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6 Surprising Side Effects Bananas Have On Your Immune System

Saturday  15:01,   01 october 2022

This popular fruit can give your immune system a serious leg up, experts... >>>

"It's the cat!" : The terrifying underside of hyaluronic acid injections unveiled in seven to eight

Saturday  14:40,   01 october 2022

© Capture TF1 "is the cat!" : The terrifying underside of hyaluronic acid injections unveiled in seven to eight from 5:10 pm this Sunday, October 2, on TF1, seven to eight, will be interested in "apprentice wizards of aesthetic medicine". An icing... >>>

Holetschek: Raying for mental health

Saturday  14:30,   01 october 2022

Minister of Health Klaus Holetschek (CSU) promotes timely help with psychological problems. "Often you have the feeling that the challenges don't end," said the minister on Saturday at the start of the 25th Bad Kissingen health days under the motto >>>

RKI: Incidence of 497.0

Saturday  11:40,   01 october 2022

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) specified the nationwide seven-day incidence on Saturday morning with 497.0. This emerges from numbers that reproduce the stand of the RKI dashboard from 7:00 a.m. The previous day, the value of the Corona new... >>>

7 Worst Midwestern Foods to Always Say “No” To

Saturday  10:00,   01 october 2022

Some classic Midwestern foods, like cookie salad, have high amounts of saturated fat, sugar, and calories, making them the unhealthiest... >>>

5 Eating Habits Sarah Jessica Parker Swears by To Look Good at 57

Saturday  10:00,   01 october 2022

Ahead of the release of Hocus Pocus 2, we looked at the healthy eating habits that keep Sarah Jessica Parker stunning at 57.As a 57-years-old actor, businesswoman, wife, mother, and fashion icon, SJP gets plenty of questions about how she looks so... >>>

LILLEY: Trudeau's nanny state says more than two drinks a week is too risky

Saturday  10:00,   01 october 2022

Do you plan on having a drink this weekend? The latest nanny state lecturing, brought to you by the Trudeau government, says if you’ve already had two drinks this week, you should stop. That’s right, according to the public health specialists at the >>>

ALS Treatment Relyvrio Gets FDA Approval Despite Lingering Uncertainty About Effectiveness

Saturday  08:01,   01 october 2022

Although Relyvrio's efficacy wasn't clear in a small Phase 2 trial, Amylyx Pharmaceuticals is conducting a larger Phase 3 trialThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a new treatment for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS,... >>>

7 Fitness-Friendly Adventures in British Columbia

Saturday  05:41,   01 october 2022

Regularly voted by outdoor magazines as a top spot for kayaking, cycling, running, surfing and hiking, British Columbia has a little something for everyone—from the novice runner to the avid mountaineer. Strap on a backpack, pack some energy snacks, >>>

What are Kupat Holim Meuhedet's instructions for Yom Kippur?

Saturday  05:41,   01 october 2022

The healthcare provider "Meuhedet" has published its medical recommendations for this year's Yom Kippur fast. >>>

Good Food Box helps take the ‘bite’ out of produce costs

Saturday  03:31,   01 october 2022

WALKERTON – Nutritious, fresh produce at a good cost is easy to find in the summer but not so much in the winter. That’s where the Good Food Box comes in. Public Health dietitian Laura Needham explained that the program makes fresh produce more... >>>

Now You Can Screen for Cancer Sooner Rather Than Later

Saturday  01:31,   01 october 2022

The latest tests may give you a leg up on a deadly disease. When these annual screenings are as simple as a blood test, they could indeed become common practice. Multi-cancer early detection (MCED) tests can reveal cancers—including those with no... >>>

The FDA Is Revisiting Its Definition of ‘Healthy’ Food

Saturday  01:30,   01 october 2022

It’s actually harder to define than most people think.According to the FDA, the proposed changes “would align the definition of the ‘healthy’ claim with current nutrition science.” The FDA said in a news release that more than 80% of Americans... >>>

The FDA Wants to Redefine What "Healthy" Foods Are - but What Does Healthy Even Mean?

Saturday  01:21,   01 october 2022

On Wednesday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a proposal to update the definition of "healthy" foods, while laying out guidelines that products would need to meet in order to use the term. The goal: to bring the definition more in... >>>

How Do Doctors Diagnose Multiple Sclerosis?

Saturday  01:21,   01 october 2022

What you need to know about getting an MS diagnosis.Without the proper intervention, damage to the myelin sheath can irreversibly stop a specific body part from functioning properly. But to get treatment, doctors must first make a diagnosis for... >>>