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5 Danish Beauty Brands to Know, Just in Time for Copenhagen Fashion Week

Friday  18:19,   07 august 2020

From a “miracle” oil to a subtle self-tanner that’s meant to blend in, not stand out, here’s a look at the best Danish beauty brands.While many of these cosmetic companies have yet to make waves stateside—save one all-day moisturizing lip balm that... >>>

The Ultimate Guide to Applying Foundation Like a Pro

Friday  18:19,   07 august 2020

That glowing, second-skin look? Here's how to get it.Let's be real—the ultimate goal of applying foundation is to make your face look like an ethereal, glowing slab of marble with nary a blemish nor scar. But the ultimate result, despite your... >>>

16 Blush Shades From Sephora That Really Pop on Dark Complexions

Friday  17:07,   07 august 2020

If shopping for new blush has ever made you think, Wait, I've got a marker like that, you're definitely not... >>>

OUAI x Byredo Opens the Pandora's Box of Beauty Collaborations

Friday  17:07,   07 august 2020

The possibilities are endless!The launch is the first joint venture between OUAI and the Swedish fragrance house. As collaborations pop up left and right in the fashion world, the beauty industry seems to be next. ELLE.com got our hands on the dream >>>

Sarah Gibson Tuttle Wants You to Relax and Paint Your Nails

Thursday  23:07,   06 august 2020

The founder of Olive & June shares a 24-hour snapshot of her life. Sarah Gibson Tuttle, the founder and CEO of Olive & June, wants your nails to look good. After moving cross country to Los Angeles and not being able to find a nail salon up to her... >>>

The Best, Top-Rated Mattress Toppers That'll Give You the Best Night's Sleep

Thursday  23:07,   06 august 2020

Don't have the cash to buy a whole new bed? Get one of these... >>>

Beauty Brands Need to Stop Selling Skin-Lightening Products as a Black Skin Solution

Thursday  23:06,   06 august 2020

We're tired of our dark skin not being considered worthy and beautiful. In the wake of the Black Lives Matter Movement, Eurocentric ideals of beauty have been brought to the world's attention. One aspect of which is the toxic - both in the... >>>

21 Airy Cotton Jumpsuits To Float Through A Heatwave In

Thursday  23:06,   06 august 2020

When it comes to buoyant clothing, few things rival a jumpsuit. Not only does the garment’s very name defy gravity (it's a coverall with airborne properties!) but its wearability couldn’t be less encumbering. There’s a jumpsuit for every... >>>

The Best Places to Hide a Tattoo If You Want to Keep It on the DL

Thursday  21:52,   06 august 2020

Listen, what your grandma doesn't know won't hurt her.While some may want to show off their ink for the whole world to see, others might want to have theirs in a more inconspicuous spot. If you’ve found yourself in the latter category and... >>>

Megan Thee Stallion Pulls the Ultimate Hot Girl Move—Doing Her Own Makeup for a Major Beauty Announcement

Thursday  21:51,   06 august 2020

Today, the Houston-born rapper announced that she’s Revlon’s newest global ambassador by putting her pro-level makeup skills front and center. “We definitely have some hot things coming soon for all my hotties and I’m so excited to for all of y’all... >>>

*Siren* Your Cloth Face Mask Isn't Actually Protecting You From the Sun

Thursday  20:52,   06 august 2020

Consider it SPF 7, at... >>>

Alicia Keys and Her Perfect Skin are Launching a Beauty Collab with ELF

Thursday  19:44,   06 august 2020

The line is "a culmination of Keys’ personal skin-care journey.""This new lifestyle beauty brand will enable Alicia to further explore conversations about inner beauty, wellness and connection," E.l.f said in a release. "With an inclusive point of... >>>

Megan Thee Stallion and Her Eyelids Have a New Job at Revlon

Thursday  18:30,   06 august 2020

Hotties,... >>>

Lucy Boynton on The Scent of London, Dennis Rodman’s Nails, and Books You Should Read Right Now

Thursday  17:17,   06 august 2020

The face of Chloé Eau de Toilette Rose Tangerine chats with ELLE.com ahead of the new launch. In describing what she’s been up to during quarantine, Lucy Boynton unspools a gorgeous metaphor. Before, you know…back then, Boynton despised an aimless... >>>

Rennes. With Palette, works of art become clothing

Thursday  14:05,   06 august 2020

© Ouest-France Vincent-Michaël Vallet, a fine arts graduate, launched the Palette association. A fine arts graduate from Rennes, 33-year-old Vincent-Michaël Vallet has created Palette, a publishing house specializing in textiles and contemporary... >>>