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This is how I have been filling in my brows for the past 3 months and I love it! This technique works best if you keep your brows shaped by threading, waxing For this tutorial, you will need 10 products : eyebrow pencil, brow powder, 2 creamy concealers, powder, highlighter, 2 angled brushes, fluffy

When it comes to the delicate art of eyebrow makeup, I've always been partial to a good, old-fashioned brow pencil. The only caveat is that I might have the heaviest hand in history. Because of that disposition, I've long accepted that my brows may never look natural after I fill them in, settling instead for a strong "Yes, she's wearing makeup, but at least it looks good" kind of vibe.

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Or at least, that's what I told myself before trying the $14, pigment-free product that would change my routine forever.

Jason Wu Beauty's The Bush Brow Shaper Soap was released as part of the brand's January 17 launch, and it's already done more for my sparse eyebrows than all of my other go-to products. With a spritz of water and a spoolie, it allows me to mold every hair into the ideal position for a thick yet natural look.

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An Easy Brow Tutorial showing you how I Tint and fill in my sparse light brows using Eyebrow Tint and Benefit Browzings. I tint my brows every two weeks and use Benefit Brownings on a daily basis to shape and define my brows . Products Used.

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Shop now: $14; target.com

The Bush's vegan, cruelty-free formula is infused with vitamin E for a non-sticky feel and lasting hold. To activate the brow soap, I mist it with water from a spray bottle (though a makeup spray will also do), roll a clean spoolie across the surface, and get to work shaping my brows.

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Based on my experience, the key to achieving that fluffy, filled-in effect is to start by brushing the brow hairs upward and outward. From there, I use the tip of the spoolie to move individual hairs over any major gaps.

Part of The Bush's wow factor is its remarkable versatility. The transparent pomade provides a great subtle lift with a single swipe, but it can also be built up for a dramatic, gravity-defying look. It all makes perfect sense when you factor in the intentions behind the makeup line: "This beauty collection is the opposite of the contoured look," Jason Wu tells InStyle. "It's about products that are multipurpose and revealing beauty versus covering a lot up."

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Thanks for watching hope this video was helpful to some of my girls with spare brows like mine this is how I like to fill in mine we all have are own style o

Jason Wu Beauty's The Bush is exclusively available at Target. Grab the affordable product now and get ready to become a brow soap believer.

Shop more affordable brow soaps:

Annatato Eyebrow Soap Kit with Spoolies ($10; amazon.com)

Ownest 2 Piece Eyebrow Soap Kit ($8; amazon.com)

The Brow Fixx Organic Brow Styling Soap and Spoolie ($9; amazon.com)

Comfordent Brow Styling Soap ($8; amazon.com)

Gels and Pencils Can Actually Wreak Havoc on Your Brows, So Use This Hero Product Instead .
An eyebrow expert with decades of experience swears by the makeup-bag staple.The one product that Sacks (who does my brows) has been using for the past 20 years to flawlessly fill in eyebrows is MAC's charcoal brown eyeshadow. Reason being: Unlike gels, brow mascaras, and pencils, a powder won't pull out or damage your hair. "The majority of eyebrow gels and mousses have alcohol in them," she says, adding that when you use these products, "you shatter your brows and you get more patches throughout.

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