Health Winnipeg ER nurse calls on government to address staffing issues in remixed song

23:05  20 december  2020
23:05  20 december  2020 Source:   cbc.ca

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1:35 Winnipeg ’s HSC adding more support staff , nurses to help with overcapacity. Documents obtained by Global News show Health Sciences Centre is looking to add upwards of 75 to its Former ER nurse Kardene Campbell talks about the Manitoba government ’s massive health care overhaul.

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a woman smiling for the camera: Stéphanie Demers, 24, is a registered nurse working in St. Boniface Hospital's emergency room. © Stéphanie Demers/Instagram Stéphanie Demers, 24, is a registered nurse working in St. Boniface Hospital's emergency room.

A Winnipeg nurse is turning to music to raise awareness about mandated overtime and staffing shortages in the city's hospitals.

Stéphanie Demers, who works in St Boniface Hospital's emergency room, rewrote the song "Double Shifts" by Montreal singer-songwriter Charlotte Cardin with lyrics that express how she and her colleagues are feeling through Manitoba's second wave of COVID-19.

"I wouldn't mind … if you thought of us sometimes," goes Demers' rendition. "I wish that you would notice me. I've been working so tirelessly. Been working double shifts, since you made me."

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Nurses on the ground are also pleading for assistance. Nurses in the intensive care unit of MedStar St. Mary's Hospital check the fit of protective Nurses say the measures are helping to keep them and the public safe. They are not just concerned for their own health, but worried about spreading the virus to

Staffing in Nursing Management - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File Staffing is the process of determining and providing the acceptable number and mix of nursing She maintains that intermittent peak workload issues should not be solved by adding personnel but should

Demers, 24, posted a video of her performing the song on Instagram and hopes to get the attention of government officials. She said many nurses are being forced to work overtime and double shifts to address staff shortages.

"It's busy. You know, people are stressed out, but we've got each other as co-workers, so I'm really grateful for that. But where we're all kind of on the verge of burning out, if we're not burnt out already," she said.

Demers said she's a big fan of all Cardin's songs, but this one stood out to her in particular as a nurse working during the pandemic.

"The line that I really like is, 'I've been working double shifts, what have you been up to?' [It] alludes to the fact that nurses, every single day, we're working 16-hour shifts, but we feel like there's nothing being done by our government to make sure we have the appropriate staffing," she said.

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"When it says, 'What have you been up to?' It's, you know, what have you been doing to fix that?"

Video: Excitement, relief as vaccine heads for troubled Montreal long-term care home (cbc.ca)

Sometimes that happens because there aren't enough nurses assigned to begin with, Demers said. But COVID-19 protocols have added a whole other layer to the problem.

"They have a sore throat one day, they stay home. Or their kid was exposed at school. Then, you know, they've been told to isolate."

The added time and care it takes to put on and take off personal protective equipment when treating patients also makes nurses' workloads much bigger, she said.

Hoping to see more nurses hired

Demers said while there's been talk of an outright ban on mandatory overtime, she hopes to see more nurses hired and available for shifts instead.

In a statement to CBC News, a spokesperson for Shared Health said the high number of cases in the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic "have resulted in a surge of admissions to Manitoba hospitals and intensive care units.

Manitoba outlines emergency plan in case of extreme COVID-19 surge

  Manitoba outlines emergency plan in case of extreme COVID-19 surge Manitoba public health officials say they have the ability to triple the number of critical care beds in the province, according to plans released on Friday to handle a surge in COVID-19 capacity. The current baseline ICU beds in the province is 72. The plan to flex up capacity in the system would add at least 173 new critical care beds — totalling approximately 245 beds — including 66 at Health Sciences Centre, 92 elsewhere in Winnipeg and 15 in the Prairie Mountain Health region. Currently, there are 41 ICU beds in Shared Health (which encompasses Health Sciences Centre), 24 in Winnipeg and seven in Prairie Mountain.

Senior nurses then instructed junior nurses , and so on. Things are changing. In many countries nurses have much more responsibility than they once had. The most senior nurses are nursing officers; they are administrators. Then come ward managers who supervise staff nurses and students.

Also on rt.com UK government ’s callous disregard for care home residents – old, sick people acutely vulnerable to Covid-19 – has been a disgrace. The great fear is that this would be a message this government does not want to hear – so they will do everything possible not to hear it.

"Reducing some services and postponing non-urgent procedures in order to redeploy staff to support areas and units experiencing significant surges is one strategy in place. We also continue to hire and train additional staff," the spokesperson wrote.

Demers said while her intent in posting the song was mostly to address the government's role in staffing shortages, she also wants to send a message to the public to keep following public health orders so that hospitals stop being overwhelmed.

"We all feel it, we all feel tired of being in the lockdown," she said. "But just understand that it's for a good cause, because our hospitals can't take much more of a burden at this point."

Once the pandemic is over, Demers said she hopes to use her musical background for something other than government lobbying.

"I would love to join a band again," she said. "I finally got my recording studio all set up in my apartment. I've been meaning to do it for so long, [but] I've been busy."

Nurses Are Burned Out—But COVID-19 Isn’t Over. Will Canada Take Care Of Us? .
The toll that COVID-19 is taking on nurses is terrifying, but throughout the pandemic, media, governments and healthcare decision-makers have all but ignored us.Amie Archibald-Varley and Sara Fung are nurses in southern Ontario, and co-hosts of the podcast The Gritty Nurse.

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