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Get Excited, Because Love, Victor Season 2 Finally Has a Release Date

Saturday  01:32,   27 february 2021

Ever since Hulu announced Love, Victor will be returning for season two, we've been patiently waiting to find out how Victor Salazar's story progresses.Starting the countdown... NOW! Season 2 of #LoveVictor premieres June 11, only on @hulu!... >>>

Are You Self-Gaslighting? 5 Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Greatness, and How to Unlearn It

Saturday  01:32,   27 february 2021

Gaslighting is a subtle but dangerous form of psychological manipulation where the abuser causes the recipient to question or doubt their reality, memories, and sanity. In relationships, signs of gaslighting can manifest in casual situations, making >>>

Brooke Shields on hardest part of parenting teen daughters: 'I am so not cool'

Friday  22:13,   26 february 2021

"They're going to say 'I hate you,' and they don't really mean it, but they do at that moment."In the 1980s, Shields was the iconic American teenage girl. Now 55, she is raising two of her own, Rowan, 17, and Grier, 14, with husband... >>>

Allow Me to Upgrade the Hell Out of Your Boring Picnic Dates

Friday  22:13,   26 february 2021

If there was ever a perfect time to bust out your gingham blanket, it's now.I mean, really, does it get any better than munching on your favorite snacks and catching some much-needed Vitamin D with your partner or Tinder date? I think... >>>

See the emotional photos Meghan McCain left on dad's grave

Thursday  23:11,   25 february 2021

McCain's daughter was born just over two years after the death of Senator John McCain.On Wednesday, “The View” co-host posted an emotional photo to Instagram at the grave of her late father, Senator John McCain. Surrounded by miniature American... >>>

How to Get the Most Out of Your Mentor Relationship

Wednesday  23:28,   24 february 2021

Good mentoring isn't just about giving great advice. In the best mentoring relationships, everybody learns something. The post How to Get the Most Out of Your Mentor Relationship appeared first on Reader's Digest.For those few hours, Miriam... >>>

5 things therapists wish you knew before starting couples therapy

Wednesday  22:04,   24 february 2021

If you feel like the pandemic is putting a strain on your relationship, you're not alone, according to couples therapists."The pandemic has made it really hard because you are being so forced to be together in ways you aren't used to having... >>>

Questions to consider after reading 'The Four Winds' by Kristin Hannah

Wednesday  22:04,   24 february 2021

Talk about these questions with fellow book lovers!For February's Read With Jenna book club pick, Jenna Bush Hager selected "The Four Winds," by Kristin... >>>

Ellie Goulding Opened Up About How Being Pregnant During the Pandemic Is "Particularly Lonely"

Wednesday  19:31,   24 february 2021

Singer Ellie Goulding is opening up about what it's like to be pregnant during a pandemic. In an exclusive interview for Vogue, she announced that she and her husband, Caspar Jopling, are expecting their first child. "It happens really quickly,... >>>

Al Roker reveals kind act that won him his first date with Deborah Roberts

Wednesday  18:48,   24 february 2021

Deborah's sparse kitchen provided an opening for Al to lay the groundwork for what has become a 25-year marriage.Al shared how he and Roberts eventually became more than just friends back in 1992 during a recent appearance on "The Kelly Clarkson >>>

What It’s Like to Come Out As Queer In Your Late 30s

Wednesday  16:44,   24 february 2021

When I married a great guy and had a baby with him, it was everything that compulsory heterosexuality had told me to want. So why did it feel so wrong?I grew up in a religious and conservative household, the youngest of three daughters to a... >>>

The worst ways you can waste your time

Wednesday  02:42,   24 february 2021

Time is a funny thing, contracting and expanding so that there’s either never enough, or far too much stretching endlessly before us. However, we should never use the latter as an excuse to waste time on thoughtless or pointless activities, not... >>>

Why Using the Term "Women of Color" Erases Black Women

Wednesday  02:42,   24 february 2021

While well-intentioned, the term women of color (WOC) erases the nuanced and lived experiences of Black women in America. In a call to be more specific in language when speaking about social issues, we must stop using the umbrella term when... >>>

Just a Bunch of Couple-y Things to Do Together When You're Bored of Netflix

Tuesday  22:27,   23 february 2021

The limit on how many times a day you can watch'Bridgerton' does exist, unfortunately.Thanks to pretty much every form of entertainment going virtual to accommodate with These Times, you have lots of date options that don’t involve your... >>>

While voting on union: Amazon offers severance pay to

Tuesday  20:25,   23 february 2021

Amazon employees in Alabama want to form a union. A severance package could jeopardize the vote. © Ben von Klemperer / Shutterstock demonstrators in New York support the Amazon employees in Bessemer. In Bessemer, Alabama, Amazon employees plan to... >>>