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Dr. Ruth says it’s ‘nonsense’ that you’re too busy for a relationship

Thursday  19:06,   02 may 2019

The documentary "Ask Dr. Ruth" shows how she escaped from Nazi Germany and became America's most famous sex... >>>

This Is the Secret Benefit of Marriage You Didn’t Even Realize

Thursday  17:27,   11 april 2019

It may seem like having a spouse adds stress sometimes. But, according to a new study published in the journal PLOS One, marriage also reduces... >>>

8 signs your partner is lying to you

Wednesday  17:26,   03 april 2019

Relationship experts and a behavioral analyst reveal the tell tale signs of a partner being dishonest. Here's what to look out... >>>

Your 'Innocent' Flirting Might Actually Be Cheating If You Cross These Lines

Tuesday  16:39,   02 april 2019

Oops. >>>

Nobody Needs an Engagement Ring

Friday  14:56,   29 march 2019

The diamond industry is well aware that millennials aren’t as interested or invested in their product as past generations have been—largely because they are very expensive rocks and not, say, food or shelter—so the concept of “loaner rings” has been >>>

I Marie Kondo’d My Life After Divorce—and It Was the Best Decision I Ever Made

Thursday  16:10,   28 march 2019

How downsizing and decluttering gave one woman a new outlook on material possessions—and... >>>

Am I Done With Dating White Men?

Monday  17:22,   25 march 2019

I’ve started wondering if it’s just simpler to work with what you know ? There is no right choice, but there certainly seems to be an easier... >>>

Here's What Gwyneth Paltrow Meant by 'Conscious Uncoupling'

Friday  15:50,   22 march 2019

Five years ago, Goop CEO Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin announced their divorce in a now-infamous blog post titled “Conscious Uncoupling.” The phrase fascinated the public (resulting in many, many white people jokes) as much as... >>>

Don't Worry, Being Married and Having a Crush on Someone Else Is Actually Totally Normal

Thursday  15:30,   21 march 2019

You had the wedding of your dreams, your partner is your best friend, and you've finally found your groove with this whole marriage thing. Then, that sparkly feeling of being recently hitched starts to fade. You start realizing that your coworker is >>>

I’m considering being unfaithful to my husband: Ask Ellie

Wednesday  20:25,   20 march 2019

Q: I’m considering being unfaithful to my husband, though I love and respect him. However, long before I met him, I fell in love with a very famous man whom I’d occasionally see for a few stolen nights. He was married, and still is. Our “affair” has >>>

What Really Happened With The Woman Who Lost Her Boyfriend At Epcot?

Wednesday  17:19,   20 march 2019

Over the weekend, Brittany Blake and her boyfriend Regory Turco, went to Epcot at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. At some point during their relatively innocuous date, the pair lost track of one another. Turco’s phone battery died, so Blake... >>>

Pete Davidson Is Forcing a Personal Reckoning I Wasn’t Ready to Have

Tuesday  16:47,   05 march 2019

The truth... >>>

5 Things I Really Wish I'd Known Before Being in an Open Relationship

Thursday  21:45,   21 february 2019

Relationships are tricky business. Some say monogamy is overrated; some believe it's the only way. After my divorce, I decided that I should try out a variety of relationship styles to figure out exactly what I wanted. I'd been in a committed... >>>

How a best friend's secret matchmaking brought this Newfoundland couple together

Wednesday  16:30,   20 february 2019

Tamara Small didn't find love. Her best friend found it for her through a secret dating... >>>

This is considered the most perfect wedding dress according to men

Thursday  22:15,   14 february 2019

While women should always dress for themselves and not a man, choosing a wedding dress is a massive decision that you’d love to have your partners input. You can’t. It has to wait until the big day for the romantic reveal. And of course, he’s going... >>>