Health Fight against Covid-19: A lawyer explains why employers are not allowed to require employees to be vaccinated against coronavirus

19:05  29 november  2020
19:05  29 november  2020 Source:   businessinsider.de

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Requiring people to be vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus could similarly be A less intrusive tactic would be for state governments to require COVID - 19 vaccinations for only certain What can employers require ? Private employers have significant flexibility for requiring vaccination .

Few protections are more American than the right to privacy against coerced, compelled, secretive, subversive invasion. Our founders were intimately familiar with pandemics, viruses and plagues, yet they did not allow any to suspend our Constitutional liberties. Why do our current courts allow it?

The first vaccines against the coronavirus are likely to be on the market soon and raise the question of whether it is in many areas of the working world there will soon be a legal obligation for employees and customers.

Volker Römermann, professor at the law faculty of the Humboldt University in Berlin, thinks this is unlikely. He said that to in a conversation with "Spiegel". According to Römermann, the employer must be able to prove that he can no longer employ employees without a vaccination due to health consequences.

Due to the current, very effective protective measures, such as masks and distance rules, this is difficult to prove, says Römermann. In addition, employees and customers would first have to agree to a mandatory vaccination, as this represents a subsequent change to the contract.

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COVID - 19 Impact on Employees . Numerous workers are fighting back against employers who are failing to provide proper protections against COVID - 19 . Employers are now liable for providing a safe work environment for their workers and ensuring that they are not being put at risk by asking to come

A German medical law specialist who launched a rigorous fight against government-mandated coronavirus lockdown rules was Beate Bahner had repeatedly claimed that measures taken by Berlin to stem the spread of Covid - 19 threaten nothing less than the nation’s constitutional order itself.

In practice, this problem is shown by the Australian airline Qantas, which is currently trying to introduce a vaccination light for future passengers. Although planes actually do not have to take certain passengers who pose a danger with them, the problem is that "the virus (...) threatens the other guests, but not the safety of the specific flight", Römermann told "Mirror".

Airlines and other public transport cannot simply exclude people from being transported.

In addition, customers can currently sue against compulsory vaccination. Because before this could be implemented, the airline had to prove that previous measures were taken, which, however, do not adequately protect the passengers. This means that previously, for example, there was more distance on the plane and fewer guests than usual. According to Römermann, it is not legally possible to introduce the mandatory vaccine requirement as an airline, just to save.

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After a COVID - 19 vaccine is available, you may need to get inoculated to go to the office, attend a sporting event, or even get a seat at a restaurant. Several states require workers at healthcare facilities to be vaccinated against diseases such as pertussis, chickenpox, measles, mumps, and

‘ Covid - 19 is a false pandemic created for political purposes. This is a world dictatorship with a sanitary excuse. Why are these thousands of medical professionals worldwide saying the pandemic is a crime? What information do they have access to, that we are not getting from the mainstream media?

Qantas could claim that more passengers could travel again by compulsory vaccination, but the amount of the vaccine is currently still limited and should initially be distributed to risk groups, not to passengers.

Also other public means of transport such as Deutsche Bahn are not generally allowed to exclude people from transport.

Nevertheless, a general, statutory vaccination requirement is not unlikely.

This means that in practice it is currently difficult for employers to enforce mandatory vaccinations for employees and customers. Nevertheless, the lawyer does not completely rule out a general, statutory vaccination light in the future. Because the current Infection Protection Act keeps this option open. Only people for whom the vaccination would pose health risks would be exempt from compulsory vaccination. In theory, a general vaccination light could actually be introduced.

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The virus causing coronavirus disease 2019 ( COVID - 19 ), is not the same as the coronaviruses that commonly circulate among humans and cause mild There are many types of human coronaviruses including some that commonly cause mild upper-respiratory tract illnesses. COVID - 19 is a new

The reason why the WHO is making a point of emphasizing the questionable immunity that comes following a Wuhan coronavirus ( COVID - 19 ) infection is Should a vaccine ever become available, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres wants it to be distributed for “free” to everyone – meaning

At the moment, however, this seems difficult to implement and is not necessary due to the conventional protective measures. It is much more likely that some countries will first set a vaccination against the coronavirus as an entry criterion, as with other diseases.

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