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Here Are the 2020 Dating Terms You Need to Know

Thursday  02:20,   21 november 2019

What does "eclipsing" mean? How about "cause-playing" or "white clawing"? These are just some of the new dating terms for 2020, according to Plenty of Fish.To answer that first question, eclipsing is when you pretend to like the same things that... >>>

I Started Therapy a Couple Years Ago, Because This Political Climate Is Anxiety-Inducing

Thursday  02:10,   21 november 2019

I've never been more forthcoming about my values and politics than I have been in the past few years. I've marched for gun control, spoken out about immigration, held signs that say "Me Too," and recounted my own traumatizing experiences with... >>>

A relationship expert believes couples can be stronger after cheating, but there are 4 important steps to rebuilding trust again

Sunday  13:50,   17 november 2019

Dr Jenn Mann thinks couples can work through infidelity to be closer than before, but they need the "four Rs of apology." Jenn Mann, the author of "The Relationship Fix," told Insider the main reasons people stray is a lack of connection in the... >>>

It Sure Looks Like Khloé Kardashian Is Shading Tristan Thompson on Instagram Right Now

Saturday  22:50,   16 november 2019

She shared a message about "toxic" people.But it seems like she has some *feelings* about the whole situation, because yesterday, in classic Khloé fashion, she shared some very cryptic quotes in her Insta... >>>

How to Make a Decision Like a Grown-Up

Friday  19:15,   15 november 2019

We’re trapped in a culture of thank you, next. Should you quit your job? Swipe right? Buy the organic strawberries? Here’s how to stop doubting every decision and get on with itIn Neil Pasricha’s latest book, You Are Awesome, the self-help guru... >>>

People who think they'd be too jealous in an open relationship may have bigger problems

Thursday  17:50,   14 november 2019

While open relationships aren't for everyone, envy isn't a good reason to write them off, a relationship researcher said. What's holding them back? In addition to the societal taboo that remains around the relationships setups, people in... >>>

Nina Dobrev Assures Her Fans She's Fine After an Allergic Reaction Sent Her to the Hospital

Tuesday  20:57,   12 november 2019

She's a-okay,... >>>

FKA Twigs Says She's "Never Known Herself Better" After Splitting from Robert Pattinson

Saturday  20:15,   09 november 2019

"I've never felt younger."FKA twigs just released a new album called Magdalene, and fans think that it references her three-year-long relationship with Rob, during which they got... >>>

This Is How William and Kate Are Handling All the Harry and Meghan Drama

Thursday  03:30,   07 november 2019

According to a royal insider, after Harry and Meghan's ITV interview, William and Kate "refuse" to "be a party to any staged rapprochement.""Prince Harry and Meghan are at war with the media, with Harry drawing dramatic comparisons about Meghan... >>>

The Before-And-After Photos of This Man Who's Three Years Sober Will Amaze You

Wednesday  17:35,   06 november 2019

Alcohol was destroying Kenny Dunn's life. Now three years clean, his sobriety progression photos and the inspiring story behind them are going viral.Like many people, Dunn began drinking in college, and by his mid-20s, it had become a full-blown >>>

Olympic Gold Medalist Michelle Carter Knows That Athletes Come in Every Size

Wednesday  00:20,   06 november 2019

Michelle Carter's workout routine is enough to blow your mind. The professional athlete, who in 2016 became the first American woman to win Olympic gold in the shot put, does a lot of lifting and throwing weights to hone her strength. Muscle,... >>>

27 Percent of People Regularly Log In to Their Ex's Social Media Accounts, So That's Cool

Tuesday  23:40,   05 november 2019

This is apparently a v common thing?While you might move on, odds are, your ex is probs still clinging on to both their feelings and your Insta password. According to a new survey of over 2,500 people published today by cyber security company... >>>

Kristen Stewart Just Said She Wanted to Marry Robert Pattinson at One Point

Tuesday  23:01,   05 november 2019

My heart is... >>>