Health Extreme cold and wearing a mask: these multifunction repair balms that you should always have in your bag

23:15  26 november  2020
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Looking For a Hydrating Face Mask? Here Are 14 to Soothe Dry Skin This Fall

  Looking For a Hydrating Face Mask? Here Are 14 to Soothe Dry Skin This Fall As the weather begins to cool off, skin tends to become dryer. Treat yours with these hydrating face masks.Here, 14 hydrating face masks to add into your skin-care routine this fall (and beyond!), to give your skin the nourishing boost it deserves.

If you 're unable to wear a mask , the people who live with you should not stay in the same room as you , and they should While masks can help to prevent transmission of disease from infected people to others, they are not recommended for healthy people for the prevention of infections like COVID-19.

Should I be wearing a mask everywhere, including my home? While the CDC recommends If someone has cold symptoms in your home, they should wear masks in combination with social Some people bruise more easily than others, but if you see an imprint in your skin, you should

Wearing a mask is already restrictive for the skin, the drop in temperatures will not help the situation. Now is more than ever the moment to hydrate sensitive areas of the face and body with these famous miraculous multifunction balms ... which help preserve and save the skin. Overview of the most effective balms on the market.

Grand froid et port du masque : ces baumes réparateurs multifonctions qu'il faut toujours avoir dans son sac © Instagram / lanolips Extreme cold and wearing a mask: these multifunction repair balms that you should always have in your bag

The temperatures have dropped sharply for a few days. And who says return of the great cold, says return of dry and chapped lips, small discomfort around the nose and lips, extreme dryness of the hands and pain in the joints. Add to that the daily wearing of the mask ... and the skin of the face is about to enter a complicated period where irritation and dryness will become the watchwords. To avoid minor inconveniences, just one word: hydration!

The Most Breathable Face Masks To Run In

  The Most Breathable Face Masks To Run In Months into quarantine, and we've likely all experienced different versions of the following scenario: You're trying to stay active by going on socially-distanced walks or jogs outside, only to notice that in no time, your masked mouth-breathing is starting to creep into Darth Vader territory. It might even be hard to maintain your normal pace if your face covering is not exactly allowing you to breathe normally, which — obviously — is an issue.Luckily, you've got options when it comes to breathable, fitness-adjacent face masks that allow you to stay cool and comfortable while outdoors.

The government says surgical masks and respirators should be reserved for those who need them to protect against risks in their workplace, such as NHS staff and care workers. You should wash it on the warmest appropriate water setting, but that depends on the type of material it's made from.

Cloth masks should not be used by workers in any healthcare setting, authors of the new study say. Respiratory infection is much higher among healthcare workers wearing cloth masks compared to medical "We should be cautious about cloth mask use in healthcare settings, particularly high-risk

In addition to your moisturizing day cream, you will therefore have to rely on the famous miracle balms, capable of intensely nourishing the most fragile areas of the epidermis. Here is our selection of current favorites.

• The Megabalm trio by Énergie Fruit

Known for its vegan and super-effective hair care products, the French brand from Aix-en-Provence today unveils its trio of balms for dry and very dry skin. To be used on the lips to make them even softer, the cheekbones for a glowy effect, the nails and cuticles to strengthen them, the hands to deeply nourish them in an instant ... but also on superficial burns to relieve pain, on the beard to make it soft and shiny and on small everyday injuries. We note that the brand keeps its DNA since this comforting treatment is Vegan, certified organic by Ecocert, made in France and composed of 100% natural ingredients.

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Should you wear a face mask outdoors to help stop Coronavirus from spreading? The scientific research so far suggests that it's probably not necessary, but your decision should also depend on where you 're going. This is a BETA experience. You may opt-out by clicking here.

