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09:56  08 february  2018
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2017 the safest year on record for commercial air travel, 2 aviation groups say

  2017 the safest year on record for commercial air travel, 2 aviation groups say The past year was the safest ever for air travel, with no accident deaths in commercial passenger jets in all of 2017, a Dutch consulting firm says.Dutch aviation consulting firm To70 and the Aviation Safety Network both reported Monday there were no commercial passenger jet fatalities in 2017.

An Air Canada plane. (Picture for representation purpose only)© Artur Widak/NurPhoto An Air Canada plane. (Picture for representation purpose only)

Have you ever wondered what would happen if every single passenger on a plane got up at the same time and started jumping up and down?

No? You haven’t? Well, we have, and luckily for us, Quora user Steve Angel wondered the same thing. He posted his question to the social networking site and in return we all get to enjoy this rather in-depth answer by P. J. Harb, who notes he is an engineer, musician, traveler, linguist, and “aspiring pilot.”

“To answer your question, let’s say each one of the 300 passengers weighs 75 kilograms,” Harb began. For the Americans in the crowd, that’s about 165 pounds. “75 KGs x 300 passengers = total weight of 22,500 KGs/22.5 tonnes. If they all jumped at the exact same time, let’s imagine there is a sudden force equal to a mass of 22.5 tonnes.” That 22.5 tonnes equates to 45,000 pounds.

Fed up passenger opened plane emergency exit

  Fed up passenger opened plane emergency exit An impatient passenger forced his way out of the emergency exit of a Ryanair plane after he became fed up of waiting to alight. The man, a 57-year-old Polish national, was left perching on the wing of flight FR8164 as it sat on the tarmac at Malaga airport.He took his hand luggage with him, but was eventually talked into getting back inside the plane by ground staff worried he was going to jump off the wing.The man, who was arrested by local police, had allegedly become frustrated when the plane was delayed by almost an hour leaving Stansted Airport on New Year's Day.

The average Boeing 777 aircraft, Harb said, weighs around 300,000 pounds (without passengers, bags, or fuel). With payload at take-off, that number will be closer to 400,000 to 500,000 pounds, or 200-250 tonnes.

“These 250 tonnes will be moving at around 500 miles per hour mid-flight. Because of the aircraft’s weight and speed, even if there was a 22.5-tonne sudden/brief downward force within, its flight would be mostly unfazed,” Harb explained. “Its altitude (height) may decrease slightly but only for a brief moment, because its autopilot system will immediately correct it. The pilot will feel some vibrations.”

In a twist, Harb explained that there are much stronger forces already exerted on an aircraft’s fuselage (body) during severe weather conditions.

United Flight Rerouted After Airline Realizes Mid-Flight They Put a Dog On the Wrong Plane

  United Flight Rerouted After Airline Realizes Mid-Flight They Put a Dog On the Wrong Plane United Airlines is in the middle of another dog drama, after loading a dog on the wrong plane again. This is the third strike against the airline in one week when it comes to handling passengers’ pets. On Tuesday, news broke of Kokito’s death. The black French bulldog died on an United flight from Houston to New York City after a flight attendant insisted that the owner of the dog, Catalina Robeldo, stow the dog’s carrier, with the canine inside, in an overhead bin for the entirety of the flight. The following day animal lovers learned the airline confused two dogs, a great Dane and a German Shepherd, and erroneously sent one of the pets to Japan when he was supposed to take a much shorter trip to Kansas City. The most recent incident also involves United putting a pet on the wrong plane. According to Today.com, a dog leaving from New Jersey’s Newark airport on Thursday destined for Akron, Ohio, via United was accidentally loaded onto a United plane heading to St. Louis, Missouri. When the airline realized their mistake mid-flight, the plane was re-routed to fix the error. This decision delayed the arrival of the plane, and all of its passengers, to St. Louis, reports Today.com. RELATED: Everything You Need to Know About Traveling on a Plane with Your Dog United Airlines spokesperson Natalie Noonan provided PEOPLE with the following statement about the incident. “United Express flight 3996 from Newark to St. Louis diverted to Akron to drop off a pet that had been loaded onto this flight mistakenly. The pet has been safely delivered to its owner. We provided compensation to all customers on board for the diversion.

“The autopilot system is constantly monitoring the aircraft’s altitude and speed, and adjusts engine power based on these. For example in bad weather, a microburst (sudden downward burst of wind) exerts a super strong force on the aircraft, and the autopilot system works to correct it immediately, by increasing engine power and pitching the aircraft up.”

To sum it up, Harb said, the force exerted by the 300 unruly passengers would do little to the aircraft, so we can all rest assured that if our flight breaks out into a dance party we will still make it to our destination safely.

For the record, this isn’t the first time a very important aviation question has been answered on Quora. In 2017, a flight attendant also gave a very detailed answer when asked about how to survive a plane crash, while another attendant shared the best breakfast options on varying flights.

American Airlines Passenger Tased, Arrested After Allegedly Groping Woman .
Other passengers on the American Airlines flight shared videos of the incident on social media, where they quickly went viral.An unruly American Airlines passenger was tased 10 times and removed from the aircraft after he allegedly groped a woman passenger. A video of the incident was shared on social media and quickly went viral.

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