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50 secrets it’s OK to keep from your partner

Thursday  21:52,   08 november 2018

Do you tell your significant other everything? While a high level of honesty and openness is healthy in a committed relationship, there are times when keeping something to yourself can actually be kinder, smarter, or better for everyone. Read on for >>>

If You've Cheated On Your Partner, Keep That Secret To Yourself

Tuesday  15:42,   06 november 2018

You've cheated. Maybe it was a one-night stand spurred on by too much alcohol and impaired decision-making. Maybe it was an on-going affair with a friend or colleague. No matter the circumstances, you're in a sticky situation if you're interested in >>>

5 Ways To Celebrate Your Relationship That Are Not Face Tattoos

Monday  18:21,   05 november 2018

We don't know for sure that Justin Bieber got a Hailey Baldwin-related face tattoo. For now, all we have to go on is the word of a celebrity tattoo artist named Bang Bang (real name Keith McCurdy), who told Page Six that he recently gave the future... >>>

Dinner with My Old Boyfriend 15 Years Later Set Off Something I Hadn't Anticipated

Friday  13:55,   02 november 2018

When I arrived at the Santa Barbara wine bar he suggested, there was only one open table, dimly lit and intimate. The booze, sexy music and candlelight felt like a callback to our first kiss 15 years before, almost to the day. Maybe the wrinkles... >>>

This is why David and Victoria Beckham will never divorce

Thursday  19:42,   25 october 2018

David and Victoria Beckham have been plagued with divorce rumours for years now, with people believing they are on the brink of a split at all times. Since David said their marriage was ‘hard work’, the couple have been scrutinised even more. The... >>>

If You Believe These 3 Relationship Myths, You'll Never Find Love

Wednesday  15:10,   24 october 2018

If You Believe These 3 Relationship Myths, You'll Never Find Love These relationship myths are so widespread, it’s no wonder most of us believe them. But doing so can keep you from truly understanding how to find love and the romance you desire with >>>

This is why speedy engagements often fail, and why slowing things down is a good idea

Tuesday  20:22,   23 october 2018

There were many speedy celebrity engagements over the summer, but rushing into a serious relationship doesn't always work out. Here are some of the reasons slowing things down can be beneficial in the long... >>>

Instead of having a third baby, we went to Cuba!

Tuesday  19:18,   23 october 2018

When my husband told me he didn't want another child I was crushed. How was I supposed to change his heart? How was he supposed to change mine? I decided that he just needed some time and that, eventually (with wine and lingerie perhaps?), I would... >>>

A Couple Recalls the Night She Proposed and Blew Up Gender Stereotypes

Tuesday  18:38,   23 october 2018

This bride stopped avoiding commitment and took a leap of... >>>

My Marriage Fell Apart Within Four Months & Here's Why I'm Glad

Monday  16:20,   22 october 2018

Longevity is a barometer of success when it comes to... >>>

Having an Open Marriage Ultimately Led to My Divorce

Monday  19:55,   24 september 2018

Having an Open Marriage Ultimately Led to My DivorceOnly problem? I'm not talking about my husband. I'm talking about the first of many lovers I had over the course of my open marriage, and now the only thing that is history is that very marriage.... >>>

People are sharing the reasons why they 'broke up' with friends - and they're brutal

Monday  19:55,   24 september 2018

Friendships, like any other relationship, can be prone to strain and struggle, and sometimes they break completely. It might be because you and your bestie have grown up and apart, it might be that one moved away, or your break up could be the... >>>

How One Woman’s Terrible Tinder Experience Went Viral—and Launched a Meme

Monday  19:55,   24 september 2018

Alita Brydin of Melbourne, Australia, recently wrote about a perfect Tinder match gone wrong for Mamamia, and The Mirror's headline has become a meme.Recently, one woman’s story of the classic Tinder experience has even turned into its own meme. >>>

7 Common Bedtime Habits That Can Ruin Your Sex Life

Monday  19:55,   24 september 2018

7 Common Bedtime Habits That Can Ruin Your Sex LifeWe live busy lives, though, not perfect ones. Work emails pile up, and you answer them before falling asleep, or the kids come barreling into the room and ask to sleep in your bed and you can’t say... >>>

8 Crazy Things Couples Didn't Know About Each Other Until They Got Married

Monday  19:55,   24 september 2018

8 Crazy Things Couples Didn't Know About Each Other Until They Got Married1. "My wife refuses to [do her business] with the door closed. Refuses. Also refuses to use the exhaust fan. I didn't know about this when we were dating because we always >>>