Some of us have a love-hate relationship with our siblings. We might squabble over finances or butt heads over family responsibilities. But at the end of the day, they’re our kin and, it turns out, that’s more important than most of us thought.

According to the Harvard Study of Adult Development, relationships with your brothers and sisters is key to our emotional well-being. If you have a close relationship with your sibling during college, this is a strong indicator of your emotional health at age 65.

But if you can’t seem to talk to your siblings without a fight, don’t worry. Fern Schumer Chapman, author of Brothers, Sisters, Strangers: Sibling Estrangement and the Road to Reconciliation tells USA Today that “siblings should expect to have conflicts, but in a healthy relationship, they feel confident that there will be repair and forgiveness.”

Restaurant co-workers realize they’re not just friends — they're sisters

  Restaurant co-workers realize they’re not just friends — they're sisters A pair of former restaurant co-workers who became great friends learned eight years later that they are actually biological sisters.Eight years after that first meeting, they found out they really are sisters.

Most parents rank kids' fighting with each other as the parenting issue that most bothers them , and that they feel least able to prevent. You may be wondering whether you should let your kids work out their own battles, as many experts advise. It's true that intervening as the judge actually causes more fighting . Studies show that kids who are punished are more angry, more likely to fight with each other, and more likely to repeat misbehaviors. Instead, use positive discipline, which strengthens your relationship with your kids so they want to behave, and sets a good example of how to handle anger.

Help them out, and show them that you ' re genuinely making an effort to get along. It's normal and sometimes necessary to change some tiny aspect about yourself to get along with people— siblings are no different. If you feel that your issues with your sibling will interfere with your enjoyment of the event, schedule a time to talk to them about the issue so that you know that your grievances will be aired, even if it's at a later date. Write down what you want to discuss so that it isn't on your mind during the celebration.

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Think of some of Hollywood’s most famous brothers and sisters. If the Jonas Brothers can break up and then reconcile, who’s to say that you and your siblings can’t work things out? Of course, there will always be some that can’t (Prince William and Prince Harry, we’re looking at you!), but for the average family that doesn’t have to deal with the pressures of fame (or being part of the monarchy), sibling relationships offer closeness.

However, that’s not to say that there aren’t scenarios that can cause rifts for us in non-famous families. Chapman notes that milestones such as having a baby or parental illness can strain relationships, leading to competition or feelings of betrayal.

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Learn more There are many times when a sibling constantly talking can ruin a moment If you continually get into conflicts with your sibling , you might want to address the problem. It's important to address your views and then give your sibling a chance to respond. This can be helpful when confronting your sibling as they will feel you ' re expressing yourself and your emotions rather than

In many cases, when people hear the phrase ' sibling competition,' they think of very young children who argue amongst themselves or work to get their mom and dad to notice them . However, this is not applicable in all situations. Sibling rivalry can fester among young and older teenagers. As siblings get older, sibling competition can take a turn for the worst. In many situations, younger siblings feel as though parents show the older children favoritism by granting them certain privileges or seemingly allowing them to get away with different behaviors.

If you are estranged from your siblings, Chapman says the road to reconciliation can be challenging, and sometimes things can’t be fixed. However, if you’re someone who wants to make things right with a sibling you’re not close with, trying therapy can be a great first step.

Friends can fade, and exes get married, but siblings can be forever!

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