Health Jah Washington Transformed Himself Using Mostly Bodyweight Workouts. You Can Too.

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  Drinking Your Coffee This Way Every Day Can Extend Your Life, Science Says A new study found that over 20,000 Italians have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer and will live longer thanks to espresso.A new study published Dec. 31, 2020 in The Journal of Nutrition looks at the relationship between 20,487 people and their daily intake of "Italian-style" coffee, or espresso. None of the participants had cardiovascular disease or cancer at the beginning of the experiment and each drank around 30 mL of espresso a day or more for over eight years. This is about the size of one shot of espresso.

The Men's Health Next Top Trainer winner Jahkeen Washington uses bodyweight only training for new 20-Minute Metcon workout program. Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. We may earn a commission through links on our site. Jah Washington Transformed Himself Using Mostly Bodyweight Workouts . You Can Too . The MH Next Top Trainer winner uses similarly minimalist methods for his new 20-Minute Metcon program.

To perform this 6 minute back workout you will only need to know three back exercises. The first is a bodyweight straight arm pushdown. Perform this by laying underneath the bar supported on two chairs. With your arms outstretched and your feet as far away from you as your strength can tolerate, start by Here you want to place both hands on the bar and forcefully pull yourself up. You want to pull hard enough that you can briefly let go of the bar as you propel your body up. Regrip on the way down and slowly lower your body to the floor. See if you can perform this exercise for the entire second minute.

All-Out 20-Minute Metcon, the first workout program from Men’s Health Next Top Trainer champ Jah Washington, is designed to help you burn calories, build muscle, and improve your endurance anytime, anywhere, in just 20 minutes a day, with absolutely no equipment. It’s available on the All Out Studio app.

The Men's Health Next Top Trainer winner Jahkeen Washington uses bodyweight only training for new 20-Minute Metcon workout program. © Men's Health The Men's Health Next Top Trainer winner Jahkeen Washington uses bodyweight only training for new 20-Minute Metcon workout program.

Jah Washington, the 2020 Men’s Health Next Top Trainer winner, has transformed plenty of client lives over his career as a fitness coach. But his training journey started with the ultimate transformation story: Himself.

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This Table is a Motivation table for Daniel to Workout mostly with only Bodyweight . Pretty Little Liars - Toby Cavanaugh | Keegan Allen #9: Because he's too sexy for his shirt! NeilaRey.com is a free website that provides workout posters that provide various different type of workouts that you can do without using any Here is another workout you can do whenever and where ever you want!

Bodyweight training can be modified for whatever fitness level you are, says Windebank. Whether you ’re starting at zero and trying to do one press-up or you ’re a seasoned athlete, bodyweight exercises can be incredibly challenging and beneficial. 3. Bodyweight Exercises Will Increase Your Mobility and Stability. We were born to move, and mobility and stability are an essential part of the way we move and life in general, Windebank explains. Weightlifting can have many positive effects on your body , but it can also limit your mobility.

He didn’t need a gym full of weights or fancy equipment to do it, either. The backbone of his transformation was simple bodyweight exercises and circuits—just like the moves you’ll find in his new All Out Studio program, 20-Minute Metcon, your anytime, anywhere solution for a muscle-building, fat-blasting sweat this summer.

For Washington, it all started when his mother, ever his biggest fan and supporter, told him he wasn't quite himself anymore. A former Harlem high school basketball standout and four-year starting point guard for Connecticut College, he’d done what plenty of guys do when his senior season ended: He took some time off to“just be a normal college student.” The result of all that eating and drinking with no exercise?“I gained 40 pounds in four months,” Washington says, and it only got worse when he took a job as a fin-tech analyst.

Resistance Training Is All About Building Strength

  Resistance Training Is All About Building Strength Getting stronger is a major perk, but the gains don't end there.That is to say, strength training is a type of resistance training, but not all resistance training is going to help you get stronger. “So, you can think of strength training as a subset of resistance training, in which you have a specific goal in mind," says Sohee Lee, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and Women’s Health advisory board member.

Surely if you are smart with your diet. You don’t really need weights to get ripped and lean. There are bunch of compound movements that you can achieve your dream Physique, when it comes to Street Workout aka Calisthenics.

You can use bodyweight exercises to work nearly every muscle in your body , from your quads (squats) to your butt (glute bridges, anyone?) to your chest (yes, you can do a push-up!) to your core (plank variations for the win!). They’re not just great for building strength, though: Bodyweight workouts can double as a cardio routine, especially when you choose moves that are Whatever your intended goal of the workout , the list below of the best at-home workouts that require only your bodyweight has you covered. Try a bunch of these workouts from SELF to figure out your favorites!

“’This isn’t the person I know,’ my mom told me,” says Washington.“It was the initial push I needed.”

Washington started playing hoops again, and working out on his lunch break with just light dumbbells and bodyweight exercises. Soon he was back down to 180 pounds, and his friends started to notice the transformation and ask him for help with losing weight themselves. Washington arranged workout sessions in the evenings after work in Central Park, or in small sessions in the emptied-out living room in his apartment. He helped one friend lose 90 pounds in a year. Another lost 60, and another 45.

