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Everything You Need to Know About Cruising and the Coronavirus

  Everything You Need to Know About Cruising and the Coronavirus How the industry’s been impacted, and what measures cruise lines are taking to ensure your safety.As cruise lines—along with the greater travel industry at large—adapt to ensure the safety of passengers and crew, as well as to protect travel arrangements for customers wherever possible, we're tracking the latest news and updates. Here's what we know about the safety and security measures cruise lines are taking, where they’re altering itineraries, and how they’re working with their guests on upcoming travel plans.

Still, industry experts hope that hard-core cruise fans will come back relatively quickly once the pandemic ends, though even the optimists In those conversations, Mr. Donald said, he pushed for a federal loan guarantee that would allow the cruise companies to obtain funding at lower interest rates.

River cruise line AmaWaterways told Telegraph Travel that they hope news of the vaccine will mean “international travel restrictions start to be Manager director of Light Blue Travel, Rupert Thompson, described a vaccine as “a game changer” for cruise as well as the whole of travel from next year.

a large ship in the background: Holland America Line's MS Oosterdam © Susan Young Holland America Line's MS Oosterdam

The cruise industry has virtually ceased to exist during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cruise lines have canceled departures for most or all of the summer season, while many of the ships are anchored in or off various ports around the world (many of them are anchored near Manila, where onboard staff have been repatriated).

At least one cruise line has already announced that onboard buffets will be eliminated or drastically changed once operations resume, and that spurred many other ideas about how the industry might take advantage of the downtime to retool—not just from a health and safety perspective but to address many of the concerns that have long been shared by those both within and outside of the cruising sphere.

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The cruise ship industry is booming. Ships are getting bigger, better, more exciting and more experience-driven. At the same time, ports are getting busier and Cruise ship companies including Royal Caribbean and MSC were contacted for this article, but redirected queries back to CLIA.

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing travel disruption around the world, the global fleet of cruise ships has been laid up for several months now.

From my own perspective, cruising is something of a seagoing paradox. The exciting highs of seagoing adventure and wonder at big-ship engineering are often counterbalanced by an unpleasantly circus-like atmosphere patently engineered for its run amok around the altars of spectacle, consumption, and commerce.

Perhaps it’s time for the cruise industry to reassess not only their health and safety standards in the wake of the new world that undoubtedly awaits travelers at the end of this pandemic, but also to reassess the industry’s overall impact and direction in the future of the travel industry.

I have some hopes, in no particular order.


On the subject of buffets, I’ll admit I didn’t shed tears when I learned of Royal Caribbean’s plans to eliminate or exhaustively rework them. I’ve never quite understood the appeal of spending one’s leisure time in an onboard restaurant that patently reinforces the mass-produced nature of dining onboard large ships.

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The cruise industry is offering a service that's clearly attractive to some. But it also represents a possibly If the cruise industry has a future, it's going to have to convince Barnett and others it can handle The new option adds a 7/3 split.It's unclear how many drivers utilized the provision before

For the cruise liner industry , the COVID-19 pandemic officially began on March 14. I really hope that’s something that stays after this is all over. COVID-19 has had a pretty drastic impact on the cruise industry . Tell me how that’s played out for you.

Nautical-themed carpet, brass railings, and ocean vistas aside, there’s little to separate these (often 24 hour) feeding troughs from any other institutional cafeteria. In fact, they often compromise some of the mystique of onboard dining, as anyone with a table at the late seating in the dining room knows if they wander in for a snack in the late afternoon to find a disturbingly similar menu lineup—sometimes the only difference between meals in the dining room and meals at the buffet is who plates and serves the food.

There are also ethical issues surrounding food waste. While seagoing galleys have a long tradition of stretching food as far as possible, buffets certainly don’t assist that effort.

Ship Size

I’m often amazed when I watch a rerun of The Love Boat, and someone makes an awestruck comment about the size of the ship’s passenger complement—a then-large 600 passengers.

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How do I find out about the disembarkation procedures on my cruise ship? On your final day at sea If you have a later flight, kick back and enjoy another cup of coffee. This is not a process that goes Cruise lines have individual policies when it comes to tipping, and you should familiarize yourself with

Cruise vocabulary, jargon or lingo – if you’re going on a cruise , you’ll want to be familiar with the cruise terminology. Are you getting ready for your first This post has been updated to include more cruise lingo, as well new policies and vocabulary used in the cruise industry today. I hope it will

The largest cruise ship today carries over ten times as many passengers as Pacific Princess did in 1976. Combined with the crew complement that’s nearly 9,000 people on a single vessel—just imagine the impact on a community when a ship that large shows up in port to disembark and re-embark that many people in the space of a few hours. It snarls traffic, creates refuse, inflates commodity pricing, clogs supply chains and creates jobs, but not always steady or high-paying ones, or ones that are filled by local residents instead of ex-pat seasonal workers (the diamond shops, in particular, tend to rotate non-resident staff between Alaska and the Caribbean).

