Health Gislason about Gensheimer: "There is no one in the team who doubts him"

14:26  24 january  2021
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national coach Alfred Gislason defended captain Uwe Gensheimer after criticizing his performance at the World Cup in Egypt.

Bundestrainer und Kapitän: Alfred Gislason steht hinter Uwe Gensheimer. © imago images National coach and captain: Alfred Gislason is behind Uwe Gensheimer.

"Uwe has played well so far. He had missed throws against Uruguay, otherwise he played very well. He is also a very good captain," said Gislason on Sunday at the German team hotel in Cairo. The 61-year-old does not want to depose Gensheimer as captain. "Not at all. On the contrary: internally he does his job as captain very well. There is nobody in the team who doubts him."

Häfner's praise countered Baur's criticism

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A guy who says offensive things and decides whether he was joking based on the reaction of people around him. Watch out, Susie! Coach: there is no I in the word TEAM john John: no caoch, just M and E.

Backcourt player Kai Häfner also defended the 34-year-old left winger, who had been clearly criticized by former world champion Markus Baur, among others. "There is no place for any criticism. He is absolutely respected in the team as captain and carries out the position sensationally," said Häfner. "For me, Uwe is the best left winger in the world, I cannot imagine a better captain for us and absolutely cannot understand the criticism."

Too few balls on the left? Gislason agrees

Gensheimer himself had rejected the criticism of him on Saturday evening after the 31:24 victory in the second World Cup main round match against Brazil. "I do not know whether this is due to the club membership. Sometimes there is a bit of resentment and envy, I have the feeling," said the professional from Bundesliga club Rhein-Neckar Löwen on ZDF. In addition, Gensheimer had complained that he was not getting enough balls on the left wing.

"What he said yesterday that he wasn't getting enough balls on the left wing, that's true. I mentioned that myself," said Gislason.

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