Health An Infectious Diseases Expert Compares COVID-19, Ebola, and MERS—Here's How the Viruses are Different

19:17  03 september  2020
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New Ebola outbreak reported in Congo, WHO says

  New Ebola outbreak reported in Congo, WHO says A country that’s already battling the novel coronavirus and experiencing the world’s largest measles outbreak is now reporting a new outbreak of Ebola. The Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo this week announced a new outbreak of Ebola in the city of Mbandaka. At least six cases of the deadly disease, which causes fever, abdominal pain, and bleeding, have been confirmed there. Four people have died while two are receiving treatment, the World Health Organization (WHO) said in a statement.

The infectious disease COVID - 19 is perhaps most often compared to the common flu, or influenza Since it was first identified, there have been 2,494 reported cases of MERS , and 858 deaths. Unlike the COVID - 19 coronavirus, Ebola , also known as EVD, is not an airborne disease ; infection occurs

How COVID - 19 compares to other infectious diseases by Reza. The new coronavirus has a relatively high However, it is less lethal compared to SARS and MERS . Yet, the new coronavirus seems to be more How long the virus survives on different surfaces. COVID - 19 can survive up to 3 days on

a person in a blue shirt: © Getty Images "Each individual situation is different and frightening in its own way."

Until this year, many people considered a quick rinse under the faucet as washing their hands, and likely would've never considered wearing a mask if they weren't feeling well. But for epidemiologists and infectious diseases, COVID-19 has pushed their expertise to the forefront.

Karen Passaretti, MD, an epidemiologist and infectious diseases doctor at Atrium Health, is her hospital's subject matter expert, and helps formulate the health care system's response to COVID-19. That means she helps brainstorm ideas to control the spread of coronavirus in the hospital, and how to protect and treat patients seeking help—all while keeping up to date on the newest information regarding the virus.

The risk of getting sick on a plane is lower than you might think — if you know what to watch out for

  The risk of getting sick on a plane is lower than you might think — if you know what to watch out for Are airplanes vessels of disease, or are they no riskier than, say, a trip to the grocery store? We spoke to experts to find out the risks.Or perhaps you've seen those GIFs showing how germs from someone sneezing can spread all over the plane, or reports that shed light on the dirtiest parts of a plane (yes, tray tables are germier than airplane bathrooms).

Experts have been rushing to assess the spread of the Covid - 19 virus , which has so But measured against other viral outbreaks and common diseases , coronavirus appears at the first It is more contagious than some of the most deadly airborne viruses , however. Mers has an r0 of between 0.3

COVID - 19 upended daily life in the United States as SARS-CoV-2, the virus spreading the disease Now different parts of the country are gradually reopening as the conversation continues about the “First, we need to know how this virus is transmitted between people so we can be more precise in

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Highly infectious viruses aren't new to Dr. Passaretti—but while she's aware of other epidemics or pandemics, she maintains that COVID is different. "Ebola, MERS, and COVID are all very different types of infections...[but] my role is very similar in what I do as it relates to those viruses," she says. She notes two distinct differences: "Ebola and MERS were very devastating to the individual who was infected, but we were able to contain those viruses from spreading within our communities," she says. "COVID is not as deadly to the individual person...but obviously we have been much less successful in controlling the spread."

That community spread is a big deal when it comes to COVID-19. "COVID can spread very easily out in the community, even from people before they know they have symptoms or without symptoms at all," Dr. Passaretti says. "It really requires a community response to control the spread, it can't just be hospitals focusing on the sickest of the sick." In that case, she says wearing masks and staying home when sick—even with mild symptoms—are essential to keeping the virus contained.

COVID-19’s Effects Reach Beyond the Virus. Here Are Other Ways It’s Impacting Our Health

  COVID-19’s Effects Reach Beyond the Virus. Here Are Other Ways It’s Impacting Our Health How the pandemic has impacted our health—far beyond the virus itself. In mid-March, her doctor’s office notified her that they were closing until they could get adequate personal protective equipment. “My IV treatment is the only thing that controls my pain—and I was scheduled for one the day after the office closed, so it had already been four weeks,” Ross says. RELATED: Is it Safe to Go to the Eye Doctor During COVID-19? Here's What You Need to Know As the days passed, the ache in her back intensified. After two weeks, she couldn’t wash her hair without her husband’s help.

Here are the 12 viruses that are the world' s worst killers, based on their mortality rates, or the sheer "It is still the one that is the biggest killer," said Dr. Amesh Adalja, an infectious disease physician and COVID - 19 is the name of the illness and not the virus itself, and the article is about the viruses .

MERS is different from coronavirus disease 19 ( COVID - 19 ). Learn more about COVID - 19 here . This article takes a close look MERS , including its symptoms, causes, and treatments. MERS and COVID - 19 are separate respiratory illnesses. They are caused by different viruses in the coronavirus

The practices used to keep COVID outbreaks under control, however, are difficult to deal with too. "Over time, as people realized this is a marathon, not a sprint, there's been a lot of fatigue," Dr. Passaretti says. "Keeping up that level of attention to what needs to be done to control spread is hard to do for really long periods of time."

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Even Dr. Passaretti believes she underestimated the emotional impact of the virus. "I think actually dealing with health care providers that are scared to go home, that are scared to wear their dirty scrubs at home and have to strip in their garages because they're worried about their children getting sick, seeing our health care workers trying to take care of patients and at times getting sick themselves, that's very emotional for me," she says. But at the same time, "Seeing the passion and the willingness to put [yourself] at risk to do what's best for patients, that gives me hope."

16 toys, games, and books to help your toddlers and preschoolers with social isolation

  16 toys, games, and books to help your toddlers and preschoolers with social isolation Social isolation can be challenging for young kids and caregivers. We rounded up 16 toys, games, and books to help kids deal with social isolation.

“A Covid - 19 infection is generally mild, and that really is the secret of the virus ’ s success,” adds Ball. “Many people don’t even notice they have got an infection and so go around their work, homes and supermarkets infecting others.” By contrast, Sars – which is also caused by a coronavirus – makes

Few viruses have instilled as much fear as HIV. But the COVID - 19 pandemic has rivaled that level of fear as researchers race to find a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2. This is a BETA experience. You may opt-out by clicking here .

Another thing that gives Dr. Passaretti hope: The thought that, with small behavioral changes, we can begin to change the curve on COVID-19. "There's a lot of hope that can be found in people's responses, and the people that are doing work in hospitals and communities to try to prevent spread," she says, recommending to keep what she calls the "Mr. Rogers model" in mind: "Look for the people that are running into the fire that are trying to do good, it's always important to recognize that."

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162 People Surveyed Reported This SymptomAccording to the University of Florida Health, tongue pain and soreness can be caused by a number of factors, such as infection, hypothyroidism, or a tumor in the pituitary gland. A study published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases found that oral mucosal lesions may be associated with COVID-19 patients, which could explain this long-lasting virus symptom.

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