Thanks to sophisticated propulsion systems, today’s mega liners are more maneuverable in crowded ports than ships have ever been, but there have still been recent, well-publicized incidents involving large ships running into piers, smaller vessels, or each other. Harbor pilots in several Alaska cities have also expressed concern about the increasing size of the cruise ships approaching their ports.

Cruise Lines to Miss Out on Relief From US Stimulus Bill

  Cruise Lines to Miss Out on Relief From US Stimulus Bill Travel agents and advisors working with the cruise industry will receive aid, though.According to The Washington Post, United States Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the bill would allot $500 billion in loans or guarantees to distressed businesses, but he revealed the companies must be based in or work primarily from the U.S.

Now cruise lines aren’t entirely culpable here. It’s up to communities and ports to determine how much cruise traffic is too much, but the cruise industry is also no stranger to aggressively lobbying for their interests, particularly when communities propose taxes to help offset some of their infrastructure needs to support massive daily inflows and outflows of short-term visitors.

That said, it might be more sustainable for the industry to continue growth with ships of a more manageable size moving forward—from both a community and passenger perspective.


The notion of concessions onboard ships is hardly new (some Titanic survivors recall hearing jokes about settling bar tabs as the ship was sinking), but the engineered precision of sales pitches onboard today's cruise ships reads like an MBA capstone. There are constant shills (Balcony Dining! Drink Packages! Professional Photos! Future Cruises!) that bombard passengers seemingly everywhere: in-room television programming, daily printed programs, “special invitations”, and table tents.

It’s no secret that onboard spend is one of the primary revenue streams (and success metrics) for cruise companies, but the continued emphasis in onboard sales the past few years seems to have crossed the line into adversely impacting the onboard experience for many of the more aggressive cruise lines.

What Will It Take to Get Cruises Sailing Again?

  What Will It Take to Get Cruises Sailing Again? The global cruise industry is facing its biggest challenge yet, and it could be months before ships are sailing again.Now, the whole industry is on pause. Summer seasons in Alaska and Europe are questionable, according to industry analysts and cruise insiders. Entire countries — including Australia, Canada, Italy, and Mexico — are closed to cruise ship traffic.

The passenger profile that returns immediately to cruising following the industry’s much-publicized pandemic response could easily take a different view of the more highly messaged forms of sales advertisement onboard, and it’s an aspect of the passenger experience worth reviewing while the lines are on hiatus.

Onboard Health

Cruise lines have a history of reacting swiftly to health threats. Several Norovirus outbreaks onboard ships in the 2000s gave way to the proliferation of hand sanitizer stations and health questionnaires onboard most ships today.

What the world discovered during the early days of the Coronavirus pandemic is that cruise ships found narrowing possibilities for ports to disembark passengers as the virus spread. Even after cruise lines restart operations, the memory of the cruise ships that spent days attempting to negotiate the right to land with a port in their vicinity, and the ships that were held in lengthy quarantines, counting large numbers of onboard infections may still loom large in consumers’ memories.

While cruise lines have well-developed procedures in place for handling onboard outbreaks, it is the public health authorities in the countries where they berth that are the ultimate arbiters of how cruise lines disembark sick passengers. While cruise lines and passengers have little control over how governments respond to health crises on inbound ships, cruise lines can reassure passengers by sharing what details they can about their proactive planning conversations with their planned ports—the rest, unfortunately, is a leap of faith, but no more so than it was prior to the pandemic.

The Takeaway

Cruising will come back, although the details of when or how quickly are still murky, and the likelihood of cruise industry employees and cruise fans alike coming back to a radically changed industry is quite high. Nevertheless, the appeal of an ocean voyage to discover new lands onboard a modern ship that promises safe, comfortable travel across the seas remains for many—as it has for generations past and many more to come.

Cruising Won’t Resume in the U.S. Until at Least November, Cruise Association Confirms .
The group counts major lines as members, including Carnival Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line, Cunard Line, Holland America Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean International. “This is a difficult decision as we recognize the crushing impact that this pandemic has had on our community and every other industry,” the group said in a statement.

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