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COVID-19 Got My Partner and I to Finally Agree on a Unified Parenting Style

  COVID-19 Got My Partner and I to Finally Agree on a Unified Parenting Style Parenting, even in the easiest and most normal of times, can be likened to a delicate balancing act. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought this truth into stark light. As parents, we negotiate our own experiences and personalities, our own philosophies, our children's needs, their behaviors, and day-to-day changes and challenges all at once. Coming to an agreement on one consistent style of parenting is complicated and has the potential to spark heated and impassioned debates, always with the children's best interests in mind, of course.

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There’s far too much for parents to cry about during a global pandemic — so one mom has decided to take a very different approach.

“I’d rather laugh than cry,” said Meredith Masony, 39, founder of the online parenting community That’s Inappropriate and a longtime contributor to TODAY Parents and the TODAY Parenting Team. “Parents are so weighed down right now. Every feeling and every decision we have to face is so heavy. I’m just hoping to bring people some levity and some humor.”

What is attachment parenting?

  What is attachment parenting? Here's what parents should know about the attachment parenting theory.Attachment parenting, a parenting approach coined by pediatrician William Sears based on research that originated in the 1930s by child development psychiatrist John Bowlby, focuses on a nurture-based connection with children rooted in emotional bonds.

I’m that mom who forgets to send in forms and gets calls reminding me that , yes, I need to send in Ok, full disclosure: I really AM a hot-mess mom .I am consistently five steps behind where I should be in the Our job is damn hard." ( That 's not an excuse to not try, never feed your kids a single vegetable

Viral video shows a day in the life of a mom with quadruplets. Superheroes are real and this mama of This viral video of a dad enthusiastically supporting his cheerleader daughter will make your day. 🤩. She explains what inspired her to dance during labor:"I told myself I get to choose the way this

Masony is doing just that in her new book “Ask Me What’s for Dinner One More Time.” A collection of hilariously honest essays about mom life, marriage, sex, aging and anxiety, the book provides comedic relief for weary moms and dads who have been carrying the burdens of quarantining and remote learning for months.

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“I looked for things I was really struggling with in my life, and I figured that if I was thinking about it and feeling it, then other moms were thinking about it and feeling it,” Masony told TODAY Parents. “I just want people to be able to have that sigh of relief, like: ‘OK, our Dumpster fire is normal. I’m not the only one who feels this way.’”

The former schoolteacher and Florida mom of three has been finding creative ways to explore the challenges of modern-day parenting since October 2014. That’s when she started her That’s Inappropriate blog — just two months after she underwent surgery to remove a tumor that was crushing her esophagus.

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  2nd grade relationship skills: Find out what you need to know During a birthday celebration in Atlanta, a man cleverly rigged the popular game Taboo to make a surprise proposal to his girlfriend. TODAY’s Hoda Kotb has your Morning Boost.

Mom -chic style is all the rage as sneakers and sweats have replaced minidresses and heels this summer. When others have it worse, we can feel guilt for wallowing in our personal struggles. But our feelings are still real , and we should acknowledge them.

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Her doctor cautioned her that the tumor could be cancerous and gave her four weeks to get her affairs in order. Masony describes the entire harrowing experience in her book — including the post-surgery rush of relief she felt when her husband told her the tumor was benign and everything would be OK.

“My tumor made me realize that ... life is way too short to try to please everyone. Life is way too short to give up dreams,” Masony writes. “We get one shot. My tumor made me realize that I had things to do.”

Meredith Masony holding a stuffed animal: Meredith Masony, founder of the online parenting community That's Inappropriate, has written a collection of essays about motherhood and marriage called “Ask Me What’s for Dinner One More Time.” (Judy Lynch Photography) © Judy Lynch Photography Meredith Masony, founder of the online parenting community That's Inappropriate, has written a collection of essays about motherhood and marriage called “Ask Me What’s for Dinner One More Time.” (Judy Lynch Photography)

That realization inspired her to launch her blog. She wrote anonymously at first, but by early 2016, she said she decided to “come out of the shadows” and post a video that clearly revealed her identity and her distinctive voice.

