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08:40  15 august  2022
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Reisen, aber günstig: das ist das Ziel unseres Autors (Symbolfoto). © picture alliance / zoonar | Rubén Carbó travel, but cheap: this is the goal of our author (symbolic photo). travel, but cheap: this is the goal of our author (symbolic photo).

In the past three years I traveled through the world with my wife. On many trips, we noticed savings hacks afterwards that would have made our trip cheaper-but in no way made worse.

In the following post, I share my most important tips with you with which you can save money when traveling.

1. Couchsurfing instead of Hotel

Next to the flight, the accommodation is one of the greatest costs on a trip. For example, if you want to go to Lisbon in September, you pay between 40 and 120 euros for a simple hotel room. Depending on which country you are traveling, the costs are higher or lower.

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To make you independent of it and prefer to use your budget for adventurous discoveries, you can also live "free of charge" - at locals that offer your couch or even a room. Why do people do this? Basically, it is about making new acquaintances and getting to know people. If you live for the Beisiel at Locals, you have a completely different access to the city.

You not only save money, but also have a much more personal start to your trip. You can create a profile via the Couchsurfing.com platform and request a place for hosts. You will not always receive a promise - especially at the beginning. However, it is getting easier over time.

2. Housesitting

Housesitting is another model that is not yet particularly popular in Germany. Compared to couch surfing, the owners (or tenants) of the accommodation are traveling while you take care of the home. Housesitters often also receive money for ensuring that they take care of the house and in some cases. Up to 100 euros per day are quite realistic. You have accommodation, be in a new place and even make money - that sounds like a fair deal.

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In fact, it is not particularly easy to get a coveted houseitter job. It can take months for you to receive a promise. On platforms like Trustedhousesitter.com you can create a profile (from $ 119 a year) and try your luck. You will also find many groups on Facebook where you can apply as a houseitter.

3. Free or cheap offers

If you only focus on tourist attractions, you will always spend a lot of money when traveling. The demand is correspondingly much higher. I always look for discoveries (new feature) on Airbnb, which you can book directly via the platform. These are often cheaper and much more personal. For example, a few weeks ago we booked a Harry Potter Walking tour through London - for unbeatable eight euros.

You can also just address people on the street and ask them what they recommend in the respective city. This often gets to know the city in a completely different way. In Dublin I got to know a lot of new corners and people - without even spending a cent. You can also save a lot of money when eating if you don't go to the restaurant at tourist hotspots. Find local restaurants and eat there. The food is usually much more authentic - and the wallet remains fuller.

4. Find carpooling

Do you know the people who are occasionally standing on the side of the road and holding up their thumb? Their goal is to be taken away by other drivers. Sometimes they leave some money - but often not. In most cases, this is also about adventure and new acquaintances. This actually works particularly well in some countries (for example in the USA).

are in the hostel, you can also see if you are planning a trip together with other travelers and shares a car, for example. You save costs and even have fellow travelers with whom the adventure becomes even more exciting.

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