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Pete Davidson Is Forcing a Personal Reckoning I Wasn’t Ready to Have

Tuesday  16:47,   05 march 2019

The truth... >>>

5 Things I Really Wish I'd Known Before Being in an Open Relationship

Thursday  21:45,   21 february 2019

Relationships are tricky business. Some say monogamy is overrated; some believe it's the only way. After my divorce, I decided that I should try out a variety of relationship styles to figure out exactly what I wanted. I'd been in a committed... >>>

How a best friend's secret matchmaking brought this Newfoundland couple together

Wednesday  16:30,   20 february 2019

Tamara Small didn't find love. Her best friend found it for her through a secret dating... >>>

This is considered the most perfect wedding dress according to men

Thursday  22:15,   14 february 2019

While women should always dress for themselves and not a man, choosing a wedding dress is a massive decision that you’d love to have your partners input. You can’t. It has to wait until the big day for the romantic reveal. And of course, he’s going... >>>

A Messy, Complicated And Very Sweet Love Story

Thursday  18:22,   14 february 2019

When love unexpectedly finds you... >>>

Sarah Ferguson gives rare interview about relationship with Prince Andrew and her parenting style

Thursday  16:07,   07 february 2019

Sarah Ferguson has opened up about motherhood and her close relationship with her daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie during an interview on Good Morning Britain on... >>>

22 Questions to Ask Your Spouse Once a Year

Monday  20:21,   28 january 2019

It's not just the questions you ask, but how you phrase them, that will help you and your spouse have the kind of marriage you've always... >>>

Here's Why Divorce Just Isn't an Option For Us

Wednesday  17:20,   23 january 2019

A little over 11 years ago, my husband and I stood together in a room full of our family and friends - and a few random, obscure cousins no one had ever mentioned until it was time to mail out wedding invitations - and promised to love each other in >>>

Why Do Brides Traditionally Wear White? You Can Thank Queen Victoria

Thursday  16:56,   17 january 2019

It used to be a status... >>>

You Might Be Cheating On Your Partner Without Even Knowing It

Tuesday  15:55,   15 january 2019

And your S.O. might be doing the... >>>

Let’s Just Be Honest, Public Proposals are NOT Romantic

Friday  21:31,   11 january 2019

It’s not so much about love as it is about a love of public... >>>

So You Want A Divorce. Now What?

Thursday  15:41,   03 january 2019

There’s value in talking to the right people before saying ‘I want to get a... >>>

Why Being Single Sucks: What No One Wants to Talk About

Thursday  15:16,   03 january 2019

We often celebrate the power and pleasures of the single life, but skim over one of its harshest realities:... >>>

10 Real People Share How They Turned Their Marriage Around

Tuesday  15:30,   01 january 2019

Every marriage is different, but they all have one thing in common: No matter how much you love each other, you’re bound to hit a rough patch sooner or later. The good news is that once you figure out a way to get through the issue, your marriage... >>>

Consider This Before Texting Your Ex This Holiday Season

Tuesday  17:40,   18 december 2018

Let’s be honest, texting your ex “Happy Holidays!” is a whole lot of naughty disguised as something nice. I get it. Been there, sent that—plenty of times. These types of texts don’t require you to put yourself on the line, nor do you really stand to >>>