relationships Chris Rock and Lake Bell's Relationship Is Already So Cute, and It's Been Like 5 Minutes

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Actor Lake Bell and comedian Chris Rock are officially dating, and now that they've made several public appearances together and have taken at least one romantic trip to Croatia that I 'm extremely jealous of, the time has come to put all this sweetness into a relationship timeline. You know, so all our Lake and Chris updates can live happily ever after together in one place forever and ever amen! But first, let's revisit Chris's comments on his dating life (or lack thereof) right before they met:

Circa January 2022

Chris jokes about being single and lonely :( during Hart to Heart with Kevin Hart, saying, "I 'm by myself. I 'm a lonely man!" He then adds "I think I 'm good" when it comes to marriage, but jokes "at some point I'll have a woman and whatever, and hopefully she'll be with me for a while, and one day I won't be able to make it up the steps and I'll put her in my will."

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It's called manifesting!

June 16, 2022

The start of it all! Like, at least as far as the public knows. Lake and Chris were first spotted together in mid-June 2022, when TMZ snapped pictures of them watching a Cardinals game together in some fancy VIP section. There was no visible PDA, so society pretty much moved on. UNTIL:

July 3, 2022

Page Six got its hands on photos of Lake and Chris at "celebrity hot spot" Giorgio Baldi, and the vibes were definitely romantic. According to eyewitnesses, the pair was "holding hands as they walked out" of the restaurant but "immediately let go of each other when they saw the photographers."

Since we don't have pics of this moment, here's Lake being cute in her new car, Janet, instead:

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July 7, 2022

We get our first "source quotes" from People, with an insider saying Lake and Chris "have been seeing each other for a few weeks" and her first priority is her kids, while Chris is super busy with his sold-out tour, so "they see each other when they have time."

July 11, 2022

Another source comes through with more details for People, telling the outlet Lake and Chris are in the early stages of dating but are definitely very into each other.

"They share a giant sense of humor and a way of looking at life with sarcasm and outrage, which gives them lots to laugh about," the source says, noting the relationship has been going strong for couple months. "I can't say how serious this romance is or what it will become because it is way too early. But they create a storm of laughter when together and both are real people. It's a good match. Chris is busy and happy, and his time with Lake Bell has been great."

July 18, 2022

Chris and Lake go on vacation in Croatia and are seen looking cozy on a romantic boat ride.

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July 23, 2022

Lake and Chris's daughters are spotted at his Madison Square Garden show on Saturday night, meaning that yep: She's met his kids!

July 24, 2022

Lake and Bell get papped during a loved-up stroll around NYC, and they look so happy!

gettyimages-1410690424 © TheStewartofNY - Getty Images gettyimages-1410690424 gettyimages-1410690405 © TheStewartofNY - Getty Images gettyimages-1410690405

Actually, they're seen twice this day—with an outfit change in between:

gettyimages-1410705728 © Robert Kamau - Getty Images gettyimages-1410705728

That brings us up to date, but we'll be updating this timeline with the latest Lake and Chris moments, don't fret.

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