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Use our summer hair protection tips to help you get through the season with healthy strands. Best Shampoo for Straight Hair : How to Pick the Right Formula For You. One of our top summer hair protection tips is to use a shampoo and conditioner that will help keep your strands from frying in the

Yes, UV protection for hair matters. Discover how to keep hair healthy in the sun by using one of the best UV hair protectors . So, aside from keeping our head in the shade for the entirety of our summer holiday , what can you really do to protect our hair from sun damage?

a person sitting on the ground: Der richtige Haarschutz für den Urlaub © Provided by Cover Media The right hair protection for the holiday

Especially on holiday you not only deserve a break from the stressful working day, but also your hair from the weather-related stresses of the past few months. Instead of continuing to use a hair dryer or flat iron on vacation, you should rather avoid the heat and opt for the natural hair look. Some hair experts revealed in the interview with 'Cover Media' what you should pay attention to the most.

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Moisture for the hair

"Just like the body needs water, the hair must be replenished with moisture in order to stay healthy. Therefore, treat yourself an intensive hair treatment for six weeks and let your scalp and hair benefit from the treatment, "explains Daniel Galvin Junior. The hairdresser recommends the 'OrganicHead' treatments, in which everything from split ends to matt color is regenerated. "Treatments start with a detoxifying mask that contains a blend of argan oil and wheat proteins to seal and strengthen broken hair. Depending on the type of hair, a booster is then added," he explains.

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Sun protection for hair is no joke! Find out about the best products to apply to your hair before you hit the beach and soak up that sun. Article. Best Shampoo for Straight Hair : How to Pick the Right Formula For You. And your sun protection hair product can fight frizz as it protects your strands.

Protect your hair from damage this summer by wearing a summer hat. Discover some of our favorite hair protection hats in our fun roundup. Perfect for the active lady, they protect your hair and eyes from the sun, so that you can focus on your 3 Très Chic Holiday Hair Ideas to Test Drive Right Now.

French star colorist Christophe Robin adds: "It is worth taking care of your hair with natural vegetable oil masks before going out into the sun."

Gentle dyeing

experts advise you not to have your hair dyed before the Urlau

b. However, if you can't or don't want to do without it, you should opt for a gentle care-color mix. "Have your hair dyed eight to 15 days before departure, or opt for a minimal tie and dye or small hair highlights. Keep it subtle because the sun will do the rest," explains Christophe. Daniel also notes that you now have the opportunity to pay more attention to your scalp: "We are more active in summer, so we can opt for an easy-care color technique that helps maintain the health of our hair and scalp. Our scalp is often forgotten in the summer, and that is exactly where it needs more protection and care. "

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And look how far removed holiday hair rituals are from lying on a lilo, waiting for a bottle of peroxide and water to do its magic (while you tan. And so, after all that time we spend in the salon, are we going to let the sun frazzle it? For the ultimate protection , I recommend Philip Kingsley’s Swim-cap

See more ideas about Sun protection , Hair sunscreen, Protection . From dramatic celebrity hair make-overs to the hottest colors from the runway, ELLE gives you inspiration for the hair you want, now. You are no doubt counting down the time until you are not pregnant anymore (oh right and of

The" OrganicHead Argan Oil Detox Hair Mask "is particularly suitable for this, as it gives the dehydrated, sensitive and heated scalp the care and energy it needs. Christophe Robins Instead, she prefers the 'Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt' - a shampoo that cleans, hydrates and soothes sensitive or oily scalps.

But you can also protect your hair and scalp with small hand movements: opt for an updo. " Styles like this help protect hair from the harmful effects of the sun, "explains Matthew Curtis. U nd if you want a more sophisticated look that is easy to wear on the beach, try a chignon. "This way, the hair stays dry while swimming, and the look also goes well with a cocktail dress," he says, adding that for a cool beachy look, you should just braid your hair before going to bed.

Broken Broken Tips

"When your light hair starts to turn green, soak it in bubbly aspirin for three to five minutes. It contains salicylic acid and when used on the hair it works against the alkalinity of chlorine and neutralizes the green, "Christophe concludes.

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