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SOS, I missed my foie gras! How to save it?

Wednesday  16:50,   07 december 2022

You embarked on the preparation of a homemade foie gras and the result is not up to your expectations? We explain the reasons that could have led to the failure, and we give you all the tips to succeed next time. Impossible to imagine a festive... >>>

Bordeaux: hundreds of winegrowers demonstrate for a pulling bonus

Tuesday  15:10,   06 december 2022

© Philippe Lopez demonstration of winegrowers in Bordeaux on December 6, 2022 to obtain a bonus with tear -off Several hundred winegrowers, accompanied by around twenty Tractors, started to parade in Bordeaux on Tuesday to get a tear bonus, in... >>>

Kubicki: "Lauterbach cannot lead the house"

Monday  05:00,   05 december 2022

The deputy FDP chairman Wolfgang Kubicki has sharply criticized Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD) and accused weakness of his department. © Frank Molter/dpa FDP-Vice Wolfgang Kubicki addresses sharp criticism of Federal Minister of... >>>

hundreds of apartments in Thuringia forced

Sunday  13:40,   04 december 2022

last year, 855 apartments were inevitably cleared in Thuringia. This is evident from statistics that the Ministry of Justice published on a request from the Left in the Bundestag and that the German Press Agency in Berlin is available. According to >>>

Flight exclusion: Lufthansa compensates Jewish travelers

Thursday  15:20,   01 december 2022

The Lufthana has financially compensated Jewish travelers, who had been refused to continue to Budapest in May. © Daniel Bockwoldt/dpa «Anti -Semitism has no place at Lufthansa. The procedure (...) should not have happened in this way ». had... >>>

shoe trends 2022: 5 flat shoes that are comfortable, warm and superstylish in winter

Wednesday  11:40,   23 november 2022

We are in shoe shopping mood! After all, there is no better way to give the winter wardrobe a trend upgrade than with trendy shoe trends for the winter 2022/2023. They should come as flat as possible and suitable for everyday use. With this in... >>>

Alter Airport Schönefeld is no longer used for BER

Friday  18:30,   18 november 2022

The old Schönefeld Airport will not be used as a terminal T5 of the capital airport BER. The supervisory board of the Berlin Brandenburg (FBB) Airport decided on Friday, according to a message, the final. According to the original plans, the... >>>

Airbnb: An owner received a heavy fine for having rented his Parisian accommodation illegally

Thursday  02:40,   17 november 2022

The owner of a accommodation located in the 7th arrondissement is accused of having rented a second home without having declared the number of rental days. The city of Paris does not joke with the rentals on Airbnb. Very supervised, they are... >>>

heart problems? Sergei Lawrow brought in hospital in Bali

Monday  15:10,   14 november 2022

due to heart problems, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lawrow was taken to a hospital on the Indonesian island of Bali. Indonesian government agencies confirmed the incident on Monday afternoon (local time). © dpa Sergei Lawrow, Foreign Minister of >>>

Carnival starts: Cologne prepares for Jecken-Anturm in front of

Friday  05:30,   11 november 2022

The Jecken start on 11.11. in the carnival strongholds in their new session. In Cologne, tens of thousands of costumes will flock to the old town and the student district on Friday morning at 11.11 a.m. to celebrate again without Corona. Almost... >>>

Greece: a "suspect" on board, an airplane forced to turn around to be checked

Friday  03:10,   11 november 2022

© Karim Sahib The plane had to turn around when it was above Italy. AFP/KARIM SAHIB A plane from the Emirates airline with 228 passengers on board and 18 crew members, who took off Thursday evening from Athens International Airport to New York, had >>>

Bundestag partially decides on repetition in Berlin

Friday  02:50,   11 november 2022

The Bundestag election 2021 was sometimes chaotic in Berlin. In more than 400 electoral districts, it must now be coordinated again. © Imago/Christian Spicker Because of numerous breakdowns, the Bundestag election from last year is to be repeated... >>>

cryptocurrencies stabilize after turbulence

Wednesday  14:50,   09 november 2022

The markets for digital money have stabilized in the middle of the week after the course shock on Tuesday. © Fernando Gutierrez-Juarez/DPA central picture/dpa After reaching the deepest stand For two years, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has stabilized >>>

Airbnb and Co should share more data with authorities

Monday  18:00,   07 november 2022

cities and municipalities, according to a draft law of the EU Commission, should receive more data from Airbnb and other providers in order to be better prepared for tourist masses. © Felix Hörhager/dpa Tourists on the Markusplatz in Venice.... >>>

Peru. Liberation of a hundred tourists, including several French people, hostages of Aboriginal

Saturday  06:20,   05 november 2022

© Angela Ramirez / AFP Several tourists were retained hostages on a boat, by members of the Cuninico community, in northern Peru. Several dozen tourists, including several French, Swiss, British and Spanish, have been released by the Peruvian... >>>