Health Study shows: Reduce belly fat: Tai-Chi helps more than HIIT

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This is why more and more people are getting into tai chi in the first place. The idea that tai chi is only meant for old people is nothing more than a major misconception. This centuries-old form of exercise offers both physical and mental benefits as shown below. Before you try tai chi to help with your arthritis, it is advisable to consult an expert as they will direct you better with the vast knowledge they have. Helps Reduce Hypertension. As we have said before, tai chi involves a series of slow controlled movements.

Tai chi may also help with mobility, which in turn can minimize the risk of falls. Despite its lack of resistance and aerobic intensity , tai chi appears to have an effect on important health markers, according to a study in Annals of Internal Medicine. Researchers looked at 543 people aged 50 and older, living in Hong Kong. Participating in a practice like tai chi can have similar benefits to more conventional exercise like strength training and aerobic activity, including reducing problematic abdominal fat and improving mobility.

W Enn is going to reduce the belly fat effectively, then is likely to come the most of all one thing in mind: a change to a healthy, Balanced and calorie-reduced diet in combination with sports. As far as the selection of sports activities is concerned, the selection is large, between gentle workouts or highly intensive interval training, Hiit, and much more is everything in it. The main thing is to move well.

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But at least in our latitudes, noone has hardly anyone in our latitudes, Chinese motion teachings of the Tai chi on the screen. For the flowing, slow motion sequences performed while standing, do not necessarily sweat a sweat and therefore no longer promote fat burning. But they do that! At least this conclusion comes a recent study by the University of Hong Kong, which was published on "ACPJournals.org".

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HIIT or High - Intensity Interval training is an up and coming physical training trend that includes multiple high - intensity workouts each separated by equal intervals. This is a high burn out exercise regime that helps burn out fat from the whole body. Spot reduction may not always be possible but HIIT has shown promising results in helping This is due to the fact that resistance training and HIIT Training ( High Intensity Interval Training ) has been proven to have a much greater metabolic effect on fat burning than an exercise like hiking does. So yes while you can burn fat through hikin.

Fall reduction . Tai chi showed some potential benefits for helping prevent trips and falls in older adults across a range of studies . A 2012 review looked at 159 randomized controlled trials of various types of practices to prevent falls in older adults. However, the review did not reach any conclusions about tai chi reducing the frequency of falls. One 2012 trial of 195 older adults with Parkinson’s disease showed that tai chi helped treat balance issues with more success than resistance training or regular stretching. Another article notes that the activity is a successful exercise intervention for

I St Tai-Chi An alternative to sports?

D IE Teaching and Practice of Tai-Chi developed about 800 years from the martial art of the Chinese Shaolin monks. The exercises also have positive effects on the body, they promote, among other things, balance and agility, but actually they should primarily increase mental well-being. But W Enn is about effective fat burning, then most of them just think of sports - and Tai-Chi are not considered as such.

But Not everyone is willing or capable of making the efforts of a HIIT workout and that was also the approach of researchers in Hong Kong. They have investigated whether Tai-Chi could be used as a remedy, especially for older people.

maybe you feel like shaking you a little. Here you can find more information about HIIT.

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Tai chi , which has its roots in martial arts, is an ancient practice used to heal both the mind and body. Research has shown that it offers short-term benefits for chronic musculoskeletal pain and mental health problems. A study published in the BMJ found that tai chi is more effective than aerobic. The results revealed that all treatments improved the symptoms of fibromyalgia and did not cause any side effects. However, tai chi interventions caused more improvements compared to aerobic exercise. Participants who performed tai chi experienced greater benefit than those who performed aerobic

“There are a lot of studies that pit HIIT against traditional cardio and it’s consistently superior for fat loss,” says Campbell, an associate professor in exercise science at the University of South Florida and the director of the Performance & Physique Enhancement Laboratory. “There’s no science to show that one form of HIIT is better than the other,” he says. Going with what you like most (rather than what’s trending now) will help you stick with it. Try these 52 fat -torching cardio exercises to mix things up: Go hard: After a warmup, sprint for 30 seconds.

Tai-Chi is just as effective as fitness training

at the study, 543 attended overweight volunteers aged over 50 years. They were divided into three groups of 181 people each. The first graduated during the control time rough ms of twelve weeks no training, the second practiced three times a week for one hour each simple Tai chi exercises. The third made endurance and strength training at the same intervals.

The result at the end of the examination clearly fell out. Unlike Group One, which maintained its weight, the other two groups had lost about almost five percent body weight - Tai-Chi has at least as good as classical fitness training. The cholesterol values ​​also improved both at the TAI-CHI group and the training group - which also favors losing weight. Who has no desire for regular and sweaty training, , and that often applies especially to older people, for the Tai-Chi seems to be an effective alternative.

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In most of the English literature, Tai Chi Chuan (abbreviated to TCC, but expressed in the Chinese phonetic alphabet as Taijiquan) is described as a traditional Chinese form of exercise derived from martial arts folk traditions. The practice of TCC was originally related to concerns about physical fitness and the capacity for self defence. However, over the centuries, it has become far more focused on the homoeostasis of the body's internal environment. The interaction between mind and body has long been seen as more important than the development of any martial arts skills.

Recently, researchers compared the effects of tai chi to leg strengthening exercises (a physical therapy called "lower extremity training ," or LET) in reducing falls. Falls are a leading cause of serious injuries in older adults and can lead to The first group received hour-long individual tai chi classes conducted by tai chi instructors every week for 24 weeks. Tai chi is an exercise practice developed in China hundreds of years ago. It combines certain postures and gentle movements with mental focus, breathing, and relaxation.

Here you will find exercises that specifically fight the belly fat.

T AI-CHI helps when decreasing and prevents increase

D IE Current study is not the first to watch the positive effects of the TAI-CHI and above all at older . The University of Hong Kong has already established in a study in 2001 that the muscle tone and muscle strength of seniors improved by up to 40 percent in the period of one year, if they regularly practiced Tai-Chi. Z uglich no longer occurred bone loss. A healthy and trained musculature is also a bench against the belly fat and Tai -chi seems to succeed in relatively effortlessly. Whether and how Tai Chi works under these aspects with younger ones, has hardly been researched - but damage may not be damaged.

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