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His methods were so effective, in fact, that Washington eventually realized he could make a living helping others get fit, and in 2016, he left his fin-tech job. First, he partnered with his old high school hoops rival and pal Thomas Boatswain. Then, the pair partnered with a physical therapy clinic in Harlem that had a small training space where they would offer HIIT classes. Business boomed, and in 2019, they opened their own boutique gym, JTW Fit, aimed at offering affordable fitness for all, just two blocks from where Washington grew up in Harlem.

This Simple Trick Can Help You Squat Deeper

  This Simple Trick Can Help You Squat Deeper Plus, the simple trick that'll help you drop deeper.But as much as I love the satisfaction of heavy squats, I'm not about to write off the simplest form of the move—the bodyweight squat. And while you might think squatting sans weight, equipment, or other fancy frills is for beginners only, that's totally not the case.

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We used to play rugby in the winter term, football in the spring term, and we'd do and swimming in the summer term. Although the scientific method is now four or five hundred years old, the ancient Greeks, for example, believed that they could work out the of natural events just by the power of thought.

All-Out 20-Minute Metcon Has the Jah Washington Formula

Washington’s recipe for those transformations (and his own) is what drives All-Out 20-Minute Metcon, a routine you can do anytime, anywhere. The program consists of five 20-minute bodyweight sessions that blast fat and build muscle, and each session is filled with moves that force you to your limits. Washington uses a variety of principles to push your body toward change.


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a woman standing in a room: I'm not a fancy fitness girl - I like basic, effective workouts that don't need a lot of skills, frills, or thrills. And since I love walking in the hilly woods near my house with my dogs, the idea of the 12-3-30 walking workout got me all excited.  What is the 12-3-30 Workout? The 12-3-30 workout is a treadmill workout where you set the incline to 12 percent incline, the pace to three miles per hour, and you walk for 30 minutes. Simple, right? Created by influencer Lauren Giraldo, she first introduced the 12-3-30 workout on YouTube in 2019, but it didn't gain such intense popularity until Giraldo posted a TikTok about it in late 2020, crediting it to how she's lost and kept off 30 pounds for two years. That's what intrigued me, the weight-loss aspect. Since I was still trying to lose some of the COVID pounds I had gained over the past year from baking so much (not much else to do in quarantine!), I wanted to see how the 12-3-30 workout compared to my other workouts and see if it was more effective at helping me get leaner.  I Tried the 12-3-30 Workout I already have a treadmill that I MacGyvered into a walking desk for work, so I used that. I decided to try this workout for two weeks, just to see what all the excitement was about. Giraldo said she did it about five times a week, so that's what I did, too. I wanted to see how this walking workout compared to the rowing I had been doing daily for the past four months, to the running I had been doing in the summer and fall, and to the HIIT workouts I'd been throwing in at home. Could a walking workout really be as effective?

Not all reps are created equal. Want to make a simple pushup burn more without adding weight? Slow it down. You’ll do that in Washington’s workouts; at various times, he may ask you to hold a squat, or take three to four seconds to lower into squat position.“That way, it stays fresh,” Washington says,“and you figure out different ways to train yourself.”

Multiplanar Movement

Most exercises, from pushups to squats, have you moving your muscles in the same direction that you walk.“Life just doesn’t work that way,” says Washington. Your body can also move laterally (think of how defenders move on the basketball court), and it can rotate and twist. Washington incorporates these ideas into his workout, with plenty of lateral lunges and jump variations.

The Principles Behind the 20-Minute Metcon Program

  The Principles Behind the 20-Minute Metcon Program Steal these tips for your own bodyweight workouts.You’ve never needed a gym full of equipment to blast fat and build muscle.

Tough Tempos

“Intensity” is sometimes the missing component in your workout, but Washington keeps that high with carefully programmed intervals. One technique he uses frequently: A 20-seconds-on, 10-off tempo that forces you to push hard with limited rest.

The best part about all of this: the program takes less than half an hour of your day.“It’s all about intention and intensity,” says Washington.“Twenty minutes of bodyweight exercise can be brutal and effective.”

Stepping Into the Limelight

While JTW Fit is an essential arm in Washington's mission to deliver health and fitness to his community, others recognized his talent and potential for larger platforms.

A friend who was a fan of Washington’s HIIT classes alerted him to the Men’s Health Next Top Trainer competition. Washington, who at age 36 has added a considerable amount of lean muscle and now weighs in at a shredded 215 pounds—yes, maintained with a lot of bodyweight training—signed up and was chosen to compete.

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Washington won the Next Top Trainer Week 1 Viral Fitness Challenge, in which contestants had to post a 15-second video to social media that highlighted a creative burpee variation. Judges liked the effectiveness and accessibility of Washington’s move.“After winning Week 1, I got a good sense of what they were looking for in terms of creativity, expertise, and audience engagement, and that let me hone in on skills I already had from teaching virtually during the pandemic,” Washington says.“I was nervous, but I felt comfortable and confident knowing I put my all into it.” Washington won six of the eight weekly challenges running away with his Next Top Trainer title.

And his gym is thriving. Pre-pandemic, JTW Fit had 300 members, and it’s continuing to grow. Says Washington:“We’re going to continue to build on that so we can promote affordable, inclusive fitness in our community.” You can join his digital crew too, with the new 20-Minute Metcon program. The same principles apply—you just have to show up ready to work.

Try 200+ at home workout videos from Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Prevention, and more on All Out Studio free for 14 days!

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