She quickly could tell she was on to something. Masony had her first experience seeing one of her funny parenting videos go viral in May 2016. That video — about what moms really want for Mother’s Day — garnered more than 10 million views and brought nearly 60,000 new followers to her Facebook page.

A Mom on Supporting Her Transgender Daughter: "Ryder Is a Normal, Happy Child"

  A Mom on Supporting Her Transgender Daughter: Anne Bruinn, a mom of two from Vancouver, Canada, has always considered flexibility to be one of her greatest assets when it comes to parenting her two children. So when her 3-year-old son, Ryder, began to asks for pigtails and dresses, she rolled with the punches. Now that Ryder is 9, Anne is sharing what her experience has been like raising a daughter who's transgender. "At first, I thought 'it's just a phase' because that's what people kept saying," Anne told POPSUGAR. "You hear that a lot from people. Kids go through phases, sure.

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Since then, Masony’s creations have gone viral many times. Her videos about “the mom cold vs. the man cold,” all the funny “things moms say,” boys’ inability to pee “inside the bowl” and more have been viewed by millions and featured on TODAY. That’s Inappropriate has more than 4 million followers across social platforms.

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Now Masony is sharing her funny observations about motherhood and marriage in book form. In “Ask Me What’s for Dinner One More Time,” she describes what she wishes she could say in reply to all the things her kids say and details the visceral reaction her body has when she hears the word “snack.”

“It is almost like being stabbed with a thousand needles all at once,” she writes. “Maybe you think that is a bit of an overreaction, but come back and let me know how you feel about the word snack after an eight-week summer vacation with three kids who you are positive have a six-foot tapeworm living inside their bellies.”

Book cover for © Simon and Schuster Book cover for

In another essay, Masony explains how she felt the first time her oldest son “love shunned” her as she was dropping him off at school because he was embarrassed to show affection in front of other kids. She also writes with raw candor about “different-needs parenting in 2020.” (Her youngest son Brian has autism.) In one of the most reassuring chapters of all — “You Are a Motherhood Expert: I’m Not Kidding” — Masony chronicles all the reasons why most parents are crushing it at the hardest job in the world.

When your blended family just won’t blend

  When your blended family just won’t blend COVID-19 has shone a spotlight on how different our parenting styles and expectations for our kids really are.My household, on the other hand, is far from a unified whole, even after four years of cohabiting with my spouse. My daughter, who’s seven, and my stepdaughter, who’s also seven, have embraced each other as sisters (thankfully!), but neither has fully accepted their step-parent. And both complain about unequal treatment, which is no surprise, as two sets of expectations have emerged. Take bedtime, for example. Usually, my spouse sends her daughter to bed with a big hug and her tablet (she falls asleep to cake-decorating videos) and she’s asleep in 20 minutes.

Being a celebrity does not automatically come with a golden ticket to perfection. Amber Tamblyn joined the Celebrity Club of Realness on Saturday when she shared an Instagram photo one week after welcoming her daughter with husband David Cross into the world.

The mom , who blogs at Perfection Pending, listed the thoughts that run through her head at the end of a long day in a Facebook post. Even just reading through her mental stream is emotionally exhausting.

“I am an expert when it comes to Matias, Brian, and Sophia,” Masony writes of her three kids. “I know them better than anyone else knows them. ... I am exactly what they need. It is not my job to be the world’s best mom. It is my job to be the best mom I can to them, and no one else.”

Masony said her goal in writing the book was not to provide authoritative advice about what she thinks moms and dads should or should not be doing. Instead, she had a different aim.

Chrishell Stause claps back at co-star for claiming she has a 'victim mentality'

  Chrishell Stause claps back at co-star for claiming she has a 'victim mentality' Stause blasted her "Selling Sunset" castmate Christine Quinn after she made the remark."She kind of has and always has had this, like, victim mentality. She's always the victim of something. And I don't know why she feels that way. I wish she didn't," Quinn said during a recent interview on the "Not Skinny But Not Fat" podcast.

“I just want to make people feel better about motherhood and marriage and life and to let people know that it’s OK to just worry about getting through tonight,” she said. “Don’t worry about the next week or next month or next year. Just get through tonight.”

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