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Food Network star Anne Burrell gets married: 'Luckiest girl in the world'

Sunday  20:12,   17 october 2021

Burrell had her celebrity chef friends in attendance on her big day!The 52-year-old chef and co-host of "Worst Cooks in America" wed fiancé Stuart Claxton and spent the weekend celebrating. Leading up to the ceremony, Burrell excitedly posted about... >>>

Sean Penn’s wife Leila George files for divorce after 1 year of marriage

Sunday  07:50,   17 october 2021

The couple tied the knot last year in a “COVID wedding” after dating for four years.George, 29, filed the dissolution in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, TODAY... >>>

Hoda Kotb reveals why she was 'terrified' to discuss adoption with Joel Schiffman

Sunday  03:32,   17 october 2021

The TODAY co-anchor wasn’t so sure Schiffman, her boyfriend at the time, would be interested in adopting with her. On the first episode of People’s “Me Becoming Mom” podcast, Kotb recalls being uneasy about discussing her desire to be a mother with... >>>

Whew! You's Season 3 Finale Is Full of Twists and Turns - Let's Break It Down

Saturday  04:10,   16 october 2021

After much anticipation, season three of You has finally hit Netflix, and whew, we were not ready for all the twists and turns it throws at us. And while it may seem like this is the end of Joe's (Penn Badgley) story, it's actually not, because a... >>>

I broke etiquette and text-invited 'B list' guests to our wedding last-minute. I don't regret it.

Friday  18:02,   15 october 2021

My now-husband and I texted wedding invitations to some guests a few weeks out. That method isn't recommended, but our B-listers didn't take offense.While my now-husband and I were fine with, and even relieved about, a smaller guest list,... >>>

Sorry To Burst Your Bubble, but There Is No Such Thing as Hate-watching

Friday  01:05,   15 october 2021

It’s time to like what you like and not feel weird about it.Now, I’ll admit I’ve fallen into this trap too—I used to talk about my Love Island obsession by prefacing it with, “It’s so trashy, but….” And we all have that friend who claims they can’t... >>>

What Will It Take to See More Indigenous Representation on the Big Screen?

Thursday  23:47,   14 october 2021

It seems like a lifetime ago that I saw Yalitza Aparicio appear as "Cleo" in director Alfonso Cuarón's 2018 movie Roma.When Roma was released, the response to Aparicio's praise was outright upsetting. It was beyond disappointing to watch the... >>>

Is 'Squid Game' on Netflix appropriate for kids to watch?

Thursday  23:47,   14 october 2021

Here's everything parents need to know about Netflix's No. 1 show."Squid Game" is a Korean thriller that adds a deadly twist to classic childhood games all in the pursuit of a top $38 million cash prize. The nine-episode series leaves little >>>

20 life lessons we learned from the COVID crisis

Thursday  17:17,   14 october 2021

It’s hard to believe that COVID, or the coronavirus, entered our lexicon a year and a half ago in January 2020. Since then, the world and the way we live have changed inexorably—and in many ways for the better. Here are 20 of the biggest lessons... >>>

Reese Witherspoon shares rare pic of brother on his birthday: ‘Biggest supporter’

Wednesday  21:35,   13 october 2021

Reese Witherspoon shared a photo on Instagram with her brother, John, on his birthday.On Tuesday, Reese Witherspoon wished her older brother, John, a happy birthday in an Instagram post that featured the two of... >>>

Weddings are back in a big way. Save money with these expert tips

Wednesday  19:33,   13 october 2021

Weddings are costly for couples, parents and guests. Use these tips and tricks to stay on budget, save money and celebrate in style.I sat down with Esther Lee, senior editor at The Knot, and Irene Tyndale, founder and chief event officer of Irene... >>>

10 Signs You are the Monster in the Workplace

Wednesday  16:56,   13 october 2021

We’ve all been there — a toxic work environment that we couldn’t just wait to get out of. Maybe your boss was too demeaning, or you couldn’t find a connection with a co-worker, or maybe you just struggled fitting in the office culture at all. It... >>>

50 things you should do to really grow into yourself

Wednesday  01:30,   13 october 2021

If you’re looking to change your life or grow into who you are as a person, there are ample ways to do that—all of them science-based! Here are 50 of the best (and fun!) tips to... >>>

Meghan King says she bought 'thousands of dollars' worth of wedding dresses, and broke tradition by trying them on in front of new husband Cuffe Owens

Tuesday  17:56,   12 october 2021

Meghan King told Brides that she and Cuffe Owens, Joe Biden's nephew, started planning a future together the same week they first met in person.King and her new husband got married on Monday during an intimate ceremony in front of 50 guests on... >>>