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14:20  26 september  2022
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'We need this now': Ontario pharmacists say plan to let them prescribe drugs doesn't go far enough

  'We need this now': Ontario pharmacists say plan to let them prescribe drugs doesn't go far enough Starting next year, pharmacists in Ontario will be able to prescribe medication for some minor ailments, but some are calling on the province to expand that list and make the changes sooner to alleviate some of the pressure on the health-care system. Justin Bates, the CEO of the Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA), says the changes are a good first step but he would like to see more services added. "We need to expand it. Ontario is taking a very cautious approach with only 13 conditions," Bates told CBC News. "There are provinces that allow pharmacists to prescribe for all medications except for narcotics and controlled substances.

Pourquoi ces sirops pour la toux ne seront plus vendus en pharmacie © Pixabay why these cough syrups will no longer be sold in pharmacy several syrups, which contain a responsible allergic shock substance, have just seen their authorization to put on the suspended market. She had been claimed for years.

The National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM) had warned at the end of the summer: some syrups against cough would present a "significant risk" of serious allergy during anesthesia. A new study had highlighted that when taking pholcodine -based medication ", this" exposed a significant risk of making a serious allergy to curares, indicated during general anesthesia, even if the Anesthesia takes place several weeks after taking the medication, "said the health agency. A suspension of placing these products was then mentioned.

Doctors Explain Why You Might Get a Chronic Cough While Pregnant

  Doctors Explain Why You Might Get a Chronic Cough While Pregnant Editor's Note: We at POPSUGAR recognize that people of many genders and identities have vaginas and uteruses and experience pregnancy, not just those who are women. For this particular story, we interviewed experts who generally referred to people with vaginas and uteruses who experience pregnancy as women. © Getty Doctors Explain Why You Might Get a Chronic Cough While Pregnant While pregnant, a person may experience a myriad of common symptoms, including a sore back, sporadic food cravings, and extreme morning sickness.

This suspension was confirmed, details the consumer association on Monday, UFC-Que Choisir , taking up a decision precisely from the ANSM . Recalling that the responsibility of pholcodine in serious allergic shocks during general anesthesia was known for twenty years, the consumer association displays its satisfaction before this decision. If the risk is very rare, the molecule can "induce a severe allergy to curares, myorelaxing products used in general anesthesia".

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products concerned are sugar -free dimetan (biocodex), biocalyptol and biocalyptol without sugar (Zambon), the Pholcodine (biogaran). After the start of the COVVI-19 pandemic, the National Agency for Medicines Safety had also advised against doctors to use these products to treat cough. The UFC-Que Choisir also drives the point: "It is not an evil insofar as their effectiveness is anecdotal", and the association recalls that it had several times "sounded Alarm on these dangers "because it also promotes drowsiness.

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Laboratories should very quickly make the reminders of the products concerned. If there is one left at home, it is advisable to bring them back to pharmacies. Until then, these syrups were only delivered on a prescription, and the ANSM had asked practitioners to raise their patients aware of the risks involved. For those who use or have already used an antitssive syrup containing pholcodine, "there [had] no particular recommended surveillance at present," said the ANSM.

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