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12:50  21 september  2018
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In manchen Lebensphasen fallen mehr Haare aus als in anderen - zum Beispiel ein paar Monate nach einer Krankheit oder Operation. © Photo: Monique Wüstenhagen In some phases of life, more hair falls out than in others - for example a few months after an illness or surgery.

A look into the brush after combing in the morning reveals what is supposed to be terrible: The precious hair is stuck in tufts. But what sometimes looks scary is really normal. People lose hair - many, every day.

What is it?

All-natural hair loss is a consequence of the hair cycle. Hair remains on the head for between three and seven years. Then the hair voluntarily bids farewell to the brush or comb. "We lose between 100 and 200 hairs every day," says Ute Siemann-Harms, senior physician at the clinic and polyclinic for dermatology and venereology at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf.

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So what to do?

If a lot more hair suddenly falls out than usual, the doctor advises to think back for three months. Did you have an infection? The flu? Or was there an operation? "In such situations, several hair roots synchronize their cycle," explains Siemann-Harms. The result: about three months later, a lot of hair falls out at once.

If there is no such reason for the sudden loss, a visit to the family doctor is worthwhile. Because in addition to hair loss caused by the condition, iron deficiency or a malfunction of the thyroid gland can also be due to increased hair loss. "In this case, either the disorder has to be treated or the person concerned has to adjust his diet somewhat."

It is not true, however, that any particular diet can influence normal hair loss, says Siemann-Harms. Apart from the generally recommended balanced, healthy diet, there is not much you can do for hair. Also how often the hair is washed and which brush someone uses is irrelevant. "Hair that wants to fall out falls out," says the dermatologist.

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