Health rampant vinegar tree? How to fight it

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with magnificent autumn leaves and picturesque habit is the vinegar tree a highlight in the garden. However, a dark side is its aggressive spread over the roots. We tell you how to get you under control.

The vinegar tree (Raths Typhina) is actually a fantastic wood: robust, easy to care for, undemanding when it comes to the soil, tolerant to heat and air pollutants. In addition, he also presents decoratively slit leaves that have a magnificent autumn color in red and orange. A drop of bitterness are the roots that run close to the earth's surface, from which numerous shotgings can develop. Real thicknesses can then form around and under the tree. In Switzerland, RHUS Thypina is on the black list because of his untamed will to spread. The danger is too great in the great outdoors that it spreads, for example, in species -rich lean grass or displaced domestic plants in ruderal corridors. Rhizom lock: defend the beginnings If you want to give the vinegar tree in the garden - and there are many good reasons for this - it is best to plant it with

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root lock

. Because the formation of root sprouts or runners cannot be suppressed. The lighter and sandy the floor, the stronger the urge to spread the vinegar tree. The contamatory film should therefore be sufficiently thick, two millimeters are appropriate. UV-resistant should be as well as frost and meal resistant so that it does not come to breaks in the material. The rhizome lock all over the root ball of RHUS Typhina. It is dug up vertically into the earth and at least one and a half meters in the diameter. On the side it should protrude a little out of the ground so that the film is not overgrown. Please pay attention to sufficiently wide overlap between the layers - at least ten centimeters - so that the roots do not cheat through in between. Keeping enough distance not only from plants, but also of plates, paved civil climbing or gravel paths, preferably several meters. The latter can be raised by the roots and cause damage. ornamental gardens Rhizom lock for bamboo and rampant trees

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A rhizome lock prevents bamboo and other rampant plants from spreading. Read here what you have to consider when creating this lock. learn more
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root injuries. With cutting out of the foothills, you will be as successful as with a cut: the vinegar tree reacts with increased shoot. If the vinegar tree is in the middle of the lawn , the shoots are simply mown regularly. Fans of a flawless green leisure carpet will not necessarily satisfy the optics. If you want to get rid of the vinegar tree, the best thing to do is try ringing. To do this, remove the

bark on the shoots in a width of about ten centimeters. This leads to a death without the root brood stirring. Existing rooters must then be digged carefully, even the smallest remains should be removed. Here it has to be done as consistently as the Giersch . A regular trampling of the young shoots is also intended to weaken the mother plant. However, you have to have staying power for success.

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Herbstfärbung des Essigbaums © Getty Images/Stand Autumn coloring of the vinegar tree Carefully handling the vinegar tree Please note that the vinegar tree is poisonous except for its ripe fruits. Touching should be avoided, skin irritation can occur due to the milk juice. Therefore, you should wear gloves and long-sleeved clothing for planting, care and cutting. Removed parts of the plant should be disposed of in professional composting systems so that there is no further spread by deportation, for example via your own compost .

Plants vinegar tree: Fiery color accents in autumn The vinegar tree (Raths Typhina) is adorned with a particularly intensive autumn color. There are also a picturesque growth and idiosyncratic, beautiful fruit stands in strong red, which keep on the tree even in winter.

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