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A boyfriend who planned a viral surprise proposal gathered friends and family on a video call for the heartwarming moment

Tuesday  22:46,   07 april 2020

PJ Bruno got down on one knee for his girlfriend, Jaz Zepatos, before revealing that all her family and friends were watching via Google Hangouts. He was going to set up a fake audition for Zepatos, a digital strategist and actress, complete with a... >>>

A Psychologist Explains the Power of Affirmations

Tuesday  18:56,   07 april 2020

When life throws you a curveball that leaves you feeling out of control, a lot of power can be found in setting affirmations - short statements that represent a commitment to manifest something into existence. "Shifting our mental attention towards... >>>

I Actually Ended Up With My First Love

Monday  18:55,   06 april 2020

Cue the... >>>

Back-To-Back Zooms, Yoga & A Mouse: Getting Out The Vote While #StayingHome

Sunday  19:15,   05 april 2020

In Trailblazers: Diaries From The Front Lines Of The 2020 Election, we take an in-depth look at the lives of women working behind the scenes to make our country better every day, whether it’s on a presidential campaign or political advocacy... >>>

Self-Isolating With My Partner Has Made Me Realize We Aren't Meant to Be

Saturday  00:19,   04 april 2020

My boyfriend's father was against us self-isolating together, and he was right. His reasoning was that he didn't want us "playing house," aka being alone 24/7 and doing something irresponsible like getting pregnant. But luckily for him, we... >>>

6 myths about getting a divorce

Friday  21:41,   03 april 2020

Thinking about ending your marriage? Make sure you aren’t misinformed about your rights and obligations—as that could have costly consequences.We asked Laura Paris, an associate with Shulman Law Firm in Toronto, and Sarah Dargatz, a partner at... >>>

The Knot Launched a Hotline to Help Engaged Couples Navigate the Coronavirus - Here's What to Know

Friday  03:00,   03 april 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic ensues and continues to create restrictions on events and gatherings, many couples are facing heartbreaking decisions regarding their wedding day. Some have decided to reschedule, some are canceling the large event and... >>>

Amidst Everything Happening in the World, I'm Really Grateful For Having Phone Calls Again

Thursday  21:02,   02 april 2020

For my entire life, I've hated talking on the phone. I would dread having to call anyone and did everything in my power to either avoid making a call completely or get someone else to do it for me. I never thought I would get to the day where my >>>

This Viral Video of "Wee Granny" Will Comfort You in Quarantine

Wednesday  23:20,   01 april 2020

In her thick Scottish accent, "Wee Granny" is here to remind you that "it'll all pass" in a viral video that many people find extremely soothing.On Mar. 31, Twitter user @islaanne1 posted this video—taken from a distance, of course—of her... >>>

A woman wore her mother-of-the-groom dress to the grocery store after the coronavirus prevented her from showing it off

Wednesday  01:11,   01 april 2020

Ann Emge's son's 200-guest wedding was postponed because of the coronavirus, so she wore her mother-of-the-groom dress around her... >>>

I've Gathered Photo Evidence That Proves Harry Styles Takes Fashion Cues From Juan Gabriel

Tuesday  18:38,   31 march 2020

Lately, Harry Styles has been getting a lot of praise over his gender-bending... >>>

This Is What It's Like to Be Single in New York, in Quarantine Alone

Tuesday  02:15,   31 march 2020

Being single while in quarantine can feel especially lonely, but it can also open up opportunities for self-love, self-reflection, and even romance.Sure, I have my moments. I try not to think about the fact that I'm physically alone in the center of >>>

Sometimes I Don't Drink, and No, I Don't Have to Tell You Why

Monday  19:51,   30 march 2020

I have a love/hate relationship with alcohol. I've certainly done my fair share of drinking, but I've also quit several times, from 30 days to up to nine months (and no, I wasn't pregnant). It's always an interesting experience to see how I feel... >>>

Tiger King’s Directors Shut Down Carole Baskin’s Claims Of Coercion

Sunday  23:16,   29 march 2020

Tiger King has become the official streaming obsession of choice for many people in quarantine. Ever since it first hit Netflix, it seems to have found new ways to top itself, be it the fan-made memes, looking up where the docuseries’ key players... >>>