Health vegetable garden pour: Avoid these 3 mistakes!

18:25  21 june  2021
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The casting is a topic with which especially vegetable gardeners in the summer must deal with, because the vegetable garden needs a uniform water supply. A particularly high water requirement have different fruit vegetables such as tomatoes , pumpkin, zucchini and cucumber . If you do not care in dryness in time with water, make the big, soft leaves of the plants quickly slammed. If one forgot despite persistent dryness more often the casting, the fruits remain relatively small and the plants throw away part of their already fertilized flowers. The harvest precipitates according to lean.

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but beware: Regular casting in the vegetable garden is not a guarantee for good yields. Anyone who fails his vegetables incorrectly favors in many cases even the spread of plant diseases and pests . Above all, the following three errors should be avoided.

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Error 1: Installing the dial

A swivel or circular shelf makes it easier to pour, but has the disadvantage that he is "overhead" - Say: When casting, the entire plant becomes wet. Although some vegetable species do not make a damp foliage much, others are very easily infested in summer by mushroom diseases if their leaves are often moist. Basically, the spores need almost all leaf mushrooms moisture to germinate and thus infect the plants. Particularly prone to tomatoes, potatoes , cucumbers, zucchini and pumpkin .

A cooperation with Logo For Our Planet © Provided by my beautiful garden Logo for Our Planet Topic Tips for optimal garden irrigation Which method you also choose: Water and casting are mandatory in summer. With these tips on garden irrigation, you not only provide your plants optimally, they also save water.

therefore pour in the vegetable garden always near the ground. You can water the plants with a watering can or a pouring rod or install an automatic drip irrigation . It allows for a uniform, water-saving irrigation after the corresponding preparatory work. Especially in dry summers, the initial installation effort is therefore quite reasonable.

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Error 2: Do not use a shower

If you pour your plants without a shower, the strong water jet often rinses away relatively much soil and releases a part of the roots . This is not optimal at carrots and potatoes: all turnip and knoll parts that are not covered with earth will be green and thus inedible. Potatoes also form the toxin solanin in the green tubers. Another problem: If the earth is loamy and superficially dry, it can not take several liters of water that meet in no time at a relatively small point, not so fast and the precious wet flows above ground.

Error 3: In the evening Water

If you only water the vegetable garden in the evening, you have to buy several disadvantages. The earth and the vegetable plants were heavily heated by the sun. The strong cooling through the cold water can lead to a temperature shock connected to temporary growth disturbances. In tomorrow's pouring, the temperature gradient is not as great because plants and earth are already cooled overnight.

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is still a lot more serious, however, is that you offer the nudibranchs in the garden optimal living conditions when you pour your vegetable garden only in the evening. The nocturnal pests can move better on the damp soil, have a larger radius of action and adjust more damage in the vegetable garden. If you have poured his vegetables early in the morning, the earth can dry out on the surface during the day.

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In this video we provide 5 helpful tips with which you can keep snails away from your garden.

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