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e-bikes at Amazon, Lidl & Co.: Secure now from 750 euros!

Sunday  12:50,   25 september 2022

© TVMovie/PR Find and buy an e-bike from Lidl, Otto or Amazon Teutoburger Senne Pedelec Citybike: E-bike below 1,000 euros The light E-Bike Senne Pedelec Citybike from Teutoburger with a deep entry Perfect for everyday life - for men and for women. >>>

These celebrities are surprisingly cheap

Sunday  12:42,   25 september 2022

From the outside, their lives seem like the height of luxury, but even some of the richest and most famous celebrities around have been known to penny-pinch. Whether it’s stingy habits like stiffing restaurant servers, or frugal gestures like opting >>>

20 infamous cases of whitewashing

Sunday  09:52,   25 september 2022

When history books, schoolteachers, movies, and pop culture omit—or even casually gloss over—the contributions, lived experiences, and excellence of our marginalized communities in favour of the accounts of colonial, white populations, this is... >>>

Dad knits blankets to represent his babies' sleep patterns and they are works of art

Sunday  07:21,   25 september 2022

Seattle father Seung Lee took a creative and scientific approach to understanding his children's sleep habits, and knitted two baby blankets as a result.The mesmerizing result shows the chaos of newborn days (and nights) gradually turning into a >>>

From "Glee" to "Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story," Take a Look Back at Ryan Murphy's Prolific TV Career

Sunday  07:12,   25 september 2022

Ryan Murphy is the writer, producer, and creative force behind some of television's most popular, groundbreaking, and - honestly - unsettling... >>>

20 sexist compliments you should stop saying

Sunday  07:12,   25 september 2022

There are many phrases that you might think are a compliment, but are really just a backhanded dig and sexist remark. Comments on physical appearance, intelligence, and a devaluing of so-called “feminine” traits are popular topics when it comes to... >>>

20 celebrities who opened up about having an abortion

Sunday  05:51,   25 september 2022

Despite important advances achieved by feminist movements in recent decades, abortion rights and access are under constant threat—or even non-existent—in many places around the world. Just a few months ago, the U.S. Supreme Court voted to overturn... >>>

Gwyneth Paltrow Says She's "Crossed Lines" That "Sometimes Rip Me From Sleep" in Birthday Essay

Sunday  05:51,   25 september 2022

Gwyneth Paltrow is taking time to reflect on her past in a new essay in honor of her 50th birthday. In a post shared on her Goop blog on Sept. 22, the 49-year-old actor reflected on the passage of time and contemplated mistakes she's made throughout >>>

Kathie Lee Gifford shares new photo of grandson Frank — and look who is jealous

Sunday  05:51,   25 september 2022

Kathie Lee Gifford's dog Bambino adorably competes with her baby grandson Frank in a new photo."Looks like somebody’s jealous!" the former TODAY co-host, 69, wrote on an Instagram photo of herself with a plate of pasta and holding Frank, her... >>>

Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann’s love story, in their own words

Sunday  05:41,   25 september 2022

“Law & Order: SVU" star Mariska Hargitay has been married to husband Peter Hermann since 2004. Here's what to know about their kids, wedding, what they've said in interviews.Mariska Hargitay met her future husband, Peter Hermann, when he... >>>

I'm 54 years old and still a virgin. I'm determined to find love even after getting my heart broken.

Sunday  05:31,   25 september 2022

Glory Peddie, a 54-year-old virgin, is determined to stay that way until she gets a ring on her finger. She still believes Mr. Right is out there.I've been a die-hard romantic since I was a little girl. I've always believed in true love and a knight >>>

Jurnee Smollet is leaving the door open for a 'Lou' sequel

Sunday  05:21,   25 september 2022

Jurnee Smollett is in full mama bear mode in film "Lou." She plays Hannah, a single mother whose daughter, Vee, is kidnapped in the middle of a storm. Her landlord, Lou (Allison Janney), helps Hannah find Vee by embarking on a grueling journey... >>>

Yes, Hot People Get Cheated On, Too

Sunday  05:21,   25 september 2022

When the world found out that Adam Levine allegedly cheated on his wife Behati Prinsloo, the internet exploded with confusion. One Twitter user Tweeted: "Adam Levine was dating a VS MODEL BRO. AND HE CHEATED ON HER." Another said, "BEHATI WAS DOING... >>>

40 things that are tougher after 40

Monday  00:51,   19 september 2022

For most people, birthdays are something to look forward to. And why not? Birthdays mean gifts, cake and celebrating with friends. Then you turn 40. All of a sudden, birthdays don’t seem so fun anymore. Here are 40 things that are tougher after you... >>>

9 controversial moments between Queen Elizabeth and politicians throughout history

Sunday  17:12,   18 september 2022

During her reign, the Queen met every US president except for one. The state visits didn't always go... >>>