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Without make-up: With these 6 tricks you will look even better without makeup!

Wednesday  12:56,   08 april 2020

© provided by COSMOPOLITAN without make-up look even better without make-up than we already do? With these tricks you emphasize your beauty even more ... Foundation here, mascara there and, last but not least, a radiant finish thanks to Highlighter >>>

bob hairstyles: the micro bob is the most relevant trend for chin-length hair

Wednesday  12:42,   08 april 2020

© Imaxtree bob hairstyles: the micro bob is the new trend hairstyle Imaxtree If you were distracted by the look of the new spring / summer collections , You noticed a hairstyle trend pretty quickly, without which we can hardly imagine the new... >>>

How 10 Facialists Are Keeping Their Skin Happy and Hydrated at Home

Wednesday  04:01,   08 april 2020

The best skin-care routines to do at home, according to 10 of the most in-demand facialists.“With the extra time on my hands I treat my morning and evening skincare routine like I’m giving myself a mini facial,” explains Upper East Side-based... >>>

These 12 Glossier Products Are the Ones Worth Trying

Wednesday  03:55,   08 april 2020

Glossier is one of those beauty brands that everyone wants to know... >>>

The Best K-Beauty Products Your Indoor Skin Needs Right Now

Wednesday  01:20,   08 april 2020

"This is the perfect time to treat your skincare routine like a much needed self-care... >>>

Air-Dry Your Hair for Perfect Results Every Time With These Expert Tips

Wednesday  00:21,   08 april 2020

The art of air drying your hair is truly a tricky... >>>

I've Skipped Makeup Almost Every Day While Self-Isolating, and It's Changed My Point of View

Tuesday  22:08,   07 april 2020

Once upon a time, when our world wasn't in isolation (remember those days?), I would wake up, eat breakfast, get dressed, straighten my hair, do my makeup, and go to work. In fact, if you swap work with school, it's a routine I've practiced for... >>>

Your Nails Called—They Want These 16 Gorgeous Summer Polishes

Tuesday  21:16,   07 april 2020

Vacation nails,... >>>

Amazon Has a Wide Selection of Vegan Makeup - These Are Our 12 Favorites

Tuesday  20:57,   07 april 2020

You don't have to eat vegan to use vegan beauty... >>>

Watch Sgàire Wood’s “Camp Babydoll” Extreme Beauty Transformation

Tuesday  20:56,   07 april 2020

The Glasgow-based artist describes her look as “that scene when Drew Barrymore dresses up E.T.,” but set in the Edwardian era.After Wood’s rebellious streak of chill goth makeup at an all-boys school in Northern Ireland, she studied fashion and... >>>

This Magical Shampoo Is the Only Thing Keeping Me Going RN

Tuesday  20:38,   07 april 2020

Need a reason to wash your hair? Right this way,... >>>

A Simple, Easy Way to Safely Remove Acrylic Nails At Home

Tuesday  20:08,   07 april 2020

No unnecessary wait... >>>

A Simple, Easy Way to Safely Remove Acrylic Nails At Home

Tuesday  20:08,   07 april 2020

No unnecessary wait... >>>

K, I'll Say It: Do Neck Creams *Actually* Do Anything?

Tuesday  19:26,   07 april 2020

Out here uncovering the truth for... >>>