The WHO recommends only wearing a mask if you are sick, or looking after somebody who is sick. With the new evidence, this makes no sense, if it ever These steps don’t replace the need for social distancing and hand-washing. We need to use the entire set of tools we have in our toolbox to stop

> Mégabalm - ENERGIE FRUIT - € 5.50

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• The multi-use "101 Ointment" Super-Balm from Lanolips

This treatment is considered like the best lip balm in the world… and we validate! Difficult to switch to other balms after trying this one. This little tube of magic is the brainchild of Kirsten Carriol, the Australian behind the brand who has successfully incorporated the benefits of lanolin into their super products. The very famous 101 Ointment MultiPurpose Superbalm balm is THE best-seller of the brand especially because, in addition to repairing the skin of even the most chapped lips, and making it ultra-soft, it also acts on burn scars, irritations on the face linked to wearing a mask… and also on eczema as shown by the opinions of users on Instagram. A must-have for the whole year!

> Super Multipurpose Balm 101 Ointment - LANOLIPS - € 14.50

Americans Are Frantically Searching For These Foods on Google

  Americans Are Frantically Searching For These Foods on Google Google Trends data reveals that Americans across the country were searching for several foods and beverages before they sat down to watch elections results. According to a tweet from Google, the top "near me" food searches in the hour before coverage began included "pizza near me," "Chinese food near me," "liquor stores near me," "sushi near me," and "Mexican food near me." Google Trends also added a line chart to the Twitter thread showing that "fries near me" and "liquor store near me" had hit all-time highs in search. (Related: 15 Classic American Desserts That Deserve a Comeback.

Wearing a mask while exercising may make breathing uncomfortable. The advice has always been to maintain a safe distance from passersby, but never to wear a mask , even if you have a tell-tale These coverings should be combined with other preventative measures, like regular hand washing.

For those using masks , this article answers questions about wearing , cleaning and maintenance. But even if you could buy any in the midst of global shortages, should you ? Consult a healthcare provider for the correct way to wear and dispose of the mask , or consult this excellent explainer from

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• The "Petit Remède" balm by L'Occitane

A multi-purpose balm that helps nourish, protect and soothe delicate skin for the whole family! In this 100% natural oil-in-balm, L’Occitane brings together 4 of its iconic ingredients: Immortelle, Almond, Lavender and Shea Butter. This miracle treatment nourishes dry areas, helps protect against cold and wind, soothes minor irritations caused by dry skin. It is also used as a comforting massage balm.

> Le Petit Remède - L'OCCITANE - 35 €

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• SOS Repairing Balm from La Rosée

La Rosée launches its new Multi-use balm with waxes and vegetable oils which repairs, nourishes and soothes weakened areas of the face and body. On the menu: a 100% natural formula with beeswax and sunflower wax for repair, coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, avocado oil and jojoba oil for the nourishing effect but also shea butter, vitamin E and vitamin C. The solid texture of the balm turns into oil upon contact with the skin. Special mention for the sweet smell of coconut, the recyclable pack and the biodegradable formula.

The First-Ever Turkey Nugget Just Officially Launched

  The First-Ever Turkey Nugget Just Officially Launched Perdue just launched a limited-edition product, the ThanksNugget, which takes a Thanksgiving turkey and condenses it into a breaded nugget.The team at Perdue has done just that. Introducing the ThanksNugget which, essentially, is the main course of a Thanksgiving meal condensed into the size of a breaded nugget. And, whether you prefer light or dark turkey meat, there's a nugget for that. ThanksNuggets come in two flavors: light-meat turkey-shaped nuggets infused with a sweet-potato flavor and a dark-meat drumstick version with accents of stuffing and cranberry sauce. (Related: 21 Best Healthy Cooking Hacks of All Time.

For use on the face and body, rough areas, hair ends, nails and cuticles, but also to smooth the eyebrows and prevent stretch marks.

> SOS Repairing Balm - LA ROSÉE - € 12.90 .

• Les Petits Prodiges

Skincare Balm Formulated with only 8 natural ingredients, this multi-purpose balm sums up ALL of your skincare routine! Facial, body, hair tips, eye, hand and lip makeup remover, eczema treatment, beard moisturizer… it is a beauty ally for all occasions. Favorite for its 100% natural coconut fragrance will offer you a most sensory experience and its Vegan, Cruelty Free, natural and Made in France composition

> Coconut Balm - LES PETITS PRODIGES - € 14.90

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