Health Christina Haack Details Endoscopy Procedure After Dealing With ‘Extreme Stomach Pain’

01:05  23 october  2021
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Christina Haack is looking for answers.

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In a candid Instagram post, the "Flip Or Flop" star, 38, detailed the ongoing "extreme stomach pain" she's been experiencing for years, which led her to undergo an endoscopy.

“I’ve suffered on and off since 2016 with extreme stomach pain,” Haack wrote to the platform. “It has been written off as stress and doctors have tried to put me on all the pills/meds but luckily I realized masking it wasn’t the answer."

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Adding, "I wanted to fix the problem so I really focused on my nutrition and it seemed to get better but then last year it was triggered again and all of a sudden the stomach pain was back.”

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“With autoimmune, anxiety can cause major flare-ups and my biggest thing I’ve [noticed] being affected is my digestion/gut health,” the "Christina On The Coast" star continued in her post, noting a few of her ongoing symptoms. “Basically if I don’t eat SUPER clean I get a horrible burning sensation. I finally found the right doctor who didn’t just tell me to take Acid Controllers. … Now just praying everything comes back [OK] and some rounds of antibiotics will kill off whatever bacteria it is that’s damaging my GI tract."

Haack concluded her post, revealing she hoped to help others dealing with the same issues.

"I’ve talked to a lot of people about this and just want to advocate how important it is to trust your own health instincts and not ignore things going on in your body," she said.

Christina Haack Says She Suffers from 'Extreme Stomach Pain' and Recently Had an Endoscopy .
"Basically if I don't eat SUPER clean I get a horrible burning sensation," Christina Haack wrote in a candid Instagram post Gallery: Surgeon General Says How Not to Catch COVID (ETNT Health) According to the Mayo Clinic, SIBO occurs when the passing of food is slowed down in the digestive tract, causing an abnormal increase of bacterial population in the small intestine. Haack said in her post that she's now "just praying everything comes back ok and some rounds of antibiotics will kill off whatever bacteria it is that's damaging my GI tract.

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