Health Virus Expert Just Issued This Sober Warning

18:06  08 may  2021
18:06  08 may  2021 Source:   eatthis.com

"We're in a New Pandemic," Virus Expert Warns

  "This is a fourth wave, with a different picture than we've seen in the past waves of the pandemic," warned Osterholm."This is a virus that is now 50 to 100 percent more transmissible or infectious than the previous viruses. This is a virus that causes 50 to 60 percent more severe illnesses, and so what at one time wasn't as much of a problem—for example, in cases in young adult—are now becoming very serious cases. This is really a fourth wave, you might call it, with somewhat of a different picture than we've seen in the past waves of the pandemic," warned Osterholm.

The bigger the nose, the bigger the p****...right? Well, that’s not quite how the adage goes, but according to a new study carried out by researchers at Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, there is a significant correlation between nose size and p**** size.

a close up of a person: Your beak may be giving away more than you think © fotograv Your beak may be giving away more than you think

Published in the medical journal Basic and Clinical Andrology, the researchers of the study found that men with larger noses had a‘stretched penile length’ of at least 5.3 inches, while men with smaller noses had a p**** length of 4.1 inches erect.

The team of researchers drew this conclusion by looking at the dead corpses of 126 men within three days of death and measured different parts of their body. After taking into account varying factors such height, weight and measurements of the p**** (there were no links between feet size and appendage size, before you ask), the authors of the study then worked out the"stretched penile length" (SPL) of each cadaver. This was measured by, and sorry to be so graphic, by pulling the p**** up as far as it would go. Hopefully they used gloves.

The Easiest Way to Look Younger, Says Science

  The Easiest Way to Look Younger, Says Science These are the ways to look younger according to doctors: destress, regulated sleep schedule, eat healthier, moisturize, and exercise.

The study concluded:“The fact that nose size is related to SPL indicates that penile length may not be determined by age, height or body weight but has already been determined by birth.

“Although our results are useless for forensic purposes, understanding the growing process of p**** or facial features may be very important for extrapolating foetal androgen levels and following male genital functions.”

Currently, this study is limited to Japanese cadavers and further research is needed. But, maybe this study is the first to highlight that your face can give away more than what you think.

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