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Is This The Best Way To Handle Stressful Life Events?

  Is This The Best Way To Handle Stressful Life Events? Is This The Best Way To Handle Stressful Life Events?I knew that control was an illusion, but mapping it all out from start to finish kept me from tearing my hair out. As it turns out, meticulous planning is a pretty common and effective way of de-stressing. Eva Stubits, PhD, a Houston-based clinical psychologist who specialises in stress management, says that it helps you feel like you have a hand in what's going to happen, and it gives you a sense of purpose. So planning is partly about feeling as if you have some control over your circumstances, and about feeling as prepared as possible for whatever stressful event you're anticipating.

Stress management is key: a little stress is a good thing, but too much can have devastating consequences for your health and relationships. These hormones help you to deal with any threats or pressure you are facing - which is called the 'fight or flight' response.

Eating slow-release carbs and cutting down on protein may prevent rotten-egg farts according to a study of the gases emitted by human faeces samples. These foods are highly fermentable, meaning they are preferentially broken down ahead of protein, Yao says . “The focus is taken away from the

High-fibre diets could cut anxiety and depression, researchers have revealed. A link between foods like wholewheat pasta, nuts and fruit show that these reduce stress disorders: This is what you should eat if you are stressed © Provided by Hearst Communications, Inc This is what you should eat if you are stressed A diet containing fibre-rich foods, such as wholewheat pasta, wholegrain cereals, broccoli, nuts and fruit like berries or pears could reduce the effects of stress, a new study has revealed.

Research conducted by scientists at the University College Cork found that a high-fibre diet may ease stress-related disorders like anxiety, depression and irritable bowel syndrome.

Fibre stimulates bacteria in the gut to produce short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs). Tests have shown that these acids decrease levels of stress and anxiety.

Scientists reveal yet another health benefit of avocado

  Scientists reveal yet another health benefit of avocado Avo on toast, anyone?

Eating less could make you happier and healthier, scientists have said . Previous research has shown that eating fewer calories extends people’s lifespans – and now The results were surprising – people on a calorie restricted yet nutritious diet were happier, less stressed , slept better and had better sex

When you eat crackers, dry cereal, bread, or rice cakes alone, your body converts the carbs to simple sugars and sends it directly into your blood stream. In response to the sugar rush, your body produces extra insulin, which helps your body absorb the sugar ASAP. The problem: You end up with low blood

The study also found that the links between our guts and behaviour don’t stop there...

a bowl of food: This is what you should eat if you are stressed © mikroman6 - Getty Images This is what you should eat if you are stressed Stress experienced over a prolonged period of time can make the barrier between the inside of the gut and the rest of the body less effective and ‘leaky’. This means undigested food, germs and bacteria pass through the leaky gut wall into the blood and cause persistent inflammation.

Scientists added that this ‘leakiness’ can be reversed with SCFAs. The research involved feeding mice SFCAs normally produced by the gut bacteria and subjecting them to stress. Using behavioural tests, the rodents were assessed for anxiety and depressive-like behaviour.

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Scientists Discover New 'Micro-organ'

  Scientists Discover New 'Micro-organ' The structure "remembers" past infections and helps the body mount a response.Scientists have discovered a new “micro-organ” within the immune system, according to a study published in the journal Nature Communications.

What's stressful for you ? Whatever event or situation is stressing you out, there are ways of coping with the Stress -hardy people tend to embrace challenges, have a stronger sense of humor, believe in a Eat a healthy diet. The food you eat can improve or worsen your mood and affect your ability to

Stress is not a useful term for scientists because it is such a highly subjective phenomenon that it Any definition of stress should therefore also include good stress , or what Selye called eustress. A passionate kiss and contemplating what might follow is stressful , but hardly the same as having a

Experts said it remains undetermined how SFCAs work but study author Professor John Cryan, whose work is published in The Journal of Physiology, said in a release: ‘There is a growing recognition of the role of gut bacteria and the chemicals they make in the regulation of physiology and behaviour.

‘The role of short-chain fatty acids in this process is poorly understood up until now.’

We don't know about you, but we're in the mood for pasta tonight!

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1. Asparagus: Depression has been linked to low levels of folic acid, and one vegetable that boosts this mood-enhancing nutrient is asparagus. A single cup provides two-thirds of your daily value, and it’s easy to fit asparagus into almost any meal. Some ideas: Sauté some asparagus tips for a tasty omelet. Go with steamed or grilled spears as a side vegetable for meat, fish or poultry. Snack on some steamed spears by dipping in some dressing.20 fittest foods>>> Eat to beat stress: 10 foods that reduce anxiety

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