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Hollywood Is Obsessed With This Simple Diet Plan

Wednesday  22:30,   19 september 2018

Some of the hottest bodies in Hollywood — think Beyoncé, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hardy, Miranda Kerr and Justin Theroux — have one simple thing in common: intermittent fasting.Intermittent fasting comes in many forms, and is customizable to one’s...[...]

22-Year-Old Miraculously Survives 'Universally Fatal' Internal Decapitation, Expected to Fully Recover

Wednesday  19:07,   19 september 2018

Brock Meister, 22, was a passenger in his friend's truck when it slid on black ice and flipped."I feel really lucky. It still goes through my mind everyday how lucky I am," Meister, of South Bend, told...[...]

This is the one type of exercise that will help you build muscle fastest, according to YouTube fitness stars The Lean Machines

Wednesday  11:28,   19 september 2018

If you want the most bang for your buck in the gym, look to compound lifts say YouTube fitness stars The Lean Machines.We've all seen those guys in the gym who hunch over an EZ bar and curl their biceps to destruction before studiously analysing...[...]

Jenna Jameson Is Adding Calories to Her Keto Diet After Hitting Her Goal Weight of 125 Lbs.

Wednesday  11:07,   19 september 2018

Jenna Jameson Is Adding Calories to Her Keto Diet After Hitting Her Goal Weight of 125 Lbs.Jenna Jameson hit her goal weight of 125 lbs. last week, which means she gets to move on to the fun part of dieting — adding...[...]

Four people get cancer from donated organs in 'extraordinarily rare' case

Tuesday  23:51,   18 september 2018

Four European patients developed breast cancer after receiving organs from the same donor, a case report explains. The patients developed breast cancer years after their transplants, with three of them dying of the disease.Dr. Frederike Bemelman,...[...]

I Drank Green Tea For 1 Week Instead of Coffee, and This Is What Floored Me

Tuesday  21:06,   18 september 2018

I know there are no quick fixes when it comes to weight loss. Drinking apple cider vinegar every day or doing a detox won't make a huge, permanent difference to the scale. So when I decided to drink green tea for a week instead of coffee, it...[...]

Matthew Perry Just Spent 3 Months in the Hospital After a ‘Gastrointestinal Perforation’

Tuesday  18:54,   18 september 2018

"Three months in a hospital bed. Check," the actor tweeted last week. We don't know the details of Perry's situation, but a gastrointestinal perforation can be a seriously painful condition.Having a gastrointestinal perforation—a hole...[...]

‘I am mine’: This is what Alzheimer’s is like at 41

Tuesday  17:26,   18 september 2018

Three years ago, Jo and his wife Robin shared their story: he had early-onset Alzheimer’s. Now, as it continues its swift, relentless assault on Jo, Robin navigates the unthinkableThe wheelchair lift has jammed, and after the bus driver makes...[...]

Scientists identify four personality types

Tuesday  14:02,   18 september 2018

Personality tests are hugely popular, but if you ask working psychologists, they’ll scoff at them. Now, a new study has persuaded one of the staunchest critics to conclude that maybe distinct personality types exist, after all.In a report published...[...]

I Started Getting in Shape Again at 50 - Here's What My Week of Workouts Looks Like

Tuesday  12:26,   18 september 2018

Re-engaging with an active lifestyle when you're over 50 (and haven't been consistently active in a couple of decades) is not the easiest thing.Reengaging with an active lifestyle when you're over 50 - and haven't been consistently active in [...]

Here's What Flip or Flop's Christina El Moussa Does Every Day to Stay in Such Great Shape

Tuesday  09:52,   18 september 2018

The HGTV star walks us through her workout and diet routine. Between filming Flip or Flop with her ex-husband and her new solo show, Christina on the Coast, Christina El Moussa has a very busy schedule. Add two kids and her own personal home...[...]

Triathlete Banned From All-you-can-eat Restaurant

Monday  21:55,   17 september 2018

It said "all you can eat," so he did.The triathlete follows a special diet in which he fasts for 20-hour periods. So when he does sit down for dinner, he tries to make up for lost...[...]

Popular Blogger Who Documented Her IVF Journey Dies During Emergency C-Section

Monday  21:55,   17 september 2018

Vanessa Fernandez Arango, who shared her fertility journey on social media, died while undergoing an emergency cesarean section, Spanish news outlet El Mundo reports.Vanessa Fernandez Arango began documenting her in-vitro fertilization experience...[...]

This military trick promises sleep in under two minutes

Monday  13:52,   17 september 2018

Finally! A trick that may actually workSharon Ackman shared this method for falling asleep on Medium in July 2018, but it was originally published in a 1981 book called Relax and Win: Championship...[...]

What Is Lynch Syndrome—and How Does It Increase Uterine and Ovarian Cancer Risk?

Sunday  11:06,   16 september 2018

What Is Lynch Syndrome—and How Does It Increase Uterine and Ovarian Cancer Risk?By now, most women are well aware that genes play a role in the risk for certain cancers. Thanks in large part to Angelina Jolie and other celebrities speaking publicly...[...]