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Did you know these celebrities had a twin?

Saturday  10:31,   26 november 2022

Talking about Hollywood twins immediately brings to mind the famous Olsens or James and Oliver Phelps, who played the Weasley twins in Harry Potter. Many stars, however, are lucky enough to have a real-life double. You just don’t hear much about... >>>

The best motherhood-themed horror movies of all time

Saturday  06:01,   26 november 2022

Evil offspring, deranged mothers, and the battle to protect children from dangerous and terrifying circumstances are common themes in horror films. Here’s our list of the best, from classic movies featuring some of the genre’s most iconic characters >>>

7 Celebrities Who Married the Same Person Twice

Friday  23:41,   25 november 2022

Sometimes a second chance at love is all you need. These celebrities took another shot and married the same person... >>>

Queen Elizabeth's close friend, Lady Glenconner, says 'The Crown' makes her 'so angry' and that it's unfair to the royal family

Friday  14:51,   25 november 2022

Lady Glenconner was a bridesmaid to Queen Elizabeth and a lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret. She said aspects of "The Crown" are untrue.Tennant, who is known formally as Lady Glenconner, was a bridesmaid at the Queen's wedding to Prince Philip in >>>

The Turkey Trot Meme Won't Die. Why?

Friday  10:20,   25 november 2022

In for 2022: pilates, flared leggings, tinned fish, reproductive rights. Out: skinny jeans, burnout, thumbs-up emojis, and . . . turkey trots? © Getty Images / Helen H. Richardson The Turkey Trot Meme Won't Die. Why? In reality, it's been quite a... >>>

Amazon employees plan mass strikes on Black Friday in 40 countries

Friday  09:30,   25 november 2022

Amazon employees plan global mass strikes. In doing so, they demand fair payment, the right to establish unions and that Amazon pays its taxes. © Shutterstock / Mamunur Rashid The protests are to take place in around 40 countries. Amazon employees... >>>

90s sitcoms worth re-watching

Thursday  05:51,   24 november 2022

Not everything ages like fine wine, but some of the best family sitcoms and workplace comedies ever made are from the '90s. Funny, nostalgic, and surprisingly relevant even now, here are our picks for the best '90s sitcoms that are still... >>>

Valerie Bertinelli announces she's 'happily divorced' from Tom Vitale

Wednesday  18:41,   23 november 2022

Valerie Bertinelli says in a Twitter video that she is officially divorced from Tom Vitale.The “Valerie’s Home Cooking” host announced in a Twitter video Nov. 22 while traveling to see her son, Wolfgang, that she and Tom Vitale have officially... >>>

Jill Biden's marriage advice to her granddaughter Naomi before her wedding: 'maintain your independence'

Wednesday  10:00,   23 november 2022

In a Vogue cover story, first lady Dr. Jill Biden revealed the marriage advice she gave her granddaughter Naomi before her wedding at the White House.While the wedding itself was closed to the press, Naomi and the first lady spoke with Vogue in the... >>>

Is It Ever a Good Idea to Text Your Ex?

Wednesday  03:30,   23 november 2022

Short answer: Probs not. But let’s unpack, shall we?Sound familiar? We thought so. Real talk, “Should I text my ex?” is one of those questions most of us have asked ourselves at one time or another, and it’s also one of those questions you usually... >>>

See Naomi Biden and grandmother Jill Biden in beautiful photos from her White House wedding

Wednesday  01:11,   23 november 2022

Naomi Biden told Vogue details of her White House wedding and how grandmother and first lady Dr. Jill Biden helped.Biden, 28, married Peter Neal, 25, in a ceremony on a cold winter morning in front of 250 family members and friends, including... >>>

Colorado Springs Is a Nightmare For the Queer Community. Here's How to Help

Tuesday  21:01,   22 november 2022

The first time I went to a gay bar, it was the gay bar: Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village. Everything I had heard about New York City was that it accepted you. Or at the very least, tolerated you in a "Do what you want, I couldn't care less"... >>>

Naomi Biden says her wedding dress was inspired by Grace Kelly's royal wedding gown

Tuesday  21:01,   22 november 2022

The dress, designed by Ralph Lauren, also incorporated lace from Jill Biden's wedding gown, Vogue reported.President Joe Biden's granddaughter, Naomi Biden, got married at the White House on November 19 to Peter Neal. Their wedding, which took... >>>

Photos show Naomi Biden and Peter Neal's private White House wedding ceremony

Tuesday  03:20,   22 november 2022

Joe Biden's granddaughter Naomi Biden and Peter Neal held their wedding at the White House. The event was closed to the public and the... >>>

18 stylish, comfortable and sparkly party shoes for all your holiday events

Tuesday  01:00,   22 november 2022

Toast, dance and 'tis the season with these party-ready heels.With holiday party invitations incoming, it might be time to update your footwear repertoire. Whether you're attending a wedding or work-related soiree, the holiday season is a great... >>>