 april 2020

© Provided by WUNDERWEIB These drugs help with hay fever. As soon as it gets warmer outside and nature awakes from its hibernation, pollen allergy sufferers deal with extreme symptoms - this year it hits them particularly hard. The weather in... >>>