Health She makes an incredible cloudy omelet with three ingredients, her video has accumulated 3 million views in 15 days

17:40  25 november  2020
17:40  25 november  2020 Source:   femina.fr

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5 eggs, a pinch of salt and sugar and this Youtubeuse makes an unprecedented soft omelet.

Elle réalise une incroyable omelette nuage avec trois ingrédients, sa vidéo cumule 3 millions de vues en 15 jours © Screenshot Moroccan Cuisine / YouTube She makes an incredible cloud omelet with three ingredients, her video has accumulated 3 million views in 15 days

Fatima has the knack to make each of her recipes a real success. After conquering the Internet last spring with her pan-baked egg cake , the cook behind the Youtube channel Cuisine Marocaine strikes again very hard. On November 11, she unveiled in video an incredible creation: an ultra thick omelet that is as fluffy and airy as a meringue. "It's like eating a cloud," Fatima explains. But contrary to what you might imagine, you don't have to resort to a bunch of ingredients and have been involved with Top Chef to make it happen. No, no, the Japanese omelette imagined by Fatima can be made in no time and with just three ingredients: eggs, salt and sugar. Something to amaze Internet users from all over the world. In just 15 days, his video has already accumulated 3 million views… “It's a brilliant recipe. Can't wait to try it "; “I love it! it's super innovative and surprising! "; " Unbelievable ! I don't know what to do with the eggs anymore. Seems pretty easy to cook. Thank you ”, can we read among the thousands of comments.

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Here is the recipe for Fatima's Japanese omelet from the Moroccan Cuisine YouTube channel:


5 eggs 1 little salt 1 little sugar Butter for cooking

Break 5 eggs and pour the white into a first container of egg and, in a second, the yolk.

Pour a little salt in each of the bowls.

Beat the yolks with a fork. Add a pinch of sugar and continue beating.

Beat the whites with an electric mixer. Add a pinch of sugar while continuing to whip the egg whites until they stiffen.

Brush a pan with butter.

Cook the egg yolk over low heat. When it is lightly cooked, pour the white over it and gently spread it with a spatula so that it covers all the yolk. Cook for 5 min, covered.

Take the omelette out of the pan, place it on a dish, before cutting it in half and placing the two slices on top of each other (white against white).

To be enjoyed plain, with honey, a sweet or savory sauce ...

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